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18 Sep 2007

Oooh stinking headache

I started with a mig this morning and thought Id lay down for an hour.
Just an hour, no harm....... enough to ward off the spinning dots and prismatic lights.
Nope, 5 (FIVE!) hours later (with enough time to apply a bit of mazzy before I picked belle up from school) I wake up with still a stinking head thump.
So I brings belle home from school and give her a snack and a drink under duress and thought Id better lay down again as it was making me feel sick. So Belle cuddled up with me on the sofa at 4.15 and we both woke up at 8pm. What is that all about?
Initially I was thinking about carbon monoxide fumes but we don't have a gas fire and the cooker gets used once a day. The boiler is in the garage as well. But we did put the heating on yesterday (sorry Mark, its flamin freezing up here right now). So I might just get a carbon monoxide testerer thingy as a pre-corsh. Anyone know of any good ones?
Would love to have something brilliant to add about my day but other than the cuddle factor with my lil lady on the sofa for almost 4 hours there is nothing to add except these that I made over the weekend.
You can get these lil fella's right here


JenBreeze said...

Thanks for these toasty frames! Glad you had a good snuggle-fest today with your girlie. That always makes things better, doesn't it?? I'm a migraine sufferer, too, so I feel for you!!

Brook said...

I love them! Great job!

Brook said...

Oh...I was so excited about the frames, I forgot to say- sorry about the headache. I would get that heating unit tested! It is still in the 90s here in Texas!

Sinead said...

Gorgeous frames! Thanks so much! I hope your headache is better tomorrow!

Sue Nicholson said...

What a fab day :) You were able to rest when you felt unwell and then cuddle your daughter too.

Get the word

"rest" NOT "lazy" :)

I am the world's worst for thinking that resting is a sign of weakness, (huh where did that come from,) when I do it BUT think it is absolutely essential for everyone else !! Durrr !!

Hope you have more energy today and feel better for your rest.

We have a cm tester as the boiler is in a cupboard next to my workroom. British Gas "encouraged" me to buy one :D

Great freebie :) Thanks Kirsty.

Bye for now . . . Sue

Gabi Butcher said...

Good morning!
Hope u're feeling better!

Maria said...

Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is about to list this blog post at

Di said...

Just think it could be a virus. I've got the same thing at the moment. Sleeping sickness LOL Seriously though I've had a horrible headache and been sleeping wayyy too much. I looked after my niece at the weekend.. a little 15month old bundle of joy but with a stinking cold and that's what I caught. Still, it doesn't hurt to get the carbon monoxide thingy checked out. Oh and we put the heating on for the first time yesterday... and we're wayyy down here in the south LOL ;) Blooming freezing suddenly... brrrrr

MiKiko said...

I love this frames!! Thank you!!!

Beckie said...

I love these frames! Thanks for sharing!!

Nicole said...

ok, i downloaded them...even though i have NO idea what to do with them, lol!

hope your head's feelin' better...=)

Julie said...

Ohhhhh I love these frames!! Thank you so much!

crosstown said...

Such a great idea Hope you feel better TFS

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the great frames!! Sorry I don't know of any kits but hope all is OK!!! Hope the second nap at least got rid of the headache!!! BettyJoR

Christine said...

Thank you! These are wonderful and will come in very handy for sure!!!

elnorac said...

Thank you, thank you for the wonderful frames! And I'm so sorry you had a migraine. I've had thousands, so I can empathize. Ugh. Mine have almost gone away, though, thanks to preventive meds and a wonderful stress reduction class I took. Hope you never have another one!

Cath said...

Hope you are feeling better soon, miss your chatter each day.

ScrappyBlueStones said...

Thanks a lot for your fantastic frames!! TFS Kasia

Ruth said...

ohhhh, I'm sorry to hear about the headache. It's because you haven't talked to me on messanger in ages. is.
I almost passed out when I read the comment you left me about coming to the US. OMG!!!! I'll follow up with an email to you and if you're serious, I'll get us a fancy/posh room on the Las Vegas Stip for a night and we'll party like rockstars!!! hehe

Heather said...

I hope the migraine is all gone! That stinks.

Such cute frames! Love the pictures below!

Karva said...

hope your feeling better Kirsty :0)


Christi Snow said...

Kirsty, are you okay, hon??? This was posted 2 days ago and it's not like you to not blog...

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

If your not sure about the CO2 call your local Fire Dept to see if they could check it out for you most Depts have Dectors to read the level of CO2 in your home, JMO being a retired Firefighter its nothing to full around with especially if Belle is getting the same headaches.
TY also for these awesome frames!!!

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