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6 Sep 2007

New Chapter started reeeeeeeeally good

Primary School ethics were, in effect, a horror story.
I was so pleased when that chapter of Ellies life finished.
Ain't ever going to butter history up on that score.
Can't say id scrap it with paper flowers and dazzling colours either - I'll leave that interpretation to Ellie.
So, with the Secondary School story having started, I knew I was going to meet it with some intrepidation.
I had to prepare myself for this new adventure as much as Ellie becuase, when it boils down to it, I am going to be the one to catch her IF she falls.
My goals to this end are:
I want to be able to build a relationship with he school that involved our feelings and knowledge about Ellie.
I wanted to express our concerns without judgment and I wanted to to discuss how Ellies life at home affects her school life. But how to convey that without sounding I was an over-protective momma (in the extreme) was really tricky for me to get to grips with.
I have been biting my nails all week how to deal with it.
That moment came this morning when I met Belle's head of year.
Before I started to relay this big issue - she actually interrupted and started the conversation with this:
We are here for both Ellie,you and your husband. Your input helps us and our guidance helps you. We have identified lots of Ellies needs and this is the course of action we are going to take, We think this should happen and that should happen and we would like your feedback. If there is anything you you think we might need to change or introduce, let us know in the first instant.

What could I add to that?
It was the first ever glimmer of hope and help we have EVER received from any authority.
I swear they must read my blog because that little nugget came out of nowhere.
Isnt it fantastic?
Real, live, proactive care and support for lil Belle that I DIDNT ask for.
Perhaps now is the time to do that wedgy dance - yahooooooooooooooooo.

**Pic of Belle's sandy fingers at sunset in Menorca - random, I know**

So anyway.
Belle has a brand new friend.
They have been buddied together becuase they both receive the same type of support (I love that word, its so brand new!)
Beth is a lil lady who has cerebral palsy.
And Ellie thinks she is magic.
And Beth thins Belle is pretty cool to, by all accounts.
They have access to a "secret" room to chill out at break time and lunch time.
Both of the girls can't cope with crowds and have been given the chance to enjoy their cafetria lunch in there too.
In this room they have access to computer games (educational, of course), books and respite.
Its also where belle will receive extra tuition as she can't do Phys Ed.
Belle has become the Dominoes master already and has been awarded a prize pen and stamps in her achievement book.
This feels like how it should have been in primary, this is all new to both Ellie and I.
Its a brilliant feeling.
This is going to be so good for Belles confidence and my self worth.

Today, life is reeeeeally good.


Susan Pryce said...

This is fantastic Kirsty. I am so happy for you, after all the fighting it shows that the world can be a good place too..

KirstyB said...

Wow, Kirsty...I think I might have to do the wedgy dance with you!! That is amazing news....and you didn't even have to fight for it. It sounds like she will be well taken care of this year!! Hugs to you all!!

Lilaclady said...

brilliant news! so happy for you and your little family! :-)
love your comment about the stick men biscuits! :-)

Elisabeth said...

OMGoodness, what a wonderful feeling it must have been to have them on your side! Here's to hoping the school year continues to go as smoothly as this!!!

Anonymous said...

Great news! Continued good luck.

Laura said...

Ahhh, the roller coaster that is life! One day you're at the bottom and the next soaring from the highest peak! So glad things are looking up at the new school :) Hope it just keeps getting better for that precious girl!

Brook said...

There is a God and he is good! You were on my list last night! I am so glad that you have someone who is there for Belle. You may not always agree, but it seems that they are open for a healthy dialogue to facilitate Belle's learning and growth.

Anonymous said...

Wow Kirsty, thats fantastic! I never post on blogs (who wants to hear my comments?!) but felt I had to today. I am so very pleased for all of you and wish you all the best. You are an amazing mummy with an amazing daughter. I hope that Belle flourishes at her new school, my Emily has after a horrible last year at primary. Sending you big squishy hugs,

take care
love Dougie

lukasmummy said...

Yay so glad belle's new school year started off right, I really hope you both get the support you need always.Lukas started his off with a cut eye day one and a lovely bruise today lol, can't win them all lol.

Nicole said...

lol, i have NO idea what the wedgy dance is...but it sounds like a happy one!

so glad you've 'clicked' with her school. this sounds so promising, and i;m excited for the both of you.

and your daughter is absolutely gorgeous, by the way ;)

Sinead said...

Yay Yay Yay! I'm so happy for all of you!!

Caroline B said...

This is SUPER news!!
Good wishes being sent your way that this continues & Belle has a super high school experience!

Deanne said...

Good ole head master, its about time someone took some pressure off you Kirsty.
Well done to Belle with the dominoes too, hopeless myself

Angela said...

So so happy for you all. A great start, long may it continue.

CoCo said...

Yay - this is fantastic Kirsty! and better than you could have hoped for I'm sure. These good times and good feelings will get you through the tough times. Hugs to ya'll. PS no idea what a stick biscuit man is...!!! mustn't have made their way across the water.

Cath said...

"Perhaps now is the time to do that wedgy dance - yahooooooooooooooooo."

Love to see the photos of that!!!

Great news I hope the rest of the school year is as good as the start.

Heather said...

Hurrah - glad to hear of such a positive start!

Kate said...

About bl**dy time!

Hope all her day's at school continue as good as this one.

ski said...

Tears in my eyes whilst reading this - So pleased that the Secondary school has such a possitive caring attitude to Elle and you.

Heres to bigger and better things

And Ya BOO Sucks to her primary school

Jenny said...

Kirsty that is just fantastic that you have been met with kind and supportive care - you must be so pleased.

Gale said...

wow! doesn't it drive you mad - have a conversation with yourself and what you will say to only have someone say it right from the start for you? ;) so glad to hear things are looking up for Belle! Things were looking rough and now seems there is a bright sun-shiny light at the end of the tunnel!

jaime120899 said...

Wow, Kirsty, I'm so pleased for you both. Long may it continue!!


Jen said...

That IS fantastic news. The school sounds fab :) HUGS all round xxx

Anonymous said...

As it should be everwhere - parents, teachers, and administration working for the best of the student! How fabulous!

Hebe said...

So glad that its working out for her (and you) this year. That's such brilliant news. You'll be able to relax a bit more knowing she's being taken care of.

Sue said...

I should think so to!! LOL Great news. glad Ellie is enjoying herself. I work as a secondary SEN teaching assistant and spend every breal and lunchtime with vunerable children ( we have three rooms at our school) As a mum with SEN children myself, i KNOW exactly how important it is.

Sam said...

oooh I am so chuffed for you all, you must be so happy to know that she will be cared for in such a way. Go Belle!!!

cheri said...

Sounds wonderful! It will be great for all of you! Yahoo!

Rox said...

Well, let's hope they are reading your blog and continue to do as you have wanted those caring for Belle to do all along. That has to be an amazing feeling! Congrats on your step forward in her new school! And *cheers* to Belle's new relationship!

JenBreeze said...

After the roller coaster of this week, I am so thrilled to hear you've ended on a good note!! May school continue to be a safe place where dear Belle can continue to grow and flourish!

Di said...

That's a truly fabulous start.. so glad to hear it.

Caroline said...

So glad to hear Ellie has an understanding school. High schools can seem so impersonal and so big, so its good to know there is someone watching out for her. And at long last by the sound of it.
You new website sounds exciting too, congrats on that - look forward to the opening!!

Sue Nicholson said...

I am absolutely delighted that at long last you are getting the support and help that you so rightly deserve.

What a difference that will make to all of you.

Excellent photos. And got a lump in my throat when I read about Beth. Now she is not alone when she is unable to join in. How fab is that?

Looks like life is definately on the up for you all. About flaming time too.

Sue :)

Paula said...

Happy for you and Belle! :)

MintyMocha said...

Oh that is just the best news ever, you must be extactic!

-mo- said...

Oh Kirsty, I am so happy for you guys, tears streaming down my face as I read your words..... happy tears! I love it when good things happen to good ppl.
:) xxxxx much love -mo- in the west of Ireland

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