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11 Sep 2007

Free Digi course, anyone?

All those who have signed up thus far are in the pot to win their course for free and also, anyone who **fancies** their chances, another course for free is in the running if you can answer this question: How much is the Believe in you paper pack at Weeds and Wild Flowers Design?

Either way - two courses are up for grabs. Hooray!

**Weeds and Wild Flowers are not affiliated with the digi course, just sayin'**


JenBreeze said...

Kirsty, without even going over to WWD, I know that PP is US$3.50! I'm waiting for a wealthy day to run over and do some shopping there!!

(BTW, I'm LOVING your Zyuz It Up tut! If only I had the time today to play more!!)

Sam said...

oooh oooh pick me, waves like Donkey in Shrek!!! it's $3.50 ( I know cos I bought it too!!)

ß°þþìë said...

the paper pack is $3.50

anotherscrappinfool said...


cliffordandco said...

Hi Kirsty

Woah, I canlt beleive I'm the first to reply here?!!!!The "Believe in you" paper pack at Weeds and Wildflowers is $3.50, the alpha and emlement pack (the one I've bought!) is $5.00.


PS Lovely hearing about Ellie's school and how she is getting on:)

patchas said...

The answer is $3.50. Is this where we say? Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

"Believing in You" is a snip @ just $3.50.
Never done digi but love the grunge style of these & others on the site.


Gabi Butcher said...

Great promo!
3,50 U$
Is this course only for begginers? If it is... well I suppose I'm not elegible - hopefully.


Laura said...

$ 3.50! I already have it and the elements kit too. This is the coolest kit. My first purchase from W&W.

Happy Scrap Girl said...

The "Believing In You" Paper Pack is $3.50. Also wanted to say, love your blog. Your writing is personal, funny & informative. I have laughed and cried while reading it, and always come back for more. Thank you!

Jody said...

Cost of paper pack is $3.50 - could I be lucky enough to win!!!!!

Glee-scrap said...

I would LOVE to learn how to "do it Digi" with you, Kirsty! You are one cool your photography, your Blog and your "lil lady"...(so happy for this new chapter of her life that's blooming; a new supportive school and a new BF-how cool is that!)....I would need to get Photoshop, right?....that's how much help I need, YIKES! But as the $3.50 paper pack at W.& W.'s says, I should "Believe in Me (You)" Wha? You know what I mean...wish me luck! Erin Glee :)

Anso said...

Answer: $5.

Hoping I might be lucky as I'd really, really like to try this digi-thing :)

Take care :)


Rachael said...

I know the answer as I bought the kit in anticipation of you teaching me how to use it!!! Where do I send the answer or do I post it here?

ljd2007 said...

Hi Kirsty it's $5.00
Did you get my email yet?
Hugs - ljd - Linda

ljd2007 said...

Drat!! I was too quick off the mark it's $
it's an Awesome kit though!!

Natalie said...

Such gorgeous stuff they have; the one in question is $3.50US. :)

Scrappy Nina said...

Oooh Me Me Me!!! $3.50

Lynn said...

The Believe in You paper pack is $3.50. Love it... so gorgeous!

Chris Mackenzie said...

Oooh! Am I the first to reply?
Haven't got a dollar sign but 3.50 in dollars

Chris x

lemon said...

*jumps up and down*.....its $5

Chris said...

I just registered for your course Kirsty (I hope) and you've gotta be in it to win it right :) so I just looked up the 'Believe in you' paper and not only is it gorgeous but it's also only $3.50. Haven't got a clue how much that is in GBP except that it's a bargain!!

Rach said...

It's a snip at $3.50!

Brook said...

Well of course I knew the price...$3.50 becuase I bought it...but alas...I was at school teaching my heart away!

Michelle said...

That gorgeous paper pack is $3.50.

Lara Berch Tutorials said...

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Thank you very much for your time.

Derek said...

I'll put my secret answere in Pig latin so know one will know. its eethray iftyfay. ShHH its a secret.

Rachael said...

It's $3.50 and worth every penny. x

Rachel Tanner said...

Ohh dear I lost my comment!
The paper pack is $3.50 and looks fab. as soon as I have any idea how to use it I will buy it! and the rest of the believing in you kits.
Take care and I hope you are feeling better now. x


Dalla Song said...

Kirsty the pp is $3.50 and I really wish you haven't made me go over there again as their stuff is just too good and will go so well with the beautiful photos you have taken.


Casa said...

$3.50 And beautiful too!!

Sapphire said...

The fab paper pack is $3.50. I would love to do this course as my husband has just bought Adobe Photoshop CS2 for me and I wouldn't have a clue on how to use it! Aargh!
Thanks :)

Lillykins said...

What a lovely site ! The paper pack is $3.50 and I'm just about to go back and look at the rest :-)

Susan said...

Hi, the paper pack is $3.50. It's a bargain with our strong pound :).

Susan said...

Hi, the paper pack is $3.50. It's a bargain:).

Susan (Sue H) said...

What a great offer Kirsty, thanks.
I've no idea about digi scrapping but would love to leard how so I hope I win the free one (fingers, legs, and eyes crossed)

The Paper pack is $3.50
There's some scrummy stuff on that site and I might be able to using some of it soon!!!!

pigglet said...

$3.50, which is an awsome price for a great kit.
i am so glad school is working out well for ellie. hope it continues.
christine. (pigglet)

Andi Kingsland said...

$3.50 and what a beauty!

Hope all is well. Things are looking up!

gale said...

cool! $3.50 (very cool pack too I might add!)

Miss j said...

The pp is $3.50.

Nikki said...

Believe in you paperpack is $3.50 but unbeatable in quality!
P.S. I would love to join in your digi course!

Sally said...

It's $3.50 and just luv the stuff on the site. Wow. Can't wait to learn this digi now. Had no idea you could buy stuff like that.

sunnyspell said...

I love your blog! You're a gifted scrapper. :-)

sylv said...

Don't have it yet but, It's definately on my list of must haves! And, it's only $3.50!

Anna-Marie said...

The paper pack is $3.50 and I just love it and the elements and alpha pack too!!!! In fact, I just love all her stuff!!!!

DiSailsToo said...

Count me in - how do I register? Just upgraded to CS3 from PSE4 (which I can barely open LOL) and desperately need all the help I can get! OH, and BTW, this PP is $3.50 - at least it was when I bought it!

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