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22 Aug 2007

She got new shoooooz!

Looky looky!
Belle NEVER wears them because generally she cannot.

That sounded non English, didn't it?

But anyway - SHOES.

These are for school as she is not supposed to wear trainers at her new school. I think she has been granted the leniency and can actually wear trainers if she wants but I wanted her to kind of fit in. I mean, she wont actually blend right in as she has to have a motorised chair which will stick out like a sore thumb, so her shoes won't even get a beating!

Funny little scene, really.

And Ive been scrapping like bonkers.

Modscraps, now Scrap Studio have sent me the bestest kit ever.

They have a massive league of "kitters" now and Mandy has set up her devotion to the kits from Home (mainly to give utter attention to her wee doggy wa wa, Bunty Martha - the cutest dog on this planet!). One member who joins the kit club between now and November is in for winning an amazing surprise. More about that soon.


Last month I liked the Cherry Arte but I didn't love it as much as this month's Scenic Route based kit.

And you will not believe what I managed to make from the packaging of the flippin fabtastic Prima paper birdies (have you seen those? O. Em. Gee. They are brilliant, the new flowers of embellishments).

I managed 4 layouts and two altered project and two cards with 3 sheets of paper and one sheet of bazzill spare. Major kit, I have to say. Here are some of them in sneako formula.Here are some of the layouts for last months kit. I think there are a few left. Cherry Artes zingy pingy wingy colours get me every time. I also made this - for us.

I am Basic Greys biggest fan.

You all know that, right?

I have every sheet here, I bought it in twos.

Kind of gone off Fusion but its here and I raided the Fruitcake pack to make this with my handcut birdie. I'm having this bird made as a die for future projects to run through my zip-e-mate. When I get it and you might want some... let me know and Ill cut you some.

This book was initially a matchbook but I packed it out too much and it wouldn't close, so I used BG magnetic snaps to use as a closure. I purposely keep snapping the book open and shut so I can here the lovely little noise it makes.

So - what else?


Oh Yes.

I had visitors yest. Traci and Keisha came to pick up Titch (who they have named Morphy). I hate an amazing marathon of craftyness until 3.30am also tanked up on Cava and orange juice. I'm really creative when I'm pickled. I love having Traci round, she is so energetic. I'm missing them already. Also, Mo was collected at the weekend and here are the parting pictures of our lil babies. We still have Doodles with one baby left, Oodles) and hopefully Titch has impregnated them before he left.

And finally Ill leave you with piccos of my momma and pappa. I haven't seen them properly since February and I wanted some up to date pic-a-roo's. My dad wasn't up for posing but Mum had a massive fit of the giggles - these photos are very precious to me right now :)

Right, I'm off.

I'm on a total creative wave and there is more juice in the old girl yet xx

Au revoir :)

AND NO - my news wasn't about winning MMM. I didn't even enter. I can't tell you how many emails I had about it but thanks for thinking Id even stand a chance!


Anonymous said...

Heylooo Kirky,, =]
Loooovviin Elliie's shoesiies,, shes gonna look well kwliies in school !
Just thought i'd pop by and say hellooo as your never on msn these days,, unless yhoo blocked me =|
Anyway speak soon,, keep smiliin dude,,
Lots of Looorve and Hugs,,
From your fellow,, sticky tuesday customer,,
Lauren-Bean a.k.a Little Loz Or Loz Number 2 !
x x x
P.S. when yhoo was away me and Big Loz,, renamed yhoor pigs,, ther called Doodles,, Noodles,, Oodles and Paul,, =] x

anita said...

aww...kirtsy poo *blush*
i totally dig those shoes!

Kelly said...

love the piccies of your precious...i know how you feel i have been trying to persuade my mum to have some done ..and i managed one yesterday :)

love the birdie not too keen on birdies but yours is sooooo cute xxxx

Hullabaloo said...

Hi Kirsty!
Where to start.. Love Ellie's new shoes - she truly will be the Belle of the ball! Your photos of your Mum and Dad are lovely and surely ones to be treasured. Lastly I had a look at Grateful heart link. The things she said about you were gorgeous and so heartfelt. There are lots of us who read your blog and feel the same way so well done girl! You deserve it!!!!

Brook said...

OMG!!!! I don't know what to reply on first! The shoes are marvy! I know she is going to have a fantastic year. The scrapping is wonderful!!!

Corinna said...

OK.... WOW... your creations are DARLING! Super cute. Love, love love the birdies!!!!!
Love the new papers... grabbed them... you rock!
And after the week I have had... this totally made my hydrocodine induced dilirium a very nice evening!!!!

Melberry said...

Kirsty, it was lovely to read your blog today, as always. I need a pair of shoes like Ellie's -- they look comfy. Plus, I enjoyed all the photos you posted ... you're such a terrific photographer. And, I was delighted to read your comments about the Grateful Heart tribute. I was hoping that you could "pay it forward" because that's what I envisioned happening when I started it. We all know extraordinary people like yourself, and we need to tell them that! Thanks, again, for brightening my day today. Melanie

Flapsi Hapsi said...

Fab photos as always - and love those shoes - hope new school goes well!

jules said...

love the shoes!
I love reading your adventures with ellie! she's just a doll.
I love your hand made book. and that is the CUTEST bird. sell it baby!
OMG...i just love everything.

deanna said...

You Said: "I'm having this bird made as a die for future projects to run through my zip-e-mate. When I get it and you might want some... let me know and Ill cut you some." I am interested in having a die do you have a custom die made anyway??? I have a few shapes I would LOVE to have a die made of, so I can cut it out with my Zipemate! Thanks :-)

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