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30 Aug 2007

Rest and Recoup

We is back, washed and dried (not ironed, but working on that....just need to crack the old whip!). Ive spent the day/night processing a gazillion emails and catching up with my freinds. I wanted to spend more time on the phone to all of them but time is not my freind today :( On various occasions that I had to sit and edit photos, it was where I also spent doing other things too. I am indeed an octopuss.
So anyway.
Some piccies of my Belle.
First off it was harvest time in Wales. I love this time of year. Its orangey brown and fruit is in abundance on the lane near my in laws holiday home. Damsons, apples, sloes and blackberries grow wild for all to pick and as I speak my MIL is cooking damsons for jams and blackberries for pies. slurp. Ellie, meanwhile, wanted to trek over to the freshly harvested field to sit on a hay roll. What I love more about these series of photos is the view of Abersoch in the background.

Mark took this one of me - I think he is almost a master in rule of thirds! And I took this of these two dudes with Snowdonia in the background.These next set of photos are like a dream come true.
Belle knows a couple of the kids on the site where we go and she wanted to play out.
Playing out is something she does very little of, believe me.
I felt I had to keep a watch on her as she isnt aware of the dangers like your average 11 year old. And as a mother, I am entitled to have my concerns (thats my excuse anyway!)
First off, she was out at dusk - perfect for her little peepers minus the sunnies you see her wear 80% of the time. This time of night is when you can see her face and her eyes in all their glory with no hat or glasses spoiling the view. Her eyes widen and she looks just gorgey.
Secondly she got on a skateboard like she was a pro and pushed herself down the teeniest slope but for her, it was moutainous.
As I stood at the top of the hill (not quite believing what I was seeing) I dashed in, grabbed the camera, wizzed up the ISO, ran down the hill and relished in the triumph of these precious photos.
I am so proud of this munchkin. **MUM - can you believe these photos?**

We had two perfect full days on the beach in hot hot hot temperatures and fishing for mackeral was the sport. Belle ADORES fresh mackeral baked in the oven with garlic butter. We were spoiled rotten on self sufficiency. We had a BBQ on the beach to mark the end of the most perfect day before waking up to misery this morning which flagged "GO HOME!!" So we did.

I have to leave on a cheesy Belle moment....... I JUST LOVE this photo. She has a toothy smile with squished up eyes and if you look closer, you can see the sunshine beaming from that grin
Toodle ooooooo xx


Krista said...

What amazing photos of Belle! She looks simply joyous!

Heather said...

I love the light in the hay field photos.

And what gorgeous pics of Belle throughout the blog post! :)

newbielou said...

Belle looks like she had a great time, i'm glad you all had fun. x

Anonymous said...

Belle is just gorgeous and I am so happy for you to get these amazing shots of her! I just wish I had her hair, wow what a curls!


Sam said...

ooohh Kirsty - lovely pics of Belle!

Jackie said...

Gorgous photo's Kirsty, especially the one of you. Way to go Bella hope you had a fun time on the skateboard.

Roz Roz said...

I love that last photo of Ellie on the Skateboard, wow, she looks so grown up and confident, plus her eyes are wide open and her wild hair is tamed, she looks stunning.

CarolineO said...

Gorgeous pics, looks like a fab place and that Elle had a super time1

Barbara said...

She is just adorable!!! I love her outfits and she's a sweetie.

I have your blog as a favorite and frequently check it out. To visit England is a dream of mine one day and I love to read about it through your blog.

Thanks and keep blogging!

Ky said...

Kirsty, your girl is the cutest thing ever!! I love the one with her laughing with the hay and your right that last one is amazing!! I just love coming to your blog to see your latest pictures. I have to tell you, seeing your pictures is part of the reason I want to be a photographer. :) Have a fantastic day. :)

Melberry said...

Such prize-winning photos of your Belle! Thanks for sharing them, Kirsty. What a triumph for all three of you. The one and only time I was at Snowdonia, there were gale-force winds whipping us all around and we didn't get to go to the top. Such a disappointment. I loved it, though; it's great to see it in sunshiney weather. All the best, Melanie

KirstyB said...

I LOVE that last photo of are CAN feel the sunshine in her smile!! :) :)

Anonymous said...

OMG Belle is looking so grown up these days. Glad you all had a good holiday.

Brook said...

OMG!!!!! Belle is a Skater Chick!!!!! How awesome!! Although I do think she is perfect in the role of Rebekah out there on the farm!

-mo- said...

Oh what a stunning daughter!!!! those pics with the scateboard are WOW!!!!!!! xxxxxx-mo-

Brooke - in Oregon said...

Hi there! I pop in every once in a while to check in. I love these photos of Belle. I just wanted to give you a cyber hug for fighting so hard for your sweet girl :)

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