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26 Aug 2007

Pre Wedding Jitters

We spent part of the weekend at my Bro's up in Middlesborough.
Belle was needed for a bridesmaid dress fitting so we spent a steaming saturday in baking hot lifts searching for dresses that didnt exist. Poor Kerry, it seemed that the whole bridesmaid dress hunt was going to be fruitless. We did the BHS, Debenhams, Marks and Sparks, Next thing but absolutely nada in stock. Apparently if you get married after August, the chances of finding "off the peg" dresses is like trying to find a cream bun at a weight watchers meeting. Pronuptia said they "could" get her a dress but it would take 4 months (Kerry and Leigh get married in October). Blummin ummers, such a palava. Cue E-bay shops. I forget that you actually get shops on ebay and not just used goods. She has spied two lil stunning dresses in a Canadadian ebay shop who will ship in time for altering and the wedding. That night my Bro made me my first meal cooked by him.

Naturally I was preparing myself for either e-coli poisoning or worse - DEATH. But actually he made a mean hot chilli beyond all hotness. Cheers Leigh, we might come more often :)
I took a trip to the church and venue to check out the settings and lighting. I absolutely fell in love with the wee church in Stainton, on a hill with arched ever greens to wander through. There was a wedding going on too and I was checking out the photographers kit and moves. Hee hee heeeeeeee. She was club Nikon armed with two beasty D200's. I felt safe. I love my D200 and actually much prefer my D70 but having spied the new D3 out this month........ Im hoping that my bookings this year will pay for one. I didnt really want to do weddings to start with but I love the atmosphere and emotions so much that I have 3 booked next year with room for more. So if you know any couples taking the plunge, do pass on my webite details :) I couldn't resist taking this of Belle on the steps at the venue - she had a ball admiring the Koi carp that floats around the rear of the staircase.

I know what she will be doing when the wedding comes round (and hopefully not swimming with them!)
On the way home we stopped of at Kirkby Stephen (a stunning lil village on the Pennine/Cumbrian border) and at Lambrigg Wind farm to take in some snappies of the views. As Mark was driving the stops had to be few but had he of not been in the car, I think I could have stopped at every darn corner of the A66!!! I love twee villages, I dream of owning a home at Great Helmsey for weekend retreats. **sigh**.
Tomorrow we are off to Wales for a few days and then I promise I wil get back into the swing of things. These 6 weeks school hollies throws me off my pattern and as enjoyable as they are, routine just seems to get chucked into the air. I have not stopped since I got back from Menorca. I think I might be a teensy bit glad when Belle goes back to school.


Caroline said...

I know exactly what you mean about routine or lack of it when the children are at home. It all feels a bit surreal when they are home on the six weeks hols somehow!!
Can I just say that I enjoy reading your Blog so much, you have such zesty energy and are a real inspiration!!........

darcy said...

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I was in Middlesbrough on Saturday!!! I had a fruitless shopping trip looking for circular needles.

Sam said...

oooh weddings I love em! Have you tried Monsoon for off the peg dresses for Belle? They have some scrummy stuff

Anonymous said...

Hey, got a quick question....I downloaded your wonderful "roaring forites" paperpack, but can't seem to unzip the asks for a there one I need to enter? thanks...can't wait to use the papers...they're lovely. thanks. my email is:

Brook said...

I'm glad the dress situation has been solved. I got a new group of first graders today. The first day of a new school year is always a wonderful time!

Kelly S. said...

like trying to find a cream bun at a weight watchers meeting- I am lmao off at that comment! You are too funny, love reading your blog!

Paula W said...

Next do some nice dressess....great blog!

Heather said...

I've missed some posts! All of those pics! Belle is such a little gorgeous girl! I love all the pics!

Good luck with the wedding and the dress!

Cleo said...

Hi Kirsty
I dont know if this helps but my 2 cousins aged 5& 9 had some stunning dresses from monsoon for my wedding. They were very much like bridesmaids dresses- may be worth a look. Good luck

Cleo said...

Hi Kirsty
I dont know if this helps, but my 2 cousins aged 5 & 9 wore stunning white dresses from monsoon to my wedding. They looked like bridesmaids ones!May be worth a look. Good luck

Louise said...

Hope all ok with you, missing you on HSMS.

Roz Roz said...

I've left you some honours on my blog.

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