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24 Jul 2007

We are saviours

Belle and I are the saviours of our piggo's.
I was expecting that Doodles would have her babies without incident and thank the lord I was here this very morning when we came to check on the babies. Titch, the wee black baby was all shaky and walking really strange. She/he is the tiniest one out of the litter and my poor heart melted. I had to explain to Belle what might happen .... obviously Im no expert. So I rang the vet for advice. I actually rang 3 vets before someone would advise because they always say "bring them in". I played devils advocate and decided to take their lives into my hands after a little surfing for info. We mashed up some bananas and cucumber which didn't go down too well. So we petted poor Doodles who must be knackered. She responded to our loving. And whilst we petted, the babies were allowed to latch on. And now Titch, Mo and Oodles are spritely little souls. In light of this incident Belle has chosen not to go to her nannies for a week and we will watch them with delight and concern.
The babies - this is when we discovered Titch was not very well. Probably starving.Doodles eventually feeding Titch, the babiest of the babies. This was after lots of coaxing.
She finally lets all the babies feed here:
We are so proud of Doodles now

Im certain my friend Tracy is going to take one that leaves another, FREE to a good home and you will know it has been carefully nurtured. Obviously I ain't going to post it so if you are local to Greater Manchester you might like a new pet in 4 weeks time.
So onto my weekend.
Oh we did have a great time. Spending the weekend with the Burtons is like dying and going to heaven. The fun, the hospitality and the love knows no bounds at their beautiful home. I become so absorbed by the feeling of such a wonderful welcome whilst Belle takes it all in her stride. The very reason for the visit was to privately teach 6 women to use their DSLR's. A fantastic bunch of women who was patient with me as much as I was with them. To be honest the day went far too fast for my liking but it always does when you are having a good time. Louise threw a wicked dinner party of home made crab/fish cakes and lemongrass sauce. Well that was it.................. I died. Not from food poisoning but from heavenly gastronomical fillage. The was followed by home made fish pie with a lemon and lime drizzle cake for afters made by the wizard of all garden knowledge, mary anne. I want to thank Louise, Pam, Robyn, Mandy, Maryanne and Ailsa for the most enjoyable day taking photos, munching, drinking and laughing.

Sunday was a little lie in and time spent with Louise and the kids. The thing with Katie and Olli is that they are hilarious without being hilarious. I just love kids too much. As Belle is such a serious soul, its fascinating to spend time with a mixed bag of kiddy traits which instantly turns me into a kid. Katie introduced us to this cup stacking trick that grabbed mine and belles attention. With belles fine motor skills a little shot, she gave it a go and won't stop nagging me for a set. I found a link here, its so much fun. I took time to teach Olli some photo editing and digi scrapping. Olli is a human sponge and took to it really quick, I think he would make a fantastic computer mogul one day. As for Katie, I give her 5 years and she will be on broadway. The day went so quick before we were served with Lamb served by a person who can serve it best - a New Zealander called Louise! I really did die when I ate it, man..... this woman should write a cookery book. Her beautiful shop can be visted here
Louise, Olli David and Katie at their beautiful home.
Louise and her crazy gumboot wellies she wore to a Donny Osmond concert in a field - she has total and utter class.The kids - and even belle has her eyes open!
Monday saw Belle and I saying farewell to Chepstow for Bristol to see Mandy. Belle was praying very hard that Emily would be there and she was. Mandy and I talked about the most random, off tangent stuff about our lives. I love that. Comfortable conversation without judgement. I then went on to do some digi work for Mandys new venture (will link that in soon). Mandy has this amazing doggy, Martha, which is a cross between a jack russell and a chihuahua. She is the most gorgeous dogster. I really want one if it comes to getting a pooch eventually. I still would like a Pug but a Jackhauhau is calling me.
Nearer the time we had to leave, Belle got a signed photo from Emily and you might as well as given Ellie the earth. She clutched it all the way home (seriously, she did... its creased at the bottom from over clutchness). I asked her why she loved it so much and she said "I feel like the luckiest girl on the world".
She is starstruck with Emily whose beautiful skin and kind conversation is a credit to her. We feel very lucky to know such lovely people.
And here is an overlay for you too. Simply named Arrival after our piggers, please use her at your leisure.
Download this baby here


Marlou said...

Glad you had a fab weekend :) photos are beautiful!! and what can I say about your adorable little furry babies... toooooo cute for words xx

MiKiko said...

Those little babies are gorgeous, so cute!! Thanks for taking the time to make the pretty overlay!

Ruth said...

I sound like a broken record when I say I'm so jealous of your fun weekend trips and people who get to spend time with you doing fun things. Ohhh great job with the baby piglets. They're so cute and sweet. You'd be a great nurse...hehehe. Miss talking to you.

Ila said...

Well WoW! Sweet to have such a marvelous time. Best wishes with the teenies now living amidst your family. Thank you for your pretty overlay.

Maria said...

Thank you so much for the gorgeous freebie! This blog post has been added to the freebies list at

JillSF said...

Thanks for the new overlay - I have been hoarding yours (never missed one)and yesterday my computer crashed and I hadn't backed up my overlay folder! So this is the first of my new collection. Thanks - and great photos in todays link.

pmk said...

So glad that your babies are thriving! I would love to provide a home for a little piggie but sadly we're not very local being in sunny Scotland! Gorgeous pics of the brood.

mel said...

thanks so much for the overlay.. i love visiting your blog! your pics are stunning! thanks so much for sharing!
much love,

Roz Roz said...

sounds like a great weekend, and well done with the pigs, they look to be doing great.

ger76 said...

What a bunch of cuties oh i wish i lived closer my Abbie would love one, I'm sure you'll have no end of offers, love the pictures too!

SuzyB said...

Oh my word, how adorable are they!! Sorely tempted... dont let me.
Especially love the last photo of Belle, she looks so happy :o) x

Rarole said...

Kirsty, So cool for Belle to be a part of all of this. And, you are one pretty cool, Mom. Ha, if I changed my mind and decided to "stay home" - that would have been am "nu uh". Thanks for yet another fabo overlay!!!

Cinda said...

Great photos! Thank you for the unique overlay freebie! It has been featured today at

Sue Nicholson said...

Just catching up :)

Sounds like you have had a great break with some great friends and great food. It really is what life is about isn't it? :)

And the piggies ah soooo sweeeet. Our last remaining girl Rolo was six weeks old when we got her and she is now nearly five years! I had forgotten just how small the babies are.

Fab pics too.

Phyllis said...

Thanks so much for another fabulous overlay - I've said it before and I'll say it again...I love your overlays!

Missy said...

Oh my those baby piggies are so cute. Glad to hear the mamma has come around and let those cuties eat.

Charlotte said...

Oh man, I love your little pigsters! And everything you tell us about Ellie just melts my heart xxx

Lori said...

You take the most amazing photos. I wish I were as good as you! You manage to capture just the right moments, were people look like they're really having fun, not just standing around waiting for you to snap the picture. I'm in awe.

Thanks for the latest overlay. It's wonderful. I meant to come on yesterday to tell you that after collecting them for weeks, I finally used one and I love how it came out! You can see it on my blog if you'd like. Here's the direct link: Thanks again!

Roz Roz said...

Tag your it, ha ha

Brook said...

Wonderful weekend. So glad you and Belle were able to save the babies! I loved the pict of Belle smiling!

Funky Finds said...

cool overlay...thanks!

David said...

Hi Kirsty
Biiig thanks for your lovely words about and fab photos of our little famille en Chepstow.
It was great to have you guys come and stay, Ellie was a star!
Loads of love grannie
Dave xx

Michelle said...

Love the fur babies!! Thank you for another beautiful overlay

JillSF said...

Hi Kirsty - I have already left a message of thanks for this overlay and stated my harddrive crashed and I lost all your overlays. Well - aren't you just the greatest cause I found all your overlays in past postings. I didn't leave a thank you for each but here is my BIG ENORMOUS thanks for them all. Have a good day

Lisa said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend!! Those little babies are adorable!! Thanks for another wonderful overlay....I appreciate all you share!!

Trisha said...

The pigs are as cute as they can be :-) Thanks for sharing them as well as Arrival.

PSharp said...

Thank you for the lovely overlay.

Katjie said...

Hi, I havent visited in a while and i am so glad you came through the whole Piggy delivery. So glad you got them to succle. Keep an eye on the little one or the bigger ones wil bully him away from his food. You know that for breastfeeding mothers they give "jungl juice" consists of Blackthorn Berry elixer, Rehidrate, some rescue remedy and apple juice or water. Ask your vet if that will help with her milk production and energy levels.

Thank you so much for another great overlay.

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