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19 Jul 2007

School Uniforms are hideously overpiced

A shop keeper see's me coming into his exclusive school wear shop and magically ups his prices by a million percent. I am not lying. Im so telling the truth. Not that we are rich, far from it but today, when we went to buy belle her snazzer new uniform for secondary school, I might well have robbed a bank to pay for it.

For 4 blouses, 3 trousers, one blazer and one tie - guess how much? I dare you to be right. Considering we have gotten away with uniform scot free for the past 6 years with belle being so wee and in non restrictive insignia markings. Well, I'll tell you. £100. Frittening it was. And this is without PE kit. Belle is excluded from secondary school PE, but can you imagine her playing hockey? LOL.So compare this then. I went to Primark this afternoon and bought 2 skirts, 2 sets of kiddies pyjamas, one beautiful fleecy blanket, 1 pack of footless tights in a dashing shade of peacock blue, pyjama bottoms for me and a little purse for £22. Know what I mean? Merry shagola, School uniforms is a line of business I want to be in. **cue cogs whirring.......zzzzzzzzzzzzrrrrrp!**. Talking of footless tights, i love these stripey lil things I wear now and again. Does anyone know where I can buy more lace edged footless tights that dont cost the earth?

So the fitting - we knew that there would be nothing for Belle in her size so its being ordered in. Im glad we went today and not in August as the turn around for special sizes is 4 weeks. I felt a sense of organised pride that I did go in today. Poor belle was being mothered by all the shop girls who couldnt believe this tiny creature was starting secondary school. I think, secretly, Belle enjoyed the fuss. The girls in the shop couldnt do enough for her. She tried a ton of stuff on and I played the scene of Julia Roberts ala Pretty Woman in the shop. Ellie was so pooped by the end of it, she fell asleep in the car. All I have to do now is wait for the kit to come in and I can take pictures. I was rather choked seeing in her blazer (albeit 3 sizes too big!). I know Im going to wrack my eyes out come start of term. BWAH!

Made this yesterday if anyone fancies grabbing it. Ive been over at Ikea Goddess website (link is to the left here) recently to download a ton of free stuff for some spesh projects of late, so to repay the freebie fest I have made this. throw it all back in the mix girls xx

You can download this cheery little number here


Glee-scrap said...

Oh, I had no idea buying School Uniforms for your kid would practicly force you to go "buck naked" because you can't afford any togs for yourself !
I love your blog and have got to learn the ways to work the magic with a computer so that I can use your LOVRERLY OVERLAYS ! I looked at the tutorial, and I'm not even there a wee bit. You are so amazing to whip one up in 5 min. while ordering goods on the phone!
Thanks for the entertainment-fun!!

Lisa said...

Kirsty, Aren't you the smart one getting the uniform early! I'll bet she looked adorable in it! Thanks for another beautiful overlay...I love daisy-doo!

MiKiko said...

I love it!! Thanks so much!!

Brook said...

I so understand what you mean about the high prices on school uniforms. I can't imagine what it would be like to have to special order them.
I want to thank you not only for the overlay, but for your photography tips. Over on my blog, I have a LO of my son Sam who is growing up too. I used some of your tips and I think the photo turned out stunning. Sam even helped set up the shot.
(There are a couple of LO, but I'm sure you will be able to guess which one I am talking about!)

Maria said...

Thank you so much for the gorgeous freebie! This blog post has been added to the freebies list at

~*Gems*~ said...

Gosh that is crazy for a uniform!

I got my footless tights from New Look for £6 - with lacey edging too :o)


Anonymous said...

this is very cute! thank you for always being so generous with your talent!! :)

Rarole said...

I love your overlays, Kirsty, but I love your blog even more. It is like coming back to a favorite book - something by Roald Dahl. I laugh, I feel a part of it and the pictures are a big PLUS. Especially Belle, so sweet. Thanks for your giftie. Love it as usual.

Sandie said...

WOW how organised are you, I have 2 kids to kit out completely for school clothes this year, as they've outgrown everything. I am seriously dreading the bill!!!

Can't wait to see pics of Belle in her uniform, I bet she'll look fantastic ;)

Kae said...

Love, love, love your overlays, Kirsty :)Thank you!!!

Try Claire's Accessories for the lacey footless tights :) I bought a load there (even snazzy skull ones - love skull things me :) )and they usually have some offers on, too :)


mel said...

thanks so much for the lovely overlay!
much love,

Gabi Butcher said...

Just to say HI and THANKS for another lovely overlay!
I relate to the shock, about the prices... here in Brasil buying clothes is a 'job' not to mention the through the top prices...



jj said...

Love the overlay! Thanks so much for sharing!

Ila said...

Bummer on the 'sticker shock' when you checked out with Belle's items. And, thank you for your pretty gift!

Lori (The Scrappy Times) said...

Aah, you think you've got it bad. I have to buy uniforms for 4 kids! You're much better than I. I'm putting off the torture of purchasing them for as long as possible.

I just love daisies, so Daisy Doo is perfect! Thanks for sharing.

Michelle@scrapability said...

You've been tagged as a Rockin' Girl Blogger. Pick up your award here, and pass it on.

Anonymous said...

I love your shoes Kirsty, I must know where you got them from????
Have a great weekend
jackie (germgirl) xx

Glenda said...

Thanks for another cool over lay

leah said...

very pretty! love your overlays.. thanks for your kindness and generosity.

~Sasha Farina~ said...

goodness... yes uniforms are wayyyyyyyyyyy too expensive!!! and sweetie.. THANK YOU again :)

Brook said...

Here in the states my nieces go to Hot Topic to bur theirs. I did see some funny ones here . Not sure if they are your cup of tea.

SuzyB said...

I agree, school uniform is a rip off - always has been. I remember shortly after my mum and dad split up, got the letter through saying I'd passed the 11+ and would be off to grammar school. I remember my mum being obviously very proud, but then crying because she knew how expensive the blazer would be and we were skint. A tainted memory because of a bloody woolly blazer that only fit me for a year. Still, I suppose its a passage of rites isnt it and Ellie will look gorgeous in hers:) xx

Myxi said...

Smart lady going shopping for school clothes now. Thank you for the beautiful overlay!

mo said...

Thank you for yet another beautiful overlay. I bet Belle is going to look so cute in her new uniform. As for the price of uniforms.......... !! 100 quid?!?! wow that's insane. My daughter starts school this year, our local school doesn't have a uniform. part of me was delighted, the other part of me went........ohhhh no, what happens when the girls get all fashion concious and want to wear "what's in" that is going to be a tough one. Thank you for your blog, all the tips and treats you share. Hugs to you and Belle xxxx Mo in the west of Ireland

Sue Nicholson said...

Don't have, never have had, the legs for footless tights, so can't help,(she types very very green with envy) !

School uniforms are so expensive! In our house almost everything has to come from the school supplier even Sarah's white blouses, (tailored to sit outside the skirt), as M&S didn't get their copy of this new design quite right!!!

Love Primark too :) and thanks for another overlay. Off to download it in to my Kirsty folder :)

rae_j said...

Thanks Kirsty for the overlay - gorgeous as always! School uniforms can be a shock - I think i have spent around $400 this year on my two young daughters...

Ephémère said...

Thank you very much for this beautiful overlay.

mum on the run said...

Tell me about it!! My DS1 starts High School in September and DS2 starts nursery, we've had to buy two lots of uniform.. painful amount of money!!

Love the new overlays and digi kits too!!

Can't wait to play, thanks :)

Kerry said...

I can completely understand where you are coming from with the specialist uniform shops. My 11 year old needs whole new clobber for the big move to high school in september so I've left the specialist shop alone this time and gone to Marks and Sparks. They have a fab 3 for 2 offer and I would say the quality is superior to the speciality togs.

Kerry xx

est26 said...

You`re telling me...the price of uniforms these days is outrageous...Harry goes up to high school this year too, his PE kit alone cost me £36!!!
I too am organised like you and have all his stuff sorted, his blazer is soo cute it is only aged 9, he is only a little dot. They grow up so fast don`t they

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