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25 Jul 2007

One day scrap retreat - Liverpool Sept 29th

Yes, Im blarbing about Scrap Trap. You must go over here and read from the bottom to the top (not top to bottom) to read our ever increasing excitement about this event. YOU MUST read it and you MUST come. Maria Grace contacted me today to go over some ideas for her class. YES! Worth the retreat alone in my eyes. I have a very playful theme and Im dying to hear what Jane Dean has in store for you.
Now then.
The piggies.
I just can't stop looking at them and adoring them. Granted, Im supposed to be working on Modscraps monthly kit which is GORGEOUSLY fruity range from Cherry Arte and so zingy for this time of year. Ive really stretched myself with this line. And to top it all, I got a random parcel from Cherry Arte direct with their entire line in there. I have no idea how they got my address but its here and it gives me a chance to make more things with the outrageous carnival colours. Im sure Im dreaming. Ive slapped my face a hundred times and yep, Im awake.
Belle and I went to the cinema tonight to watch The Simpsons.
O. Em. Gee. Its laugh out loud funny. Stupid Funny. Sick funny. Homer is my hero. Belle was screaming with laughter. This is not something she does a great deal. She is so flippin serious but this was the best thing to tickle that little girls tummy. Loved it. Spider Pig will get to number one, Im certain. LOVE SPIDER PIG! I want spider pig to walk on my ceilings.
When we got back from the cinema, Belle and I decided to pick grass and dandelions for the pigsters. I bent down and noticed a blackbird fledgling on its back, mouth open. DEAD. Nice, I thought. I was gutted. I went to pick up a stick to prod it (as you do) and without warning, it blinked. Well I shot backwards so fast that I gave myself 45 heart attacks. No, Actually I had 67 heart attacks and a big mood complete with a screaming fit, multiple muscle spasms and12 brain tumours from the pressure of I started to panic, really badly. The lil blighter was alive! I peered a bit closer and saw it was breathing but it was flat on its back. WEIRD. Then I looked on our lounge window and noticed that it had obviously flown into it head on and now it lay on my grass, flat on his lil back. Im no good with wild birdies so I rang on one of my neighbours doors and he carefully picked him up and presented the birdy back to his momma who was squawking and screeching in panic. It was quite the drama. Its like all baby animals are flocking in my direction for help. I could perhaps find Im the Mother Theresa of pet care after yesterdays rigmarole of animal hospital. And then I really do wake up - mwahahahhahahahhaha
I have another overlay for you. I had belle choose the colour of the background of this today - Im teaching her some digi scrapping to get her going. Not quite there just yet but the appetit is whetted.
You can download this baby here


Anonymous said...

The link doesn't work.

Marlou said...

your little piggies are soooo cute Kirsty, and the bird thing {lol} I am just picturing the whole scene in my head and you made me laugh, your a what???? A SKETCH!! {you gotta get that Belfast slang} LOL
Beautiful overlay xx

boo.6204 said...

Hi Kirsty,
Is it me or is the link for this fab overlay not working. It keeps taking me to the sign up for 4shared page?
Knowing me, it will be me I'm sure but I love it and would hate not to get it cause I got it messed up.... Oh shushhhh Boo, she knows what you mean... lol
Boo x said...

HI, your link for this overlay is going to janniscrapdesigns folder not the overlay.
I'll check back later to see if it's fixed

Lisa said...

Is it just me? The link took me to an odd "sign up" page... This overlay is just beautiful... can't wait to get it. And I really can't tell you how very much I enjoy reading your blog. Thank you for the smiles...


Tennie said...

Pretty overlay. Wish I could d/l it, but get to 4 shared home page and can't find a link.

katiedidit said...

First, let me say that I love your overlays and I love reading your blog. Now, let me say that when I click on the link for this overlay, I get a funny screen in 4shared that asks me to create a new account. Am I missing something?
On a different topic, I was breezing thru the new issue of Craft Mag this morning and saw a familiar face. Backtracked and there you were. Wonderful article. Are you a going to be a regular contributor?

Greedz said...

Love this! Thank you for sharing love!

Good luck with the baby pippies

*hugs from Maine*

Lisa said...

Sounds like you really enjoyed the movie! The little babies are just adorable!! Tell Belle she did great picking out the background color and the LO is gorgeous! The 4shared link wasn't working :(

anne said...

This is lovely but the link takes me to a sign up for 4shared. I will try again later. Thanks.

Venise said...

Hi Kirsty! Venise here, one of your loyal blog followers haha.. Just wanna say the link for the overlay isn't working properly. Thanks. ü

k said...

Absolutely love this overlay! You are an overlay genius!!!! thank you for sharing all your great designs with us! :)

P.s. when I clicked on the "here" it didn't take me to a page to download your particular file like usual. Maybe I did something wrong?

Anonymous said...

glad you got your package from cherryArte! wink wink!!


Sandie said...

Boy, I see how this works! I'm gone from your blog a couple of days, and all this animal stuff takes over!! I am so glad to hear that the piggies are doing well now!! A trick I've used for both moms & babies is to give them some milk soaked bread in a shallow dish. It is supposed to help the mom with milk production, and doesn't hurt the babies. Also, you can soak some pellets in milk (warmed) for the babies. They should actually be starting to eat pellets & hay though already. I'm just glad that all 3 made it with Belle's & your intervention!! They are just adorable!!
Thank you for another beautiful overlay! I really appreciate all these that you make for us!!
I hope to see more pics of those babies soon!!

Maria said...

Thank you so much for your free work! We all appreciate it! This blog post has been added to the freebies list at

Kate said...

I can see it coming, you/belle are not gonna want to give up those piggies!!

Sue Nicholson said...

Read with interest about Scrap Trap, like you said bottom to top :)

I have never been to anything like this and unfortunately I can not be certain that my right hand will be up to it by September so this time I will have to pass :(

Sounds fantastic although I admit the speed aspect was also getting me worried so was pleased to see it had been addressed.

DS watches the Simpsons every night at 6pm! Unlike DS it can be more difficult to find things to share with him so I try to watch it too. I have noticed I am watching it even when he's out playing football!!!

Poor little bird. Must have been helluva shock.

Nice colour Belle :) Now off to download it in to my Kirsty folder, (which is getting very full:)) Many thanks.

Sue Nicholson said...

Hi Kirsty, link does not appear to be working at the moment.

Please don't publish this, it's just a note to you :) thanks Sue

SuzyB said...

I shall start calling you St Francis of wherever he was from, you'll have doves following you down the street and squirrels dancing at your tootsies :o) x

Fiffi said...

Danke schön

JillSF said...

Love the lacy feel to this one. Thank you.

Karen said...

So pretty... thanks for sharing...:}

Roll Family said...

Your overlays are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing.
I'm excited to hear that the Simpson's movie was good. My husband is a huge fan and I fully expect to be going with him this weekend. :)

Jaimie said...

Spectacular! Thanks for the inspiration for a new layout!

Kae said...

Beautiful overlay, thank you!!!

Love the piggy photos - very glad to hear they are doing well now :) If I was piggy Nana I don't think I could part with them... they are sooo cute!!!

I've got a couple of cards on my blog that I made last night with some of your fabby papers... maybe you'd like to go look see?


Lisa said...

Thanks again lady! Your overlays are always stunning!

Lori said...

This might be my absolute favorite of your overlays. It's beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing it.

Anonymous said...

It is a beautiful color to go with this very pretty overlay! Thank you so much!!! BettyJoR

Michelle said...

Thank you for this gorgeous overlay!!!

Brook said...

Lovely overlay! LOL on the Simpsons. The boys and I went to the site and Simpsonized ourselves. I made a LO of it. We laughed so loud. Husband and I are taking the boys tomorrow! Glad the piggies are doing well. I certainly wouldn't have touched the bird either.

Lilja said...

Thank you so much for your overlays - I think I have most of them, and each is more beautiful than the other. Thank you for sharing your designs.

Shell said...

This is so pretty thanks so much

Krista said...

Thank you I love this one tons

cherylzyx said...

so pretty, thank you

anne said...

Thank you for fixing the link, it was certainly worth coming back for!

Jenni said...

This is very prety, thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Very pretty! Thank you so much!


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