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2 Jul 2007

Im going to be a momma again (loooooooooooong post!)

I was adamant I was only going to be a momma to Belle.

Then came along our two guinea pig boys - Fizz and Doodles. Only thing is, Doodles is a SHE! OMG, we were wondering why Doodles was getting so fat compared to Fizz (who we bought a week previous to him/her/it). For the last few days I was really confused and thought Doodles was a bit wobbly so we rationed the little sods. It wasn't until I noticed that Doodles, whilst indeed a little chubster, had slim hind legs and slim neck and face. UH OH! If I wasn't so scaredy in picking the little tyke up, Id check her wotsits but its obvious she is preggo and if my calcs are correct she will be delivering from the middle of to the end of July. I specifically asked for boys and boy are the pet shop are gonna be in troub! We cant keep them all, especially if she has 6 of the lil blighters. But I can't bear to see momma's and babies parted neither and would want to keep the momma and a lil girl this time and separate Doodles from Fizz (the sex crazed male pig, for want of a better word!). Poor Doodles - fancy being set upon by Fizz the brute. Men are such cruel and calculating little scamps, I tell you. I don't know whether to laugh or cry to be honest. I'm not very hands on with them neither. Don't get me wrong, we truly look after them and clean them, deodorise the cage, feed them fresh fruit and veg and give them vitamins. We talk to them and stroke them and love them. But I can't pick them up as I'm frightened I'm going to hurt them - and with doodles being in the family way, there is deffo no way I'm going to pick her up now. Oh cripes.

So anyway - remember my friend, Tracy, said she was going to dye her hair pink. Flamin nora, did she ever!I didn't think you could get dye this shade of pink - I think she looks gorgeous and all for a cause. Her poor poppa has a terminal cancer. Go and see her blog.
Belle came home from school with her usual sweaty feet. This is not unusual. Her feet are her main source of discomfort, the poor darling. I wasn't going to blog about this fact but it is one of her rituals to ask for a bowl of water in which to dunk "stinky plantar". Perhaps she might ask 2-3 times a week but tonight was no different except I had my camera handy. She was in fair spirits and actually played about for 10 minutes which is RARE. She generally takes one look at the camera and groans. But when she is in the mood she will pose and even suggest titles for my layouts at the same time. LOL.

Her hair looked decisively pretty today too. She rarely has it down for school because of the lil nasty things that tend to jump in there from Minging Mavis or Toby Toadstool. Belle informs me that one particular child in her class is generally infested so its hair up tomorrow. That kind of information, dear Belle, is like closing the barn doors after the horse has bolted!!!
I have some layouts to show you which I made last week at Roz's house. I love working with a little paint on my layouts and these two got a paint beating.I'm enjoying working with greens at the moments (bet you couldn't guess that baby!). I even had a layout put up on the Bam Pop Gallery which is my good news of the week. The second being that I can finally show you my winning card for Prism Papers.

This card had to be made using 99% cardstock, so I made my own patternes from cardstock and ripped, ruffled, edges, curled and punched my way through to create this. Im so proud of her but I really didnt think I'd stand a cat in hells chance of winning.

And finally (- thank the lord, Im nearly done!!!) here is a blog tag. Don't normally have time to do them but here it is.

My roommate and I once: Ran around our Military Base with no clothes on but a simple sheet wrapped around our bodies. We didnt get caught and we screamed with laughter at such tomfoolery
Never in my life have I: Taken drugs except prescription antibitoics of course
High school was : hard to adjust within. I wasn't welsh by birth which made the language barrier very very difficult.
When I'm nervous : I rub my neck and chew my nails.
My hair : is growing back, thankfully.
When I was 5 : I was very very shy and would rarely smile.
When I turn my head left : I see light streaming in through the utility room and it makes me happy.
I should be : working on a secwet pwoject but Im enjoying the bright light right now (dont know when we will see it again!)
By this time next year : One of my hopes may have come true but if it hasnt, we can keep trying.
My favorite aunt is : I love them equally.
I have a hard time understanding : Why there is such a person who can show resentment, bitterness, anger and jealousy. Not anyone in particluar - just why anyone chooses to be like this is beyond me.
You know I like you if : I tell you my worldly secrets and begin to trust you. Trust is very hard for me to bestow on anyone.
My ideal breakfast is : Rice Krispies, orange and grapefruit and a cuddle with my loved ones.
If you visit my home town : Well wigan is where I live and you will be bored rigid. Its much more fun in my house. But if you mean my home town where I was born then Id show you the Corn Exchange, Harvey Nicks, we would go to Emily Bronte's house in Howarth, trek the yorkshire moors, visit the cottingly fairies site, eat yorkshire puddings and gravy for lunch, shop in the arcades in Leeds....... I LOVE LEEDS.
If you spend the night at my house : You will be scrapping with me, laughing, doing stupid things to make you laugh more. Oh and you will sleep on the couch as we have no guest room.
My favorite blonde is : my daughter - she is Goldilocks indeed
My favorite brunette is : That guy off the Dolce and Gabbana aftershave ad - phwoar. He is gorgous and those white trunks ---- EEEEK!
The animal I would like to see flying besides birds : pigs - as they are often what I should see when people tell me tales!! ;)
I shouldn't have been : a bride who didnt pluck her eyebrows at the time. Eeeeeeew.
Last night I: watched the Diana concert and i loved every second of it.
A better name for me would be : emotional wreck with a heart
I've been told I look like : Recently? Chanelle off of Big Brother (I wish I was that skinny)
If I could have any car, it would be : A Lotus Elan



Lilaclady said...

Hello Ms fresh air!
I have been away, thank you for your lovely overlays.
Congrats on the baby guinea's to be. we have only one and our 3 year old DD calls her a guinea wiggy, we love her.
love ya doorlin' :-) Hope you have a great day!

tjc designs Craft Cabin Blog said...

ooooh I like the tag thingamy - I want to play!!! will be on blog and thanks for sharing my fund raising and wow piccies of a Belleroo are absolutley Gorgeous!!! x

Darcy said...

I did the tag thing.

Love the pics of Belle in her uniform, her hair is awesome.

Nics said...

Oooh Leeds is just my fave city ever( I wouold even choose to live there over NYC!Which is like huge for me to say!?) it soooo much.. if I ever get rich we would buy a nice big house out ilkley/otley way... so I could be kinda in the countryside but soo near the most buzzin centre ever.. I've got family down in Leeds and visit every opportunity we get ( as often as they will put up with us!?LOL)and we often just take ourselves down foe a night out too... dunno why I just feel so at home there... Lovely to hear someone else talk that way about Leeds too!!!

est26 said...

Congrats on the guinea pig news!

I love your piccies of Belle her hair is stunning my daughter has waist length hair and like you I keep it tied up coz nasty nits love her hair!

I love your dandelion clock layout of Belle...spooky coz I did a similar layout last night.

est26 said...

Forgot to say I have completed the tag thingy...first one I have done and it`s really good

TopCat76 said...

tee hee - I was thinking that you look that Chanelle from BB too!!

Lucy said...

I had a go at the tag thing, I needed something to fill out my first post and allow me to actually HAVE something to post!

jaime120899 said...

I was only thinking last night that you sound like Chanelle - only without the whining! I mean, well, does she EVER stop moaning and crying?
I prefer to think that Leeds girls are more like you, and my lovely bessie mate, Gaynor!

I'd do your tag thingymatwotsit - only haven't got a blog!

SuzyB said...

I love the photo of Belle in her uniform, she looks gorgeous :o)

Anonymous said...

Your car is awesome. I can see why it one. Good luck with the babies... lol... - Lori

Sadie B said...

Great to see your tag details, you sound great fun.
Loving your photography so inspirational.
I share you love of Leeds, I moved to Yorkshire 2 years ago and leave 40mins from Leeds, hubby works there - its a great place to have fun.
Sadie xx

fgeegf said...

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