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11 Jul 2007

Her last day in primary uniform

My wonder babe no longer will wear this uniform (below).




My bellabaloo will go to school in her normal clothes for the next two days as part of their end of term privileges. I took my camera to school this avvo (against the rules you know!!!) and snapped a picture with her and her favourite teacher (and mine - and Glens, her buddy). Mrs Pilling taught my husband as well and that was 30 odd years ago. Isn't she a whipper snapper of a babe? Don't ask me why Belle is pulling the most horrific face, she has started doing this a lot recently.... the wind will change one day and her face will stick. Little monkey!

She really has the most wonderful heart compared to some of the ogres Belle has been taught by in the past (and I really mean OGRES of SHREK proportions - only more Ogrish.... bluergh)). Mrs Pilling taught her in year 3 and in year 6 and knows every little thing about my sweet child. She shows so much love and kindness to every child, its no wonder she is adored by every child and adult in the school. I will miss her the most, let alone Belle. The photos serve as a purpose as I'm tying these pictures into a very special book I am making for her as a gift from Ellie. Ive been frantically researching wonderful quotes to fill it with but I also want to add our personal thanks for nurturing our lil lady. Ive even put photo's of belle as a toddler in there so that Mrs Pilling can grasp the full "belle story". I cant wait for my lil girl to give it to her, carefully wrapped in tissue paper.

Belle got her school report too. Both mark and I are very very happy for our daughter regardless of ability, grade or rank. We really are and we never will mould into something she cannot be. Her report was written to reflect a quiet and sensitive child who often day dreams. I should be a little cross about that but day dreams are a GORGEOUS way to spend your life. I hope she dreams forever. Belle ain't ever going to be a scholar and if she "gets by" in school to do her dream job, a masseuse of all things, then we will be delighted. She is such a dolly, it makes me almost cry to see her just "get by" in life. But "get by" she does, quite perfectly.

After the photos in the playground I gave her the news that Bad Boy Fizz was going back to the pet store. Its unfair to keep a male and female piggy in the house when you DON'T want babies. (Fizz is the scruffy chocolate brown one, Doodles is the mixed colour babe).Belle was fine but Glen took it pretty bad, he wanted to take Fizz home but they have a rabbit and rabbots and guineas dont mix! The shop were most apologetic about the mix up of our piggies. Whilst in the shop, the kiddo's had a mooch at all the pets within and I spied this fella. he is so cute to say he is a RAT....blueugh, blech, vom, yak yak yak. I promised belle that when Doodles has her babies that she can choose a girl baby (of whom belle wants to call Nibbles, thus far!) and we will give homes to the rest. Judging by the size of doodle-bug, I reckon she is going to have 3. We have been loving and petting her in the wake of Bad Boy Fizz being rehoused. I want to be there when she has her babies so she has some company and can assist if she is struggling. Belle keeps popping in to see her and saying "don't be afraid Doodles, we are here for you. Don't be afraid". Catches my breath it does.

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HeatherB said...

Awe, I think that gift for her teacher is going to be really lovely. What a nice idea!

And I enjoy reading about your hopes and dreams for your daughter. I had an extremely premature baby (12 weeks early) and early on we prayed for a "normal" life as much as possible, and things for us have far exceeded our expectations so far. He is 18 months now. Being a Mom is heartbreaking, joyous, difficult, and wonderful all at the same time. Crazy!

Nancy P said...

They do grow up too fast don't they! Thank you for this very nice overlay!

Jen said...

Yoohoo! There's a typo in that link, babe, you might want to change it :) Love the photos. Can't believe the woman taught Mark too - incredible as she looks too young! You know, Claire's reports used to say the same about Claire being a dreamer, bless her, and nothing's changed. I get emails from my siblings saying their child's report shows they are top of the class and that, and me, I'm just happy that Claire is a happy well-adjusted kid who is following her dream to be a photographer!! Belle will do well because she has you as parents :)

~Sasha Farina~ said...

lovely pictures.... precious people aren't they! *hugs*

Lisa said...

Wow, I can't believe Mrs. Pilling also taught your husband! Belle looks so cute in her uniform! Thanks for the beautiful overlay!!!

Caroline said...

It is very moving when they leave primary school to move up to the 'big' school. I felt so emotional and sad when my eldest two did and I have to go through it one final time in a couple of years!
We have two guinea pigs - both girlies thankfully - and have had them for years. Love their sweet nature.
Good luck with the imminent birth - scary but what a wonderful experience. Best of birthing luck!!
Have fun on your final school day Belle........and good luck to you too, don't cry too much - you face will go all blotchy.......;-)

Vicky said...

Kirsty, your stuff is sooo cute. please share it at my site wont ya?

Brook said...

I'm so glad that she has had a wonderful educator in her life. I hope next term she will have even more. Many students I have had in the past "just got by" in school. They are very sucessful and doing well in adulthood. (My first group of students are now 28 now!) Grades don't actually reflect true learning. Helping her follow her passion and supporting her wild fancies will help her find her bliss in life.

Sally R said...

Lovely photos and sad endings.

Have to tell you Kirsty that we kept a Guinea Pig and a rabbit in a cage together for years. They were the best of mates and the guinea pig used to hitch a ride on the rabbit's back occasionally!!!

good luck with you babies!

tjc designs Craft Cabin Blog said...

Fabbo pictures and shewill be in awe of her gift! Although I also have to say Guinnies and Rabbits do mix!!! Hugely they go really well together and many people have them together instead of two of a kind - I will try and call you tomorrow x

Diana said...

Wow, beautiful picture! I love guinea pigs and have 20!

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