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29 Jul 2007

Good Morning Baltimore!!!!!

I loved the opening song so much, I gots it on MP3 already (thanks to minxy Suzy B!) You have to go and see it - its fabulous. So I'll shut up. Hmmmmmm. Maybe I won't. Would have loved it immensely if it were not for 3 teenage girls sending and receiving texts and talking throughout the whole movie. Fancy paying £6 a ticket each to piss everyone off in the cinema. I could get paid to wrack the nerves of most people but I wouldn't pay it myself......but still. So annoyed I was. Anita and I gave disapproving looks in their direction but I think Anitas practiced Teachers stare won mine hands down! And to finish the night off with a chip butty was a champion choice - Id relive last night a million times (minus teenage text toss pots).
And today? TODAY? Today was a brillsvilles arizona photo shoot with Suzy B's kidlets. I love our local park and I love to take all my friends and clients there. It was a glorious afternoon albeit a tad breezy. Betty and Benj are the very image of their momma - its amazing to edit these photos and see my friends face in her children. I just enjoyed the whole day of munching, laughing, moaning, stropping, minxing and giggling. And that was just Suzy. Mwahahahahahahahahha. Here is a selection of my favvo's - Ive used some new editing techniques I mastered over the last few days. Its all good.
And little storyboaords that I can do for canvas printing - this is new to the site :)

Im relaunching my website tonight with a groovy new style and presentation. I was going to (but may still) opt for a Blu Domain site. But, in the interim, Photobiz have agreed to go along with a couple of design ideas I have with a new template on its way soon. So do have a wee looksy here when you get a mo and tell me what you think. Im waiting for a licence for some new music but at £800 a pop on some pieces, you will have to make do with piano concerto number 348 in G minor with double bass, soft percusssion and silent synthesizers for now. So things are good here as you can see :)
And finally - Big Bro? Freakarama newby half way house mates. I almost spat my hummus all over the screen on Friday night with the guy with the teddy bears and the girl with practically nuddies went in. Eeeeeeks. I admit I watch it - I have done for the last 8 years. My summer is fruitful for the education I receive about behaviour. Behaviour fascinates me, I love to see how stories get twisted, all walks of life thrusting themselves into our homes, how arguments dont work either way when both parties think they are RIGHT???!!! and how clever Endemol are at priming/editing the right person to boost their ratings. Predictable but train crash tv. LOVE.


Brook said...

I'm going to go see Hairspray this next week. I loved the original, so I can't wait to see how this one stacks up. I understand about the texting, I have to take the phone away from my son so we can eat! I love the picts. It looks like you had a lovely time with your friend. I hope you have a great week!

anita said...

i NEED that mp3 too!!!!
OMG i would DIE for that beautiful red hair instead of this red out of a tube! isn't she so gorgeous!!!!!!
superb photos!

Sue Nicholson said...

Firstly thanks for dropping by :)

Great photos on your revamped web site. Everything looking good but nothing on the slideshow screen despite bottom left button indicating there was.

BB! Jonty. Is he for real? Does the girl in the pink dress ever look in a full length mirror and was there really any need for what she said through the door to Brian? What a ***g.

Best laugh last night was Liam's straight face watching Jonty rambling. "I so want to be with you but I don't know where you are". Can't remember his exact words but I want to see that clip again and again. LOL :D

Pure education and fun for all ages. We watch it as a family and like you have done for years.

Sue Nicholson said...

Ok. Just checked. Button on bottom left is to do with the music. Duuurrrrr ;)

RachelV said...

I loved Hairspray, too! Sorry you had some bothersome girls near you.

I looked at your photography site. Wow, you are an excellent photographer! Very talented!

Amy said...

great photos Kirsty!

Sinead said...

Gorgeous photos, as usual! Your site is also looking great, too! I love the pics that you have on the opening page. :)

peg graham photography said...

woah! fabulous photos girl!!!!

Heather said...

I've been so busy, I haven't been here in way too long! Gorgeous gorgeous pics!!! I love love love the black and white one.

Jan said...

Kirsty, your photos are absolutely stunning. Wow. I'm blown away.

And your writing JUST CRACKS ME UP!

Yes, my dh and I also just go crazy when we're in a movie and people (usually young people) talk and make out loud jokes at inopportune times, often ruining a "moment". We love to go to movies and just get lost in them and this can't happen when people interject their noise into your "moment". The evil eye doesn't work and if you scold them they just laugh. We try to only do the matinees now.

LOVE your commentary on Big Brother. I've not watched that the past few seasons, but I agree, it is entertainment at it's best. I'm a sucker for all these reality shows for that very reason - people just fascinate me.

Jan (aka pascrapgal from SIS) :)

Ky said...

Kirsty, your website is fantastic!! I've always thought your photography was amazing, and you've got some great examples on there!! If I lived in England, I totally have you take pics of me. ;)

Chris said...

Just lovin the photo's of Suzy's kiddies... they are stunning. Don't they just have gorgeous eyes!!

lol at you almost spitting your hummus out at big bro's latest entrants (I'm addicted too) I almost pee'd my pants at the teddy bear man!!

Erin Glee said...

Kirsty, your new web design is devine ! You are such a great photographer (and scrapper and Mom...not nec. in that order !) are an inspiration.
Thanks for bloggin', Erin

SuzyB said...

Love love love the photos, had a blast, dips, chicks and pics - brill! okay, so one little bloke as well but that didnt rhyme and he was too busy on his DS to be chatted up by you anyways :o)) xx

bugane said...

You're so good at taking pictures! It's always a delight to see them.

debbie said...

gorgeous photos kirsty!!

Terry said...

Love your site, and your photography. Thanks for the freebies, I love them.

The Red Head said...

I cant wait to see Hairspray, as a child of the sixties it has huge draw for me anyway! LOL. I always enjoy reading your posts I just have to say, you are one hilarious woman and your photos are worth a thousand words. Thanks for sharing, your blog is always full of interesting tidbits of life! ;O)
Love the freebies too! Come see me and grab some of my own freebies at

tjc designs Craft Cabin Blog said...

LOVE THE NEW SITE very arty and fabbo ps have you worked out the sexes of the guinea's yet????????

Nat said...

hiya Kirsty!

I lurk on your blog without posting, but I finally had to say how much I love your photography! I'm pants at it, but your style really inspires me and (after months of trying) I managed to get a shot I love of my sis and my ikkle niece yesterday that I totally adore :)
Keep the inspirational shots coming, and can't wait for HSMS to start back up tomorrow :)

Nat xxx

Lin (Briar Patch) said...

Love the photos of Suzy's little 'uns. Beth has the most beautiful eyes and you've captured them perfectly. Such brilliant photos, always.

As for BB, still watching even after 8 years. Can't quite believe this latest bunch, they seem a little too OTT specially Jonty and the blonde lady that barely wears any clothes! (Got to admire her courage tho!!)


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