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14 Jul 2007

girl shoppin and dopple ganging

Belle and I girl shopped today. We had so much fun. Belle blitzed Claires accessories like a banshee with a five pound note and she bought herself some selfish tid bits. Way to go girly!
I, on the other hand got told twice that I looked like Chanelle from big brother in two seperate shops. Not only am I 50 times wider than her, Im also 17 years older than her. I was awful embarassed about it and the only similarities we have is our eyes, I think. My hubby rings me up now and again (from work) and asks how Im getting on with ziggy and what it feels like to be up for eviction. And even my brother says I look like her. He sent me a text a few weeks back and said I lloked like a girl from big brother. I was a bit pissed off thinking he thought I looked like Laura!! But he meant Channa's. I should start charging for autographs shouldnt I?
This was taken tonight as Belle and I watched a movie and I was mid emails bteween boring bits of the movie "Reef"....of course, the power that is the Mac books iBooth is hardly top notch digital imagery but here you go.

Im off to slink into a pair of slobby pj's, grab a bar of Galaxy and watch a soppy movie.
Life is starting to feel good again :)


Marlou said...

I cant comment whether or not you look like girl from big bro, as dont watch it, used too. Glad you enjoyed some retail therapy, yourself and Belle, go get that galaxy before it melts xx

Ruth said...

"grab a bar of galaxy"????? What happened to the Reece's Pieces? Hmm...did someone or something break into your home and steal that HUGE bag of candy that just arrived a few days ago????? Wow, I think this is a job for Scotland Yard, I do.
Glad to hear you're feeling better, and just know that splitting your spleen is messy business indeed.
I miss you terribly and I hate the stupid time difference between us. I'm putting a "FOR SALE" sign up on our house and I'll comense to packing up my craft crap and buy myself a ticket to the UK pronto. Think I can find a job there? Will you make me eat kidney pie and other things that will most certainly make me gag?

Lilaclady said...

Hello sweetie!
cute photos, as I am in Australia, I can't comment on your BB look-alike, I can, however, comment on the fact that the photo of you in your banner (with the camera) you look like Patricia Arquette from the TV show Medium (and I love her)thank you for the spicy curry kit and your overlays, you are such a sweet thing to share! I had a big bawl about your post about Belle and her last days of primary school. Words can't describe my feelings, so I won't try...just sending you some love and hugs thru the net abyss. Enjoy your summer school holidays with Belle. In Australia, the school year ends at the Christmas school holidays...and my eldest will be finished his primary school years too this December and I am all emotional about that coz I don't think he is in the slightest ready for it, but thank you for sharing and venting your feelings, coz, although our kids are different, with different challenges, I get so much positive-ness from you, you are a gem! Thank you xxx

Clare said...

Glad to hear you are back on top form again.
Mmmmmmm Galaxy Bar!!! there is nothing better than eating choccie in your pj's! xxxx

Sandie said...

You just can't beat retail therapy!! Love those pics :)

Anna said...

You will have those look a like agencies banging on your door soon. I hope you are perfecting Chanelle's pout!!

Scrappy Nina said...

You so do look like her - thought that right from the first moment!! And being a Yorkshire lass you even sound a bit like her too!!

Sinead said...

Hiya Kirsty! I just wanted to take a minute to invite you to head over to The DigiChick this weekend if you get a chance (I know--it's Sunday and you're already into the afternoon hours, but it's been a crazy weekend!). I'm hosting a card challenge as part of our Summer Scrap-Out Party, and you know how I love your cards... anyway, here's the link to the challenge:

Hope to see you there!

Lisa said...

Don't know if you look like Chanelle, don't watch Big Brother:(

sharon said... you mention it kirsty, you do look like Chanelle.x

diamonddiva said...

Wow Kirsty, you do look like Chanelle. I think you look fab, have you lost some weight? You are looking very trim. Keep it up. Best Wishes, Sharon x x x

Brook said...

I can see a little similarity there, but she has none of the sparkle that you do.
I'm so glad you had some gal time with your little gal! I'm envious my boys never want to do anything rmotely girly with me.

Tamsen said...

Beautiful papers -- thank you! After reading your posts from the past few days (and many of the comments)I'm remembering sitting with my daughter when she was in third grade and feeling so sad because it was so hard for her to keep up in class. Funny thing -- she was well-behaved so fairly well ignored throughout school. Had she been a behavior problem she would have received attention and assistance. And years later with our son during his senior year. I don't remember how we got to where we did, but he looked us straight in the eye and said "I think it would be a privilege to be the parent of a, or b or c. They are the nicest kids in school." (Each child had some special need or another.) So there you have it. You have to be the two most beautiful women I've been privileged to begin to know in a long while. Thank you for you and for sharing your delightful daughter with us!!! (And Tom -- lol)

Sarah Youde (AKA monroegirl) said...

I would never have thought of it but you DO have a passing resemblence to Chanelle!

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