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9 Jul 2007

Day one of her last week

Its belles first day of her last week at primary school.
Today we were treated to a play by all of the year 6 students which included stories and dancing and singing and music. I loved my lil Belle in the Irish dance scene, just bobbing along in her own sweet way. I left her hair down and curly to try and add a bit of height with two side bobbles (she looked so teeny and cute amongst her peers). I would dearly have loved to have taken pictures but under the new headmasters wishes, we were not allowed. Or so it was requested from him, at least. So when I turn up with no camera in hand to be met with every other parent with either a camera, mobile phones and video cameras I was kind of PISSED OFF. I dont have a memory of the show except for in my head. Im happy to admit that I could kill! So I am am going to beg that Belle can bring part of her cosume home so I can take one or two for her memory box.
Belles week, this week, includes a trip to the cinema and lunch out with school at her favvo restaurant at Frankie and Benny's and a trip to the bowls in a limousine on thursday evening....all with her class mates. As I was sat in the hall this afternoon I got to overhear its not your traditional ten pin bowling - its CROWN GREEN bowling. WHAT? She cant pick the balls up (or "woods" as they are commonly known)........ thats going to be funny! But at least she can be with her pals and experience her first limousine ride.
Then on Friday she has her last day in her teeny uniform...... she is pretty cool about it and traditionally the kids come out of school crying their lil eyes out. Ive witnessed that for the last 4 years at this primary, I wonder how Belle will cope with that? Ive asked how she feels and as usual its nonchalant and too boring an answer to give. So we shall see.
So my pictures today are some of belle last night.

Here she is cutting the LOOOOng grass for the piggies. Mark managed to mow the lawns after a little dry spell all day yest. Its been 5 weeks since he cut it last becuase of the darn rain. So we cut the last of the long grass that the piggies love so much. I love that belle kept her slippers on and hacked away at the most juiciest bits.She is such a caring piggy momma! And judging by the size of fatty arbuckle Doodles - its not long before either 1,2,3,4,5 or 6 babies are born. Im hoping she gives birth during the day so I can see but Im not sure if Im going to pass out or not


Ruth said...

aaawww, I hope she has a great week. Please go read the email that I just sent to you. It's very important. Love ya to smitherines.

Sandie said...

Hi Kirsty! Having raised & bred guinea pigs for many years in the past, I would really recommend that you visit this site: Peter just passed away this past year, but his colleagues keep his amazing site running. You can find just about anything you would EVER need to know about piggies there. It is like the piggy bible!!

The only other advice I could give you is that if you are lucky enough to witness the birth (and this site explains how to tell when birthing is near), just watch that the mom gets the sac off of the baby's face right away, and that she stimulates the baby. You may have to intervene & pull off the placental sac & vigorously rub the baby until it is breathing & moving. I've had to do this a couple of times when the mom is delivering babies quickly & can't finish her job on one baby when the next one is coming.

I guess the other advice would be not to panic. Nature has a way of working itself out, and these little babies are amazingly hardy. One baby didn't come around for a few minutes, but with some vigorous rubbing in a towel for a few minutes it finally was just fine!!

Also, the male has to be removed from the female's pen!!! Within hours of birthing, she is fertile again, and the male will even accidently kill the babies trying to mate with the female!! Just please read Peter's website, and if you have any other questions that I may be able to help you with you can give me a holler @ I am by no means a professional, but I would pass along any knowledge I may have. Good luck!!! I can't wait to see some of those piggy pics on your blog!! I don't think you are prepared for just how cute these little guys are just hours after they are born & are dry & fluffy!! There is nothing as cute as a newborn piggy!! Good Luck sweetie!

Chris Mackenzie said...

Good luck with the piggies. "We" gave birth to 4 of our neighbours when they went on holiday & left us in charge! It was magical. Guinea Mum did all the work & clearing up & the advice was not to clean them out for the first couple of days & start handling when they were 24 hours old. Dad should be moved out week or 2 before babies are due & stay out after babies are born. Babies are born with hair & eyes open.
Have fun
Chris x

Sue Nicholson said...

Oh gosh Kirsty this was me only last year. Time passes so fast and now Sarah is coming to the end of her first year in secondary school!

Hope that this week all goes well and Belle enjoys every minute of it. Sure she will. Sarah just adored her end of year 6 limo ride. With UK cars generally not being very big she was astounded when she got inside. Belle will be amazed.

Look forward to seeing the photos :)

I do hope that someone else was able to get some photos of Belle in her play that you can copy. What a flaming shame :(

Off for my op today but I'll be back next week to catch up with how you are.

Bye for now ........... Sue :)

Anonymous said...

Lucky piggies to have such a caring mummy :) Loving Belles slippers, I hope she has a wonderful last week at school.
Jackie xx

~Sasha Farina~ said...

wow... she looks soooo grown up! I hope she will enjoy her last week of school!

Minty Mocha said...

Awwww bless! Thoroughly enjoyed catching up on your trip to Blackppol and Belle's eventful week ahead! I'd be p*ssed off with the school too hun!

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