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13 Jul 2007

Closure (gotta love "Freinds" for that saying!)

I went to collect Belle, for the last time, from her primary school in torrential rain.
Quite apt weather!!
I had in my hand a 12x12 baggie with a mini book that I had created for Mrs Pilling. It was packed with photos of Belle from year 3 to year 6. Lots of quotes and notes for Mrs Pillings to appreciate "the Belle she doesn't get to see". The sweet lil girl who dreams to become a masseuse. Hopefully Mrs Pillings darling nature will be something that Ellie can learn from. Its a shame Mrs Pilling wasn't belles proper teacher but she loved her no matter what. From Sep 2003 to July 2007 Belle sat with her for lunch and Mrs Pillings said she would miss her lunch buddy. Belle came out of school as usual. No tears like her classmates. She ambled up to me and gave me a kiss. I asked her to go back into school with the little book we had put together. I waited an age for her to come back out, I was saturated - nay, soaked to the bone. When she did come out, a teary eyed Mrs Pillings followed in hot pursuit and she thanked us for the book. She had never seen anything like it before (scrapping don't feature heavily in these parts, sadly). Mrs Pillings picked Belle up and spun her around. She wasn't just weeping but choking herself with a proper cry. Well, that was it, I collapsed in tears and Belle didn't really react at first. Then because I was inconsolable, Belle started wailing. It was pouring it down and we were all getting more wet. As much as I love Mrs Pillings there was a divide where boundaries do not meet. I didn't want to lay all my feelings into her, she is not to blame for the state of the primary schools ignorance. We waved goodbye and walked down the path for the very last time. I had to explain the enormity of it all and in all of Belles innocence, she didn't fathom that it was her very last day in primary. She had forgotten that the school holidays had just started. But I hope Belle never forgets Mrs Pilling, Ill help her remember as much as I can though.
I was over productive today so I made some modifications to some past kits, they only took minutes to enhance. Ive been making a LOT of cards recently with these digi papers. Jo Kill, who makes them the BEST will show you some cards from papers past on her blog here.
**Jo- I have a new kit under construction for you, wont be long**
I hope you like them .... oooh and an overlay too.
download the overlay here
download spicy curry splash here
download ticklish allsorts here
I simply must thank you for your supportive messages that I have received in the past 48 hours. When I wrote what I wrote yesterday, I didn't want to court pity or sympathy (I HATE THOSE WORDS!). But your empathy was gratefully appreciated just as much. I have kept your emails in a little folder to look at when Im blue again (although I don't want to make a habit of it). I hope I can be there for you when you are all a little bluesome.
And a message for Maddy - Ive sent you two emails but for some reason Yahoo accounts hate hotmail emails and they are bouncing. I just wanted to say a huge thanks for the Freestyle book that I received on Monday. Much love xx


Tara said...

Wow, Kirsty! Thank you so much for all the treats! I just love them!!

I also love visiting your blog everyday to see what's up (design- wise and with you and Belle). I read your post from the other day and all I can say is that I am so sorry! I heard every word you said and I DON'T IN THE SLIGHTEST BIT think you're being selfish. There is nothing wrong with your Belle but there is something wrong with a world in which Belle and many other children like her are denied access to opportunities many of us take for granted.

Belle may not be performing at the same level as her classmates but there are some very important lessons that can't be learnt in school and that some of us have missed. Belle knows about the bravery needed to enter new, scarey situations and meet people who may possess strong prejudice. She understands the strength needed to get up and try again even though the deck may be stacked heavily. She possesses the wisdom that comes from understanding just how joyous life becomes when people stop trying so hard to be like everyone else and let themselves through.

I read your blog everyday first because you crack me up (WICKED sense of humour, girl!), and second because I love hearing how you and your family fight through the crap of daily life and come out of it having made some people rethink their position on what is normal and proper and the right thing to do. That's an exhausting and oh-so-frustrating task and it's no surprise you sometimes get a little down.

Here's the thing, though -- you may sometimes feel as though you've lost the battle, but I think you're doing a really good job of winning the war! If you don't mind, I think I would like to keep shaking my pompoms on the sidelines cheering you both on, because YOU AND YOUR DAUGHTER ROCK!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the overlay!! Thank you so much!!!! :)

bugane said...

Thnak you for all the nice freebies you're always giving away to us.
have a nice week end and a kiss from me to your Belle.

Yin said...

Hi Kirsty, love your overlays and now papers, thank you so much! Also really love the photos you take - just incredibly candid and natural and so warm and inviting!!

Heather said...

Oh thank you so much. These all are so awesome! Have a great weekend.

JillSF said...

Thanks for the overlay and the Spicey Curry. They are great! I hope you and Belle have a great summer hols!

Maria said...

Thank you so much for the gorgeous freebie! This blog post has been added to the freebies list at

Gabi Butcher said...

Thanks, thanks, thanks!!!

Regarding Belle... I can't imagine the feelling... my little one is 3 and I just feel she is so 'grown up', imagine if she was Belle's age...
Something finished, but lots of new things are to come... gazillions of butterflies in the stomach to come...

Happy Summer to Belle - have FUN!


Gabi Butcher

Cricket said...

Thanks for the great freebies, LOVE them!! It's so hard to say goodbye to good teachers isn't it? I remember when my daughter moved on from Montessori school to regular elementary and we had to say goodbye, I was heartbroken. They will be precious memories for you and your daughter for years to come.


The Scrappy Times said...

Wow, you were busy. Thanks so much for the wonderful bounty.

My son had his own "Miss Pillings" in first grade. She sadly died of cancer in the fall of his second year. But he still (and he's now 13), speaks fondly of her. I think there's a very good chance Belle won't forget Miss Pillings either.

absolutartist1 said...

Thanks so much! Such yummy colors! Your hard work is appreciated! :)

Ila said...

Thank you for your beautiful gifts, they are lovely as you.

Your entry today about Mrs. Pilling is so incredibly moving, put a heavy mist in my eyes. I believe your Belle will never forget Mrs. Pilling, as she (Mrs. Pilling), yourself (and Belle's daddy) will likely be those that have the most influence in her life.

Thank you for not only your scrappy gifts, but the gift of you.

Brook said...

My oh my! I just don't know where to start today! It is almost like Christmas. Overlays and paper! They are absoluely fab! Definitely not boring. They are vibrant and exciting! Wonderful! Fantastic! I am just giddy!

Iam so glad that Belle has had this extraordinary teacher. Belle will remember her forever. I hope and pray that she will find another adult next year that will take a special interest in her.

My oldest is 17. He will be in his last year of highschool this year. My middle is 12. He will be in his first year of junior high. And my sweet baby is now seven and will go into 2nd grade. It is so hard because I can't protect them. They are each different and each have special needs (the little one especially.) Each year it is always harder on me!

Melanie said...

Thanks so much for these awesome freebies. I love your style!


cherylzyx said...

Thank you, these papers (this one, mustard and pumpkin too) remind me of polymer clay - so fun. Thanks a bunch

Tracie H said...

Love ticklish allsorts....just wish I could master digi!
Go for W019....I have em and they are sooooo comfortable.

Lisa said...

Thanks for all the freebies. These are great.

olga9999 said...

I have just read previous post of yours, and I honestly find really hard to understand myself how people have so little understanding of some situations. If Belle has short memory problems she should have either special education or have some kind of additional support, in the form of extra tuition, that will help her to be on a level similar to her peers. It makes no favours to anyone not giving a child a proper education or help in her circumstances.

I can only wish you the best, so sorry about the whole issue.

It was a beautiful detail to prepare that gift for Mrs Pillings.

The papers and overlay are wonderful, thanks so much for sharing them with us. :)

I hope you have a great weekend and best wishes. :O)

Sabrina said...

Thank you for sharing these fantastic papers.

It really is an endless battle for anyone who doesn't fit perfectly into what the world considers 'normal'. It's the fact that you keep on fighting that makes you extraordinary. Sorry I'm really bad with words, but your post really hit home and I do understand.

Marlou said...

What a touching post Kirsty,in my thoughts and prayers both you and Belle. Those digi overlays are excellent wish I knew how to use them, but need to get myself into gear for paper scrapbooking before I even attempt digi

take care :) x

Lisa said...

Thanks so much for Dune, it's have been a busy girl! What a sweet thing for you to do for Mrs. Pillings...sounds like she has been such a blessing! Hopefully you will find a wonderful teacher again in Belle's new school!

~Sasha Farina~ said...

Woooohooo... I'm so glad you're happy again. Thanks for the goodies! Am gonna play with it real soon... send hugs to Miss Belle :)

Sya said...

thank u so much!!!

Sandie said...

What a blessing to Belle that Mrs. Pilling was in her life (and yours for that matter!). I'm sure they will both remember each other for the rest of their lives!!
As to your previous post also, it makes me so mad that adults who are supposed to be in "education" can be so cruel!! Knowing that your daughter has some difficulties in areas should make them more sensitive to her situation. I can't believe they aren't!! I don't know how you cope with this day to day, but you are a remarkable woman!! You are a perfect example of the saying 'God does not give anything to us that we can't handle'!!!
I hope that things brighten up for you soon. It sounds like today (Sat) was a better day for you!
Please continue to keep us updated on Belle. Hopefully you two will have a wonderful summer holiday!!
Thank you once again for all that you do for everyone here. You are wonderful!!

Scrapcat4914 said...

TY so very much for all your awesome goodies!!!!!!!!!

Lucy's Mama said...

You've again made something I love...Spicy Curry is so aptly named!

I too read your blog as often as I can. I think that you and Belle are so blessed to have one another. Here in the states I work with families of children with special needs and I can tell you that one of the best tools your darling has is YOU. You see her as she is, all of it.

I wish I could tell you how it both warms my heart and makes it ache to read about your feelings and how you truly experience life through her eyes. Because of this, she has your respect for no other reason than just spunking up to the world around her, something she no doubt learned from you. In my mind, you can give her no greater gift than your respect and awe and love.

Thank you again for sharing. I'll be reading along...


mel said...

thanks so much for your overlays, they are beautiful! i love your blog too... inspiring really..
much love,

Natalie said...

Kristy - Thanks so much for your wonderful freebies. I visit your blog daily and love to see your work and see your new pictures of Belle. She's beautiful and I hope that people realize that. (hugs)

Sweet Pea said...

Thanks for all the goodies!

april said...

I just want to tell you how beautiful your overlays are...everytime I find a new one my jaw drops and I'm like...Oh my god she did it again..they are so gorgeous...I haven't seen one yet that wasn't spectacular in every way...I love visiting your blog. You are an inspiration. I just hope one day I can repay all of you with some great freebies of my own when I learn how to do all of this...for now I am just in awe...

thanks so much for sharing your wonderful am not overexaggerating either..I promise.

patk said...

thanks so much for all your goodies - enjoyed reading your entry of today, and thinking of all the new experiences and opportunities Belle will encounter at her new school in the autumn. sending positive energies for you all.....Ü

miyon said...

Such lovely digital papers. Thank you SO much for your talent and generosity. You're such an inspiration!

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