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31 Jul 2007

Blazing Sunshine? Is this for real?

Yest was so hot and such a good excuse to amble over to my friend Jane's house in ever-so-posh Wilmslow.
Belle was NOT in the mood as we set off early afternoon until we arrived and went straight to the local park where every momma and child was out soaking up the fact "we could play out"! Jane and I talked cameras and I gave her some help with her Nikon D70. I love my D70 so much (more than the D200) so it was like for like comparison. I took these of my lil lady as she cruised the entire park in her own sweet way, choosing to stop by on various little amusements and never once complained that it was too bright. **warning - overload of belle pictures ahead**

My lil ladies spirally curlies are beautiful. David (Louise's hubby), who we went to see last week in Chepstow said to Belle "You hair is so charming". Belle told me on the way home she liked the way he said it becuase it was so fancy!

Hunting conkers in late July is a no-no but belle wanted to open one anyway and fell in love with the baby conkers. and at last - Her Space/My Space starts back again tomorrow. here is my little starter for the new season. Come on over and play

I think we have to give masso thanks to Courts and Kat for the loan of this hat which went abso perfect with the outfit she was wearing. The kids, Jane and I spent three hours there which truly felt like one second - time went by so fast. I even managed to catch up with Dyan who I havent spoken to for like, 34 years, in a call with Jane. I LOVE catching up. Gossip in the park was never this good when I was a kid!
After the park we spent the evening at Janes scoffing a feast of artery clogging yumminess with the kids before Courts and Kat dozed off from tiring themselves out. Belle was wide awake as always and we decided to stay for BB. Then BB turned into Wii. Belle has never played on one before and its looking like a Wii purchase is coming on. She was thrilled with it although I did take a pasting from Jane on the Tennis courts. Of course that was down to Janes incessant practice on the game where as I had only just mastered the handy heldy thingy. I didn't want to leave at erm, midnight! Neither did Belle. But its always a sign of a good day when you don't want to leave.
I have one hundred and forty seven things to organise before Friday. As I am a list maker at heart, Ive gone onto two pages of things to do. I wish I could prioritise more effectively as everything has a top priority right now. The bit I'm looking forward to most is a Christmas project for Quick and Crafty Magazine which will be my 3rd piece for them. I love this magazine so much. Its a vibrant monthly with so many cool things to make and do. Ive also got work coming out in Crafts Beautiful in Sept, Oct, Nov and Dec. I remember years and years ago reading this mag thinking that I would love to make something for it and now that I can - well, its surreal and humbling and enormous fun to be a part of the team.
Well Im away to finish off a digi kit for Jo to tackle so I may be some time. Toodle-oooooooo xx

**OMG - I cannot believe that Chanelle walked out of the BB house. I saw it coming and she was getting on my nerves. Ive totally gone right off it now. That's one hour spare in the evenings for me now.
**Also - Karen Leese!! Mislaid your phone number, need to chitty chat before friday!!!

**Had a change of background colours - the white was a killer at 2pm blog posting. I find black a little more easier on the old peepers.

Outta here xx


CraZcat said...

absolutely gorgeous pics.. i'm gonna have to check out one of those cameras. your a great advertiser!! glad you had a wonderful day...

Kerry said...

Lovely pictures. Looks like summer may have arrived - well THAT song isn't number one anymore so fingers crossed for a nice few days.

Kerry xx

Clare said...

Lovely pics Kirsty!

BTW if you do get a Wii do not let Traci play it - she is slightly scary and very competitive!!!

Glad you both had a fabbo day xxx

Brook said...

I'm glad you had such a lovely day. I love seeing pictures of Belle out and about. She has a great sense of style. (I just have stinky boys and they have not style.) I'm saving up for a new camera, so I will have to keep this one under advisement.

Jen said...

Sounds like you had a great time! Gosh, my day-job is SO getting in the way of my social life and photo hobby.... LOL Still must come up and see ya but I have a lot on at the moment :( I don't despair though!

Lucy said...

Amazing pics, love the colours they look so amazing.

Off topic, but I'm sure I remember seeing you mention the gorgeous Orlando Bloom on your blog a while ago, so thought you might be interested in a look at my blog post today...

Kae said...

Yay! Summer is here!!! Love the pics; your belle can wear those bright and zesty colours so well. She's beautiful!!


Anna said...

definitely get a Wii, love mine, especially Big Brain Academy... wonder how much your brain will weigh... ;)

Sue Nicholson said...

I was in Wilmslow too yesterday to see my Physio!!!

You eat such great food . . .how do you burn up your calories. Please tell!

Wii is gr8. Friends have on and kids love it, in fact so do the adults :)

Loving the sun like you. Aren't we lucky it's now been here for several days :)

Photos are beautiful :)

Ruth said...

I'm never home are we gonna talk??? Let's do pick a day and time if we can. I'll try to work around you since the time difference is so bloody ridiculous. Let me know. Oh..and Belle looks so cool, so bright!! I want a new camera, I want a blog header, I want to come to the UK and eat my way through the entire country. (I need a vacation)

SuzyB said...

My my look at you gone all sophis with your new slim look black bloggie. Taken pounds off it, it has :o)

Fab Ellie photos, love that outfit she's wearing! Oh and Happy Yorkshire day to you today x

Sam said...

So glad you are doing stuff for Q&C and CB they are fab!!!! Still have to pinch myself too x

Missy said...

Oh my those pictures are just fantastic. You did a great job with the colour POP on all of them and that hat is just too cute!!!

Anonymous said...

I *love* that hat! Great pictures, as always. Thanks for sharing them.

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