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10 Jun 2007


I made this bag over a month ago now and Im stuck on whether to stitch a birdy on the front or a big flower. Im pretty chuffed with it considering it was a tea towel to start with and that I didn't use a pattern AND I lined it. Its not even on any scale nearing Anita's creations or indeed Julie M's lusciousness. Its probaly the only tote I will ever make but it needs something on it. I'll mull it over for a wee while.

I had a lovely visitor come and stay this saturday and sunday. Roz and her son came for a break from the four walls they currently have been staring at in the wake of some bad news Roz received a wee while back. My home was but a simple retreat and yet a great scrapping one at that. I ploughed on with the Toby and Roxy kits from Mod Scraps. OMG - I thought I would love Roxy (and I do) but I love Toby more. I love it so much that I even made a book with the cellophane and cardstock packaging. Im dying to share but I cant just yet. Toby got me to scrap my Paris trip at last and I am over the moon with how brilliant the range is. Roz and I didnt do much else other than scrap whilst the kids had playstation and tv heaven. Belle couldnt believe her luck as she pretty much got to do whatever she wanted. And lucky for us, we did too!

As Saturday night was pretty warm we spent a wee while in the back garden. Belle loves the time when the sun has gone down (erm, isnt it called sunset??!!!). It means she can go out without sunnies. I asked her to pose as I tried out me new lens again. I struggled with it at first but realise its perfect for certain situations. I thought the 85mm F1.8 was fast but LAWKS!!! The 50mm F1.4 is breathtaking. She was worth her salty sea trip from the States. The pic below was taken in really poor light - and look...... its clear. Not as sharp as it could be but in low light I get the pics I crave (ie belle with eyes open!). The bokeh has to be the best I have seen from a lens in a long time... have I finally got the lens of my dreams? Ahem, no. Me want 35mm F1.8 next. Ahem. Anyway, this is her erm, attitude face? So funny!

She looks like a little granny with that top knot on her head!

The DC Launched their TENTH class tonight. I rather like my layout which I of my husband (who is not dead keen to be scrapped I may add **waves to marko... we are missing you, come home!**). Its very special and if you want to find out more about the DC, go here

Gotta go, I have a snack attack of rice krispies is calling me. And another bout of wensleydale and cranberry cheese is sat next to the mil in the fridge. HELP!


Tracie H said...

Love the bag Kirsty....clever ol you. Its totally delish.
Glad to hear you had a fab time with Roz.

Barbara said...

I love the tote... i think a birdie would be awesome on it... or maybe a birdie w/ a little flower... I wish I could figure out the sewing machine I have all these yummy fabrics and no skill =)

NancyJones said...

how cute is she! LOoks like your lens works awesome. I knwo what you mean about not having the squinty face or the closed eyes from the sun. SHe is too adorable in this photo. ps: I LOVE LOVE LOVE the roxie line I havent played with any toby yet.

juliem said...

Good job with the bag. To be honest think its fine as it is and if you really want tp add anything would just put some flowers on the gingham. Bigshot cuts felt as well.Not done any sewing for ages and really missing it. Great shot of Belle.
julie x

Roz Roz said...

We had a great weekend, thank you so much for been wonderful hosts, we have caught up on our sleep now as well, mwaahhhhahahaha. Can't believe how productive we both where. See you soon Cyclops.

Sue Nicholson said...

Me too! Bag looks great so I wouldn't add anything else. A tea towel ! Amazing !

Rach said...

Gorgeous bag - WOW!

Jen said...

I love the bag (why am I always still "planning" stuff when I find other people have made what I have in my head? oh well) PS that link has a type m'dear - should be Thanks ever so :)

joanna said...

Ooh, that bag is yum-a-licious, and the photo of Belle is priceless!! So glad you and Roz had a lovely weekend :) xx

Lynette said...

Love the bag, but I say "A birdie, A birdie" lol I think that would look great!! have a great day..

Ruth said...

That pic of Ella Bella is totally PRICELESS. I love her look!!
I'm also raising my hand and voting for the "birdie" on the tote, which is simply adorable I might add.

Lisa said...

MMMyummy! Love the bag! The colours are just perfect, and that bobble trim, delish. Bag looks fabbo as it is.

Cath Kidston eat yer heart out!

Very cool pic of Belle.

Lisa xx

Adee said...

that bag is just fab. do you mind if I have a crack at making one? it'll probably end up looking crap but never mind!

Gabi Butcher said...

Do you have to put something more? I love it just bthe way it is...


Gabi Butcher

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