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7 Jun 2007

Some words aint nice

So I have had a huge number of hits today possibly wanting my slant on the events over at BB.

This is my view.

Some words aint nice. Some words are directed aimlessly, some to hit a target. Some are said in jest and some by accident. Whether they are nice or not, lets not pass judgement on the written word until we have seen the emotional content that went with it.

My daughter gets called a spastic to hurt her feelings. Some people say to others that they are a b**tard when they have legitimate parents. Some people blatantly use profanity or racism to hurt intentionally. Even worse some people use weaponary to go further in their hate.

The event on BB wasn't in hate or jealousy. Ems was just dancing with two girls and used a word inadvertently and not meant to harm. She wasnt sat in another room and called them behind their backs. She said it there, with them to their faces - having fun. You cannot tar this girl with the celebrity big brother incident which, we all saw, got pretty nasty.

The controversy now is being fuelled by the grip of the pap and press. They will make of it what they will. They are the ones making the big deal of it becuase it sells paper and selling papers makes money. And yes Emily will pay the price, we know that. But so will her family. And I care very deeply about her family and know that the word she used was not something they bat about the house. It was said by a naiive 19 year old girl whilst they were ALL having fun.

I just want to add, whilst I can, this. I say this to everyone who knows me but i will tell you too. If I walked down any high street and gave everyone I met a crips ten pound note. No matter who they were, what they worse, colourof skin or size of their feet. Just anyone who passed me got a tenner. You can bet your bottom dollar that there would be someone who wanted twenty pounds. Somebody who wants a bit more becuase they felt they deserved it. Cos life is like that. You pass them a ticket to have a go or be thankful. Yes or No, Right or Wrong. Life is like that. you can;t please everyone.

Moving on, nothing more to see here :) go and enjoy the erm, cloudy but hot day.


LPinky said...

Emily made a silly mistake but neither her or her family deserve to be hounded by it. They are lucky to have such a caring friend like you. xx

Anonymous said...

Well done for sticking up for your friends, big brother is airing the comments later and I think this will only fuel things they blantantly use controversy to build ratings. I feel sorry for Emily she is a silly girl not a racist bully and it was a stupid word to say but I do not feel she said it in an agressive way. Channel four put young loud outrageous confrontational individuals in there to make good telly without thinking of the emotional outcomes or cost to any of them. I hope she has help dealing with this and can move on quickly.

Jen said...

Thanks for that heartfelt post, hun. Not a nice situation, I really feel for her and her family. A silly thing said in jest and it's been blown up out of proportion because of the huge Jade/Shilpa mess. Take care xxx

Samm said...

You're just sooo right!!!


mamaluke said...

I totally agree too, it is obvious that Emily did not mean anything racist by the comment. I am suprised in which BB have reacted when they took so long to react over the incidents in the house with the celebrities. I am sue there will be those in the media that stick up for Emily. Her real friends will stick by her and I'm sure she will come through stronger for it.

Eminepala said...

Sorry I don't know who emily is and what is going on exactly... But Everybody can make mistakes...


Anonymous said...

Hmmm I find it very confusing that Emily has been removed yet Charly, who said it first and has repeatedly said it is still in the house!
It's not a nice word and I think she did make a silly mistake which was blown out of proportion but why is it ok for somebody black to say it, but not somebody who is white?

I also found it disturbing that this was sky 1's top story today yet the news ticker stated that a british soldier was shot dead in Iraq. How must his family feel?

I think Emily and her family have some bad times to come unfortunatly, but I hope it all blows over quickly :)
Julie xx
(aka Scrappydandydoo)

*** Moneypenny *** said...

I agree entirely Kirsty.
Changing the subject completely, have you been over to suzyb's blog?? She's uploaded a video, something about surfing and stationary trolley ??? ;O) xXx

Anonymous said...

Actually I've been popping by to see if you were going to give a "recipe" for your latest card on DCM. I don't watch BB but admire your loyalty and friendship for the young girl.

Sarah Hashim said...

I thought it was to do with them dancing but what was showed tonight was Charley said something like oh I hope I'm not pregnant or something like that then Emily just came out with You pushing it out you nigger.
I don't know but how can that just come out she was very silly to say that she doesn't strike me as a unintelligent person she knows how that word can cause offence.
I don't know I feel sorry for her because I know how much shit this is going to cause with people who won't think the whole situation through I just hope this doesn't blow out of proportion like last time.

Shell said...

I haven't spoken to Mandy for a long time, but can you please tell her that I am thinking of her and her family. I can not believe that Emily would have said it in a racist manner.

CoCo said...

I had been following it - espesh cos I knew someone who knew someone! and think Emily is a big loss to the house. It was a silly thing to say, especially for a smart girl, which she certainly is, but I don't think anything was meant by it and as usual it has been blown out of proportion....including by Charley...who if she really didn't care that much about it and wasn't offended (as she was quick to say)...why did she keep talking about it afterwards? As for that Shab...maybe Emily is better off out of there and hopefully it won't be such a big deal with her family, etc afterwards. I don't think it's comparable to the Shilpa/Jade issue where they obviously didn't get on with one another and things could have been said as a slur, and I also wonder if it's worse to call someone an effing b and mean it than to use the n word in the way that Emily did? Hope they don't give her a hard time.....

tjc designs Craft Cabin Blog said...

Well said Hun! I hate the press with a passion - they ruin somany lifes and are ruthless - they aim to take something innocent and make it the crime of the century - I am glad you have wriiten this to make a few more people think differently x

Anonymous said...

I think after the celebrity BB incident anyone that went in there with the cameras would have been extra careful. it was a nasty word and one that NOBODY should use. I think they did the right thing as it shows C4 learnt from previous events. There are some words you just dont use especially in front of cameras. If you do use it you pay the consequences for it!

Sue said...

I HATE and Never use the word.
I HATE my children being called spastics or retarded.
I agree TOTALLY with what you said..lots of nasty words out there ..lots of worse actions!

Anonymous said...

sadly i can see both sides. yes its a nasty word, for someone so apparently so intelligent is appears that she was trying to be too cool for her own good,bristol is hardly the bronx so i cannot imaging that in her rather more sheltered upbringing that she regularly uses the word. I think she was just trying to be in with the in crowd if you can call those other two waste of spacers in the bb house 'in'.On the othert hand, they have made a massive issue, over a middle class white girl saying it and not punished the other 'black' offenders for repeating it many times. A case of Ch4 wanting to find a scrificial lamb to hide their hiddeously over rated and now quite boring show to other than the 'jeremy kyle watching tv sit on the coach do nothings'. I hope that she and her family dont get hassled by the gutter press, luckily it happened early so there will be plenty more crap for them to talk about. just rememeber.. todays headlines wraps tomorows chips. cjh

est26 said...

I agree with you this whole thing just got blown completely out of proportion, aided obviously by the media coverage, that poor girl and her family should be left to get on with their lives in private.

BTW the sun is shining here!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't watch BB but I think it's very hypocritical of C4 to evict someone because they claim what she has said is unacceptable ... but to then carry on and broadcast it. Is it not equally unacceptable for them to air a comment they deem a 'sackable offence'?

Mole on UKS

Adee said...

I've only just read your comments Kirsty but agree with you completely. what she said was not acceptable but I feel so sorry for her that her mistake was made in such a public arena. have any of the people getting into her never made a mistake, especially at 19?

Anonymous said...

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