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4 Jun 2007


Cable doesnt work with my hardware. The excitement of yesterdays purchase just pails into insignificance. Tra la la la-flippin-laaaaaaaa

Had a good start to today though.

Belle and I got a personal grand tour around her Secondary school that she starts in September. Bad start slightly as belle's current school have not informed the high school of her phys problems and therefore the high school are not prepared fully for her needs. I despise our Local Ed Assoc. How hard can it be to pick up the phone and talk?

Other great news is that belle can be assesed on her phys needs (which is a higher priority) as opposed to educational needs with is not so high priority. Obv. But nobody told me this. All Im goingt say whilst remaining optimistic is this. You have a kid with special needs? YOU FIGHT TOOTH & NAIL to get the support they need. Aint nobody going to come up to you and say "Hi, let me help you. Let me tell you what you can do for your kid. Let me tell you the services we can provide. Let me tell you that your child needs this, this and that to get them through the exam/rest of the course. Let me be the wonderous, guiding do-gooder that you deserve" If I could use the "F" word without my mormy shouting at me I would say it now....................FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

I gotta go, brewing up a Tetley and there are some chocolate fingers (currenty BOGOF in Tesco right now) with my name in them.


joanna said...

You are so right about having to fight tooth and nail, darl. Sending you both lots of love and hugs, and hoping that Ellie gets all the support she needs in September :) xxx

Ruth said...

K...I don't know how it works in the UK, but here in the US my personal experiences have told me to rely more on the mom's of older kids for help. They've been through "the system" and pretty much know the ins-n-outs of everything. You know, who to call, who not to bother with...that sort of thing. I hope you and Ella Bella have a great day..err, what's left of it where you are. Hugs, Ruth

Anonymous said...

ah so sorry to hear this bullshit(sorry but thatis what it is!) is happening to you as well. It is tiring to always have to fight isn't it.


Lisa the Lovely said...

Oh so true, but not just with little ones. It's so the case w/ the elderly in the U.S. YOu have to ask, ask then ask again. Then call, then write a letter. Then hope they do their job.
I know 'they' work hard for low pay, but who doesn't. God bless them anway :))
give the wee one a squeeze from me!

Sue said...

Don't i know about fighting ( all three of my children have statements! You need a personal secretary too to fill in the blinking forms all the time.
((((((hugs)))) Hope Ellie gets all she needs at high school

Cleo Fitzgerald said...

You are lucky in the US and UK, here in SOuth Africa there is extreemly little support for special needs kids or adults for that matter. It is up to you to keep up with mainstream schooling - you accomodate them not visa versa. There is nothing like Local Ed Assoc to assist you. Most children with special needs (evenones that are relatively mild)never enter main stream schooling - they go to specialised schools that are very poorly funded - so you have no option but to beg, borrow and steal to afford to send your child to a private school. I have noticed over the years the goverment funded support groups and care that you have in the US and UK. We have almost nothing like that here - it is almost exclusivly private ... I can only hope that one day we can reach the level of support that you have there. I hope that she enjoys her new school next year.

Jo said...

throw us a choccie finger bird! xxxx

Selena said...

I'm gutted i'm not where you are boo bar! The helpful hannah you describe is pretty much my job when I'm not writing. I work as a childcare and ed. consultant for schools. gutted for you! They should talk - naughty LEA, should be flogged!

Give me a shout if you want me to give em a poke!

hugs selena

lorraineA said...

Keep fighting and keep nagging and you WILL get there in the end Kirsty. If you ever get pulled down by it all just take a peek in Ellie's eyes and the strength to fight another day will come your way.

Tracie H said...

Keep battling on....Belle is legally entitled to the support she needs....its just nightmare that as parents we have to fight so hard cus noone else will!

khrank said...

I am an assistive technology specialist in the states. I work with the device you have. Didn't it come with a USB cable that connects to the device? It should have. If not, they are $10. The devices are wonderful. Feel free to email me if you have any questions! I hate it that parents have to fight to get what their kids are entitled to. If you tell me more about your daughter, I might be able to suggest some other things that might help her.


Anonymous said...

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