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1 Jun 2007

The old bladder has gone

Trampolines at the ripe old age of 36 is no fun if you haven't prepared yourself for the lack of bladder control. Im saying no more other than after nipping to the lavvy, you still feel like you need to go - all the time, even when you don't.
I spent the afternoon at my freind Janes house with her two most adorable daughters whom she adopted in March. They are just the minxiest, cheekiest, scrummy little madams - yes they are. I am respecting Janes wishes and not publishing photos (of which I took some corkers of) to protect their identity. We cwafted with the girls and as much as Belle likes to join in, its not her thang. Ellie likes to observe and tell me how to finish her projects and muggins, here, obliges. I managed to catch her having a bit of a delicate gluing moment here which I love

and here is our joint effort door hanger warning "all ye who enters beware of the guineas" Because, erm, guineas kill? (Love that Ellie has her eyes open but don't love the death stare!)

We finished the afternon with trampolining and photos. Fun photos mind, heart attack inducing trampolining hell. Well actually it was fun but next time Im wearing a support bra! And bladdery things.
My Popadoodle Actions were released yesterday and the feed back has been more than joyous. I wonder if anyone can tell me why some files were received all fine and dandy and yet some were corrupt even though they were sent in the same batch email? I need to find out why that happens. One or tweaks to sort which is sortable before I create more actions to make a set of non destructive filters to make those photos popadoodledoo. You can sign up for them at anytime, but I will only do a batch email once a week. The reason is too complicated to explain but it works better for me that way.
Finally I leave you with a card I made for GDT at Daring Card Makers.
Ive been asked to work with them for a few weeks and going back to my crafting roots is so much fun. This weeks dare was to create a card using vellum/acetate/plasma. I made the card itself from acetate and the papers were hand cut (even the pants!) to finish.


Sandie said...

ROFL I am sooo glad its not just me that has that bladder "problem", there is no hope for my bladder after 3 kids!! This did make me laugh :D

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

Its pants.


(oh how I've longed to write that in a comments box and you've allowed my wish to come true rofl)

Seriously, I love it. Fab colours and layout...and great pants.

Jaime120899 said...

Good grief - that really IS a death stare from the young Bellemeister, isn't it?
Love the card!

greyparrot said...

omg the trampoline thing is so true! Mart and I got one for Jasmine and I swear it felt like my bladder was about to fall out!

Rosie said...

Hee hee! You could have done with a spare pair of your DCM's for the trampoline!

Now I know why at the age of 39 and following two kids that I don't go on trampolines! lol

Wendy said...

Love, love, love the popadoodledoo actions!!! *mwah* And I love the death stare from Belle, made me giggle, which I needed tonight!

Gillian Hamilton said...

I love this card Kirsty, it 'cracks me up'... esp cause before I knew the DCM girls, I had never heard this expression... and now I catch myself saying it... only thing no one in Australia has a clue what I'm on about... ROFL!!!!

This really is an Unreal card, and it's a real thrill having you GD at DCM Kirsty...


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