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19 Jun 2007

The joys of Government Legisalation

Either our government are total knob heads or Belles surgeon is using a kop out. You figure it out, I'm too blinded by rage to decide.

Yest, both Belle and I attended a crucial appointment with an Orth Surg at one of the North's best Pead hospitals - Alderhey. This was a follow up from an appointment in Jan 2006. Love waiting lists, we do. We had been desperately waiting for this appointment because not only will it speed up her investigations again but it will also put paid to the DLA hell Belle is going through. So we pitch up. We wait in a hot hospital (even though its very warm outside) therefore dreading catching a nasty superbug or horrific germs that breed in that heat. I get so agitated in waiting rooms in summer, I'd dearly wait outside. Belle had her head down on the DS (she does this as a distraction - we know this for sure). Time came for us to go and see her saviour, the guy who is going to fix her, our guru. He greets us with a sunny hello and no white coat. I like his masked attempt at making belle feel that he wasn't the usual sinister white-coat-man. And this was the convo:

Surgeon: So how can I help?

Me, thinking What, don't you know?

I replied: We are here on the follow up from last January.

Surgeon: Aha, you saw my registrar. How did that go?

**Me, thinking Don't you have/read frikkin notes?

I replied: "It went ok although he didn't do what you suggested the May previous (May 2005 I'm talking about)

Surgeon: I haven't seen you before.

Me:Yes you have

Surgeon:No I haven't

Me:YES, you have. I distinctly remember seeing you because you could only spare 5 minutes as it was the end of the day and I distinctly remember you because you look like my cousin Christopher.

He checks notes

Surgeon:I haven't seen you Mrs Wiseman. Aaaaaaaah, wait. I have.

He Looks at Ellie who has her head down on the DS - completely ignoring the shenanigans.

Surgeon:So what can we do for you

**Me, thinking:Is this guy taking the frikkin piss or what? Do I magically refer my daughter to hospital in hope that he will just make up a diagnosis and we can get on with our lives? **sigh**

So I run the spiel of what happened the first time we saw him in May 2005, the follow up in Jan 2006 and the wait between.

Surgeon:You know Mrs Wiseman, glancing at Ellie between breaths, I can't take responsibility for the time delays between appointments. I am assigned to tertiary appointments from the government and can only deal with referrals from GP's. You are a follow up - you do realise that doesn't count.

Me, thinking: Ok arse hole, you can take your lack of interest out on me if you like but not on Ellie or my time and certainly Im not going to act upon your info and care for your bruised ego cos you failed to read up about Belle before the apointment or the fact you get paid in excess of £80,000 a year to act like Im here for a laugh and a joke. You may be clever, you may be the best in your field but surely you have admin people and registrars that can fill you in before I traipse 20 miles with a child to come and fulfil an appointment which I have ultimately paid for my whole working life for.

I replied: Well lets just start again please. Do you realise that we have been to 14 hospitals and through 4 professors, 12 specialists, umpteen tests but to no avail. Belle currently has a dietician, an OT, a physio and an orthoptic who do their bit and I have had to co-oridinate these events single handedly, live with the consequences of these trials and decisions, seen my child be cut, injected, tested, hurt, in pain, cry, break her heart. In a perfect world, do you not think that these individuals, sat in one room would bounce ideas off each other and somebody come up with a solution. You can see she isnt like your average 11 year old. I want the best for my daughter, I really do. I want to show her that I did everything I could so that in 10 years time nobody can turn around and say "well, if you had of done such and such when she was 11 years old, she wouldnt be like this now". So I do what I do for her and not for hell of it. If you can't do anything for her, tell me now so we can try a different route.

How I remained calm, composed and not break into tears (prolly for the first time ever!) I dont know but it worked. It really worked.

So, the surgeon examines belles feet with his registrar and he talks about her twisted feet and toes and sensitivity and all these words I cant recall. This guy is all about bones and for years we have been told she is all about muscle. I cant shake this confusement but Im relishing the fact something might happen. Belle is crying in pain but I mask it out, I have to. They are going to work their magic on her. I look at her and wink and blow her kisses as I summon all my strength not to cry. I am defiant but really Im jelly.

Surgeon: Ok this is what we are going to do (after sifting more notes). we are going to have her work the Gait Lab. Im not going to perform surgery (which is what he said in may 2005 - to break her feet and reset them - EEEEEEW). Come back in 12 weeks and we will take it from there.

**GAIT LAB: a place where they attach electrodes to part of the body (in this case her feet) and get her to walk on a special runway. cameras pick up her walking ability and run data through a computer to asses her weak point and possible cause for her disability. COOL!

So there you go. If you dont frikkin ask you dont get. What is that all about?. Dont doctors simply offer the next available solution anymore? Do you always have to fight for it? Shall I stab myself in the chest to get my stomach ulcer sorted out in the hurry I need rather than the - lets wiait and see what happens. Cos if you are not dying within this health service, you aint nothing. I swear. saying that I am grateful we have a health service to a certain extent but I didnt realise that you had to bust a gut to get what you think your child needs. And Im no expert.

Anyway - seeing as its a new day, here is an overlay for you. You can get her HERE

Im outta here - got so mcu journalling to do about this bizarre NHS treatment which should


JillSF said...

Kirsty - your post made me want to cry, to shout out at the 'medical system'- it stinks!! I pray that your followup happens, that it really produces a solution which will work. I am amazed how you can continue to make and hand out freebies for those of us who do not even say thankyou (I don't always). Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Barb said...

WOW...WHAT A DAY!! You are right, it does seem that you now have to fight, or speak up assertively (way to go for not crying! :) I also find that that is the hardest thing NOT to do when you are frustrated or MAD *!#*@*!!**), or you have to become an expert in order to advocate for your own or your loved one's health!?!!! It's crazy! And I know that doctors are busy...but for crying out loud, surely they could take a minute or two to look over your file, even if they do it just before they walk in to see you. Sheeesh!!
That said...Thank you SO much for sharing yet another one of your AWESOME overlays!! They are all great!! Hope you get some good news and hope from the fancy "lab"!! Take care... :)
Barb, from sunny Manitoba, CANADA

Maria said...

Wow - amazing story. We lived in the UK until January and I know well how you feel. We had the same problem with my daughter's ears. Anyway, long story (rather similar to yours). Thought you might like this article (given the stab in the stomach remark) which I've put on my blog in response to your post. I couldn't put a picture inside this comment so I put it here:

Anonymous said...

My sweet friend i am so freaking proud of you, you tell the A** what he should do!!!


Rachael said...

I really feel for you with this! You have to constantly mither the hospitals to get them to do anything. DH had a blood count a quarter of what it should have been it took me 3 months of constant phone calls, tears, begging etc to get him a transfusion!! He nearly died. All because he has more than one consultant, they can't talk to each other and they try and pass the buck so that their department doesn't have to foot the bill!! They have actually told us this!! He has been waiting for an URGENT test for 3 years now because non of his consultants will pay for it, they all say it's another department and in the meantime they have to pay for monthly iron infusions. Last week one of them told us to write to our MP to complain about it! Keep on at them and the education authority - those who shout loudest and all that. Best of luck

Ruth said...

Sweets, you have an email waiting from your personl/private Pediatrician here in the States. Also, you must take the advice of your personal/private nurse and get the medication I told you about last night when we chit chatted forever and a day on the puter. I'm going to send you some cuz I'm not sure what you have there in Jolly old England. As for Ella Bella, you're a strong, loving mom and you're doing as best you can. Shame on them for not doing their job. We're working on it from this part of the world, ok? Hugs and love to you and Ella Bella.

SuzyB said...

Youre a mum in a million you KW, a true gem (((((((((((hugs))))))))) to you and yours xx

Phyllis said...

So sorry you had so much trouble with that @$&* doctor, but I'm so glad you stood your ground! Belle is such a pretty girl and deserves to have all the help they can give her. Lucky she has you to fight for her. So many here in the USA think they would like to have a medical system like the UK's, but after hearing stories like yours, I think maybe we should stick with what we have and just try to work out some of the bugs. Thanks so much for your pics of the trip to the castle - I have a lot of British ancestry but will probably never have the funds to visit your fair country in person, so have to "visit" through pictures.

CoCo said...

((hugs)) to you both. Sorry it was a crappo day but hopefully good will come of it. Stay positive chick.

Heather the Blether said...

Kirsty I am so sorry to hear about your absolutely awful time with the lovely Belle... I understand totally and I can assure you you are not the only one suffering like this.. I too have been waiting 11 years for proper diagnosis.. hugs to you both and I hope things progress quickly now. take care

Jo said...

you go girl.....its the one thing about the uk I dont miss! time take your cropodile and threaten him with that...bound to work!! xxx

Heather said...

Aw Kirsty, sorry you had such a poopy day but well done for standing your ground and getting a better result than looked like happening.

Kerry said...

Well done one staying calm and keeping your composure. I know where you are coming from and just wanted to say persistance will eventually pay off.

Make sure you look after yourself too.

Kerry xx

Roz Roz said...

At last result, I'm hoping and praying that the gait test goes ahead as planned and that some sort of decision is made from there, I'm sending you, Ellie and Mark hugs and love. Keep your chin up darling and good for you for telling him how it is, he probably got the shock of his life that somebody did not back down.

Lisa the Lovely said...

You and the wee one certainly are strong! Isn't it amazing how strong you were for your child?? It's obvious how much you love her. I would have crumbled and cried!

B Butler said...

You are a wonderful mother. Belle will say in 10 years "I had the best mom, no denying it!"
Best to you Both.

kimf said...

Way to go girl...

Thankgod Ellie has a brilliant mum like you......

Kate said...

What a grotty day, you just keep banging on the door sooner or later someone will let you in! Was going to moan about the NHS when I get to my blog later but our day wasn't as bad as that. Best wishes from my family to yours.

Scrappy Nina said...

Oh WHY must it be like this?? What is it with ortho surgeons and their complete inability to communicate with anyone who's awake?? What, do they have to surrender their humanity before they're give the certificate to practice?? Grrrrrrr!! Huge respect to you for not crumbling - outwardly at least!! Sending you strength vibes across the digital waves!! Love to you and your family!! :-)

Aubrey Harns said...

I continue to pray for you and your daughter. My son was quite ill when he was born - he had heart surgery the day after. I went through a lot those first few years - things do get better. I'm happy to say he's off to his 3rd day of highschool football today. I will pray for good doctors for Belle and a correct diagnosis.

Tommie said...

Hmm. that doctor was really an A@#@#le,
guess it's all the same all over the world..
even here in the Netherlands you have to be a doctor yourself to get the treatment you want otherwise you stand outside with nothing again...
Made me wanna cry when reading your post....Have the same experiences with myself....and for a mother to care best for her daughter it must be even harder i guess..
You did a GREAT job, Belle surely has the greatest mum she deserves..

Big hugggg from the Netherlands!!!

btw..thanks for another great overlay, you really are superb!!

Love Paula and Tommie

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry you had to go through that. I would love to send your story to our God-awful Michael Moore who constantly runs down health care in the US. We may have serious issues but this wouldn't happen. God Bless you and good luck to you and your beautiful daughter.

kristin said...

Belle is so lucky to have someone as strong as you to fight for her. Keep up the good work!
Love the of my favorites!

Heather said...

Sending you all love and hugs

MiKiko said...

Way to go!!You did the right thing!!

Anonymous said...

Stick with it. You are doing a great job. We waited for more than a year for a return podiatry appointment for insoles that were meant to be built up and replaced every six weeks, before I went to another consultant in another health board and got a new appointment in less than a month. I would seriously think about involving your MP. Someone needs to remind these doctors with god complexes who pays their six figure wages!

DownloadBabe said...

OMG, I hope the people here in the US reading this realize that we will be fighting with our medical system EXACTLY LIKE THIS if we get socialized medicince!!!!!!!!!!

mo said...

AAARRRGGGGHHHHHHH. I want to hit my head against a wall for you. Everyone is busy, it is his job to have read the notes before seeing a patient. AARRRGGHHHHH. Hang in there. much love xxxxxx

Krista said...

Thank you for the overlay! I'm so sorry for your difficulty getting appropriate care for Belle! The same happens in the US with HMOs...I've had problems with my knees since I was a kid and went through the same deal here. You have to be the squeeky wheel to get tests or care. Sooo sorry for you both!

Tamsen said...

You go girl -- good for you!!! And hang in there. Very ill people and kids really do need advocates, particularly, I've found, with men. So the U.S. has it's problems too. Boy -- I wish I could give you a super big hug. It's a dreadful story but I can't stop smiling because you did it!

scrapsara said...

wow - you & belle had a really sucky appt today! she shouldn't have to deal with all of that, and you shouldn't either! i used to teach special education and it seems to be rare that kids and adults with disabilities get good medical care (myself included!) i agree with phyllis that your experience definitely shows that having a medical system like the UKs instead as great as some in US think!! and thanks much for the lovely overlay!!

Anonymous said...

I have private health insurance from work and going through an Ortho - who by the way has a sense of humour bypass which doesn't help ! when I returned home I realised I had someone else's MRI's - his secretary just said phone X-Ray - er No I said, I'd just been told I need surgery and had gone away to think about it - are you sure it was me he was looking at ? Doesn't get much better really does it. Hugs to you all, be strong and challenge whenver the opportunity arises. After all they are only human too and like you said get paid loads of money so they should act as if they are earning it. In the end you are putting your total trust in them - if he was a car salesman I wouldn't be buying !!
:-) Lillykins x

Julie said...

Thank you for the share.

I'm sorry to hear about your troubles with the medics.
It's no better here in the UK.
I ray they can help your daughter hun and you be sure to keep giving those doctors the kick up the butt they all need.

Anonymous said...

I have no words but...((((hug))))
Keeping your family in my prayers. Thank you for this overlay too : D

Southern Muse said...

My heart aches for you and sweet Belle. You are such a strong person. It is so hard to get adminstrative people to take notice of our needs until we plead with their human side "heart".

My oldest son, now 21 yrs old, has ADHD and struggled in the first days of school. I tried to get him help, knowing that what they were doing was not working. This was before ADHD was classified as a disability in learning. After paying out of our own pocket for countless tests... finally the school stepped up and did something to help.

Keep pushing... cause if you aren't Belle's advocate then who will be :-)

Great Big Hugs,
Veronica in Alaska

Melberry said...

So sorry to hear about your nightmarish dealings with the health system. You have my sympathy and my gratitude for sharing your talents with us. Take care of YOU.

Joanna said...

I love your overlays - thanks a lot.

HeatherB said...

I can't believe what you have to go through. That is just terrible and such a strain on your, your daughter and your whole family. What a disaster. I sincerely hope the gait lab will work or that something will come out of it.

Thank you for providing such a beautiful overlay in the midst of this stress and pain.


korib said...

love to you and your daughter...I wish I had a magic wand to make it all better.

And thank you for still making us a lovely overlay.

Glenda said...

Thank you for the new overlay. They are fun to use.

Nancy P said...

Such a strong advocate you are for your beautiful daughter. She must be so proud of you. We are. I am so sorry you have to go through all of this. The system is supposed to take care of you, not give you ulcers! I will pray her pain is gone - soon! Hang in there - being a mother is the only job I was not trained for, and the hardest job I have ever had! Keep us posted on her progress!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much!!!!!!

kerry lynn said...

good for you! it's always amazing to me how the medical establishment makes us push and push for needed care!

you are a GOOD mama!!

tjc designs Craft Cabin Blog said...

well done you - I know it is hard but By G do I hope with all my heart it will be worth it - on your ulcer I have some info that may help callyou soon about it much love, hugs and squishy stuff x

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