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18 Jun 2007

Imsomnia? Read on, this will get you to drop off


What a weekend we have had. Loved it so much at Rozsters that I spending a week at the end of June with her on a working trip. So if any of you live within a 50 mile radius of Glasgow please contact me and perhaps we can arrange a shoot. The good news is that this June there is a half price session fee (that's £20 instead of £4o, conditions apply) so contact me here if you are keen.

So the Rozmeister made a Sunday roast lamb that was to die for. I never got to make my fammus yorkies as Roz was out of the key ingredient - plain flour. as self raising flour makes yorkie like cookies, Roz managed to save the day by cooking ready mades. Mmmmmmmm, I can see my Grandma Irene turning in her grave as I type that. Belle practically drank the gravy as it was so delish. I loves a good roast so thanks Rozzo.

We set off at 7pm last night which would have got us home for 9.30pm. But As I was skeeting down the A74 I saw a sign for Drunlanrig Castle. Never heard of it before but thought it would be a momentous thing to go and see seeing as it was Belles first time in Scotland. the weather had been too grotty all weekend for us to take the kids out. This was a great opportunity and so random. I turned off the motorway and followed the little brown sign and it stated 16 miles to its destination. 16 miles on a barren road in the back of beyond meant it wasnt going to take 16 minutes. But what fun anyway. Light nights sure make for adventure. As we approached the castles vicinity, youcould tell that the sheep ruled the land. Docile creatures ambling across the road as if to say "wait there missy, we can tell you ate cousin bernard for lunch - the mint sauce gives it away". The cheek of them! (she says with perfect comedy timing..... ta-daaaaaaaaaaaa!)

The castle, although impressive was not your typical "battlements and mullioned windows". It is more a stately home but it was beautiful. I wanted to get pics of Belle there and as I got her to stand on the wall she proclaimed herself Queen for 2 seconds and suggested "off with my head". Charming. As I turned around to admire the sweeping hills and country we noticed some rather large trees ahead of us and a reading plaque. We ambled over to read it and discovered that there, right in front of us, was the largest sycamore tree in great Britain. BONUS FIND! As the castle and shops were obviously closed, we got back in the car and head back to the motorway. As I got to a main junction down a country lane I saw the most bizarre looking thing walking across the road. It made its way into the hedgerow but I WANTED TO SEE!. Having no 12 boar sawn off shotgun for protection, I instead took a Nikon D200 with a non too clever but acceptable 50mm lens and went in for the kill. Well, I say kill but you know what I mean. I'm not entirely sure if this is a ptarmigan or a red grouse but Belle and I got so close to him and I'm delighted I took this chance to come to the castle and see all this stuff.

We dillied and dallied back to the main road and onwards to Lancashire. The road from Glasgow to the Lake District is peaceful and the scenery is awesome. We approached Landbrigg wind farm at nigh on twilight and I asked belle if she wanted to see them up close (literally 800 metres off the motorway, so handy. These silent and graceful machines look so lovely against the night sky. I hate to hear people complaining about them, I think in this day and age where natural resources are running out, we should embrace using the wind and the sun to give us heat and light and electricity.

Belle, as I, was truly was fascinated.

So I did some layouts this weekend and I thought Id share. I bought a totally random if not way out kit from the states and I mentioned in a previous post it was a pig to try and match stuff up. It made me scrap just as random but I like the effects of making paint work for its money! I also scrapped my bam pop papers after sitting in a box for 6 months. Again Im really having so much fun with Ranger Dabbers, to say the least. It felt so good to spend a whole weekend scrapping with Roz.

Sooooooooooooo my snippets:

Britains Got Talent - the final!!!

I didnt watch any of these shows becuase I really wasnt interested. But my attention was drawn to the winner and having "you tubed" all his heats to death I cannot believe the talent and stupendous voice of this truly amazing guy. This guy came frombeing a mobile phone salesman to the dizzy heights and ranks of Pavarotti and Bocelli. You have to watch it here and tell me you dont cry!

Pea Green Soup

Do youremember the kit I uploaded last week? You have to see what Jo did with it.....she is GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!

Scrap Trap

Go and see the news - its all good.... its all here


Roz Roz said...

amazing pics, that castle is called Drumlanrig and its as lovely inside as it is outside, they also have the most amazing shops selling little craft wares and venison burgers, yum yum. We loved having you darling, and can't wait till next week.

joanna said...

Beautiful photos, and gorgeous layouts, Kirstles; love the photo of Ellie atop the castle wall :) I wish we had time for a shoot in June; maybe July or August??

greyparrot said...

gorgy pics- but dya know what really struck me- something I have never noticed before? Belle has piano players hands- totally and utterly 100% piano playing fingers!

Kerry said...

Gorgeous pictures. I love the wind farm ones.

Kate said...

I'm still awake. Of course it's morning so I guess that wasn't fair. Girlie you have some beautiful photos there. I can only aspire to take anything close to that. You rock!

Sandie said...

Awesome pics, scottish castles are just beautiful! Love your layouts too :D

*** Moneypenny *** said...

I adore all your photos Kirsty, I love looking at them. I agree about the wind farm! I swear Belle gets prettier by the day, Fabby LO's too, you are so artistic :O) Sorry about the confussion with the HSMS photos, don't know why I just presumed the top photo was Anitas and the bottom one was yours ~ doh! You just can't get the staff can you ~ lol. It must be my age or that's what I'm going to blame it on :O) Have a great day sweetie xXx

Brook said...

My dream is to one day cross the pond and tour Scotland and her castles. Here in Texas we don't have those. I love your description of hunting. That is often how I go hunting myself. I've only been able to see the You tube versions of BGT. The guy is amazing.

Jan said...

Fabby pictures, as ever, Kirst. Just popped by to say "HI" coz I miss you!

Deb said...

the birdy was a red-legged partridge (I didn't know either I had to look it up!) Love all your pics and yes I was up, busy on a card!

Lisa the Lovely said...

I'm still awake!! Love the l/o and the stories.
We really don't have much in the way of castles here over the pond!!

Maria said...

That guy on the UK's got talent was broadcast across the Australian television channels too. How amazing to live with such a voice and never realise just how good you really ARE!

Thanks for the piccies from Scotland - we lived in Edinburgh up until Jan this year. I really miss that countryside and all the castles. Beautiful.

Bugane said...

The pictures you're taking are just so beautiful! You've great talent for that as well as for scrapping! Lucky you!

fgeegf said...

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