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29 Jun 2007

Fly away Peter, Fly Away Paul, Come back Peter, Come back Paul

If you can assume both Belle and I are Peter and Paul!
We are home and we are family again. What a wonderful week we have both had. And guess the eff what? My belle got involved! She did - she kayakked (is that the past tense?!), she went mountain walking (albeit in her buggy!) and she went in and steered a speedboat. I was dying for all her juicy details - every last drop but Belle, being the wondrous creature I know every millimetre of was as nonchalant as ever. Here she is sat on my bed looking all orangey at sunset... I LOVE THIS PIC!
There was no dire enthusiasm at all, both Mark and I had to literally juice her on the orange squeeze for all the goss. Belle won't often volunteer information even if she had the time of her life. We know she had a great time as she almost cracked a smile through out FBI style interrogation. Instead I resorted to being hugged and kissed all night and thats all that matters - is the now.
Ive not made those darn overlays Petre bu I have 3 for tomorrow and your quest for me to fulfil 7 overlays in 7 days will be back on track! Instead please admire Roz and her amazing house with amazing light. Isnt she a peach?

Look beyond the obvious and peel back layers of a woman with stamina. TRUE.


Brook said...

I'm so glad that Belle had a great time! I know you worried about her everyday. Did you send a camera with her? I love the picts of Roz.

Natalie said...

Oh Wow! Tell Roz I want to exchange houses with her - that is just gorgeous!

And love love love that wallpaper!

Natalie x

Amelie said...

awww thats soooo great belle got involved :D bless her heart!
shame you're not closer and i'm not rich, i'd ask you to do some pictures of my and my ever expanding bump.its getting increasingly difficult and tedious to photograph myself. but alas you're a milion miles away and i'm skint. lol.

Sandie said...

I've been waiting for you to post about Belle coming home, so glad she had a great time and got involved. You must be a very proud Mummy!

Jen said...

Bloody hell Rizroz, can you come and decorate mine? A beautiful showcase for a beautiful woman. LOVE those colours :)

Jen said...

PS So happy that Belle had such a great time... even if she won't talk LOL

Marlou said...

Hi Kirsty : ) Delighted Belle is back home with you again and got involved in the activites, bless her!!
Love Roz's house!!! she's got style!

Have a great weekend xx

Tammy said...

This is the first time I have ever been to your blog. I have one thing to say. "WOW"...
I will be back!!!

Charlotte said...

So happy Belle had a good time.

P.S.I IMMEDIATELY need Roz's wallpaper, all bedroom furnishings and her figure. Give it to me now!!

Hullabaloo said...

Kirsty, I'm so delighted to hear that Belle got to take part in so many activities.
Max and I loved the pics you posted yesterday - he just kept saying "I can't believe I'm on the internet!" You made his day.
Enjoy being back with your girl!!

Lisa said...

Sounds like Belle had a wonderful time on her trip! Thanks so much for the beautiful overlays!!

Anonymous said...

Tell Roz that I'll pick the next lot of Lippy Chick books up in person - and whilst I'm there I might stay a week or two!!

Glad Belle enjoyed her stay away. Bet you're happy she is back in your arms again xxx

Karen (Charmed Cards & Crafts)

Sue said...

Wow What a stunner Roz is :) ..LOVE that clean tidy Fab House!!!!

Roz Roz said...

OMG, how the hell did you make my house look like that, it looks lovely. belive me girls, it never usually looks like that, think Miss Wiseman used photoshop to add in the backgrounds. hee hee. I love all those pics, thanks your a amazing photographer.

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