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8 Jun 2007

Belle time

Belle really does have the most horrendous hayfever. She is not able to breathe during the night through her nose, making her breathe through her mouth which is parched by morning and she is knackered. I feel so bad for her but I was exactly the same as a kid. All i can do is WUBS. She has had 3 whole days off school but this avvy she wanted to rid herself of cabin fever and I needed the bank. So we trotted out after 3.30 just incase those nasty darn school inspectors paid a visit. can you imagine the shame?

Eyes open alert, eyes totally open alert!! Crap light alert but hey - eyes are open!

It was such a lovely day today and being in town meant not as much pollen as home. She wolfed down her food at KFC where I spied this mural advertising their famous "11 herbs and spices". As she is 11 years old, I thought it would nake a fabbo scrap page (as you do). And on the way back to the car we spied some groovy little spaces to take some pics. She has this pouty kiss effect off to a tee....... funny lil bean.

Today, 8th June is a bit of an anniversay for me. It was exactly 20 years ago since I joined the Royal Air Force. It freaks my pants off thinking that 20 years ago i was old enough to join the armed forces (i know you are working out my age.. so Ill give it to you straight. I joined up at the tender age of 16). I was in for the long haul as I managed 9 years. Most girls average 3 or 4 years usually opting to get out for marriage and children, which is cool. I had Ellie during my 8th year and took leave and redundancy at the nine year point. I would have stayed in had Mark not been in the Army wicih meant he could be posted in Canada and I might end up down the Falklands Islands and no care for Ellie. Well, of course there would have been care but the fact you had kids then was not the problem of the posting master.

Ho hum.

I need cheese so Im off to go and eat the last of the mini baby bells. See HSMS about cheese today. Come join us - the fan base is growing like wild fire. Can't believe I am all out for cheese - only old people eat cheese. And they eat marks and spencers pork sausages. A lot.

Night y'all.


Lin said...

Beautiful blue eyes!

Fab photos Kirsty, you inspire me to try and get some like this of my boys. I know they won't be as good as these but trying will be fun anyway. :-)

Anonymous said...

oooooh that photo of her with her eyes open is just amazing, what a precies gift!


Ruth said...

Ella Bella has THE bluest eyes! Tell her they look like lovely sapphires. Glad you were able to get out and about, and your pics are to die for, as usual. Sorry to hear about the really sucks. Here's a little tidbit for you...Have her take a shower before going to bed. That will wash away any pollen that she may have on her and if you make the bathroom nice and steamy, it will also help to open up her nose so she can breath. That'll be $50.00 please..hehe.

joanna said...

Those photos are stupendous, and the '11' one is inspired; the words "not just a hat rack" spring to mind LOL :D Hope Ellie has some relief from her hayfever, bless her - Ed is suffering big time at the moment as well. Have a lovely weekend, darl :) xxx

Jenny said...

I love that 11 photo Kirsty. And what was your role in the Royal Air Force???

Tracy Marie said...

Love your photos of Belle - she's totally adorable! And I was chuckling at your comment of joining the Royal Air Force twenty years ago as I just retired from the United States Air Force after twenty years on May 1st! Can't believe how fast time flies and how much has changed! LOL

Big Hugs,
Tracy Marie

~Sasha Farina~ said...

aww.. love those pictures! She's a cutie... those eyes.. love it!

Jackie said...

Gorgous piccies as usual Kirsty, love the 11 spices one.

Susan said...

What a fabby girl you have there Kirsty. Beautiful pics.

Jen said...

Such a cutie!! As for the video yesterday a) Disney rocks (just ask my Claire) and b) no one can sing with headphones on, it's a fact!

Sue Nicholson said...

Eleven is a smashing age and you have captured Belle brilliantly in this photo.

You photos are simply great.

Do hope the hayfever is getting better. DS and I suffer but resort to anti-h tablets as nothing else helps much.

Tip on showering is definitely worth a try.


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