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2 Jun 2007

BBQ Season again

Do you know, the british climate is a right palava at the mo? Course you do. You do, don't you? One minute Ive got the heating on and the next Im dragging my shorts out of the summer clothes box (which is open and closed as often as something thats opened and closed a lot). So I gets up this morgen and majestically opened the curtains as if Im about to go on stage. Ta-daaaaaaaaaaaah! Screaming hot sunshine. This called for a BBQ. WE LOVE BBQ's. We trotted off to town to buy a few odds and ends. I got the bargain of a lifetime that I had to share with you. You can buy 4GB jump sticks (usb memory thingies) for £20 in Staples. They are half the original price. Now, if you are like me jumping between 2 computers and 2 lap tops in this house, a jump stick comes in rather hando. £20 is too much a barg to be missed. BUY BUY BUY.

Anyway we got the BBQ stuff and marinaded the chicken in what only can be described as molten lava. We bought this piri piri garlic stuff as a base for the marinade and I thought Id pep up with chilli flakes, cumin, a few herbs and paprika. Only now Im guessing I slipped with the flakes. So you can picture the scene. Marinaded chicken kebabs cooking away, served on the plate and looking forward to a bite. So you put it in your mouth when its cooled a little to be met with this. "Hoya, Hoya, heee, hee, heeeeee, swoook, swook, heee, heee, hoya, hoya .... hot, hot, hot". Mount Vesuvius had actually and really erupted in our mouths. This fiery chicken is sure going to give out a nasty exit in the morning. I can't wait for that little treat. But actually it was quite nice when you got past the point where there is no skin left in your mouth. We ate it all (minus belle who ate plain plain plain food- she was famished and ate more food than your average and I swear al fresco dining makes food more enjoyable).

I love our little garden patio area. We don't live anywhere posh or significant. Just a three bedroom extended semi surrounded by a lush lil garden. This is why I love summer BBQ's so we can sit out here and just veg. (hhmmmmm, maybe I should have set that tablecloth right - I am mortified its not "even"... wish we had a rewind button so I could reset that cloth then Id fast forward on the molten lava chicken sitch)

I snapped these two snuggling after eats and the last potato (which you must buy from ASDA. I know its cheating but they do these pre-cooked jackets with garlic butter and rosemary and crunchy salt and seasoning. TO DIE FOR). We rounded off our summer day with a game of Buzz. Mark treated Belle to a new Buzz Robots and we sat trough 25 rounds of getting are behinds whooped by him. Woe betide if he loses but then you know what men are like on these darn 'puters? I know you do - they are all the same. Men truly are evil and they must be destroyed.

Im going to bed now to catch a movie. Ive begged mark for no shoot em up and he has begged me for no chick flicks. That leaves Charlie and the chocolate factory then ;)


Lin said...

BBQ sounds fabbie, down here in Devon we have clouds again so no barbies for us for a while... boo hoo

I love your patio area, so serene and tranquil looking. And if the cloth isn't straight, so what? It shoes you're human! ;-)

Heather said...

Your description of the baked potatoes is making me hungry, even though I've just had lunch!

Brianna said...

So i'm looking at the *absolutely gorgeousss* cards in your previous posts and i suggest you sell on! It's where ppl buy/sell handmade items.. i'd love to buy one of your gorgeous cards=)

Time for change said...

Your lovely marinated chicken story was funny! :D I was still giggling from it when my daughter came into the office, asking what I was laughing at. I had her really rolling when I read out loud to her and reenacted your, "Hoya, Hoya, heee, hee, heeeeee, swoook, swook, heee, heee, hoya, hoya .... hot, hot, hot". LOL Cute pictures of the family. Those potatoes sound yummy. Too bad I can't get those in the U.S. Hope your upcoming week is nice. :)

Jenny said...

Your patio area looks lovely Kirsty - just like a brochure photo (minus the wonky table cloth haha - that's the sort of thing that would bug me too!). The jacket potatoes also look yummy! The weather is a bit mad at the mo isn't it, we had our heating on too only a few days ago.

Roz Roz said...

OMG, you had me laughing so hard I feel off my chair, sounds like a great day.

Anonymous said...

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