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6 May 2007

When the defences are low...

you are kind of open to everything. Well with me anyway. When I have a cold (maybe twice a year?) I cannot eat nuts and fruit without my tongue and lips tingling similar to an allergic reacsh. I feel so pathetic and I cry dead easy. So easy that I even cried at a kids film tonight at the cinema with Belle and Mark. Besides my defenceless ass right now you really have to go and see The Bridge to Terabithia. I LOVED IT and belle thought it was magic. Mark, sadly did not! Mwahahahahahaha. So there is the clue - you got a roughty toughty boy in da house you don't take him, right? Its purely suited to girly kids and softy momma's (think pmt, think lots of tissues - you get me?). But anyway I sobbed me little heart out and also because of something Belle whispered to me during the film. **spoiler alert coming up** A part of the film shows you a place where two bullied kids find a little haven, a place where they are free to run around and imagine. Its a part of the film that makes you feel happy and Belles eyes were lit up. She gorged on that. After the scene she nudged me and said "Id love a place like that, to be free and safe and away from the bullies". Well that was it - floods of tears again. Belle doesn't get bullied on physically but she gets the usual name calling - 4 eyes, smelly ellie, spastic etc. Its come to be part of a daily ritual that ellie shrugs her shoulders to but incenses me. I can't bare it but she does a pretty good job of fobbing them off. I could see the fiction magic working its way on ellies mind. This film is the best and belle will sleep soundly with the wonder it will give her for weeks to come.
We came home late and belles puppy dogs eyes called to us for a bedtime DVD. As its the bank holiday we caved in and sent up a bowl of popcorn to enjoy (on top of the trash she had troughed at the cinema). HAVE YOU TRIED SWEET AND SALTY POPCORN? It is RANK. Mark loves it, belle loves it and I cant bare it. BLECH. Mark is currently scoffing a huge pyrex dish full of it. He is watching that classic movie "tremors" right now. What a lame movie - he actually confessed that its one of his favourites (WHAT?!). I cant believe he has troughed a huge bowl of these minging flavoured treats. And now we are enjoying tea and ferrero rochers. Sunday night lard is a ticket to fatso hell, Im certain.
Im wide awake right now and am going to finish off a layout for the DC which incidentally had a huge amount of goings on in relation to NSD. The girls have produced the most fantastic challenges with a great response and some of the artwork submitted is unbelievable. We have lots of prizes for the winners of each category - what fun. I wish Id paid more attention to the NSD.
I haven't been joining in HSMS the last few days due to being away and basically not having my heart in thinking quite openly. Ill be back tomorrow to catch up , so instead go and check out Anita's lubberly shots. Thanks for keeping the blog alive Anita xx
And finally I can share you the most amazing kit ever in the world ever ever ever. I'm not trustworthy of kits at times, I worry that it will be filled with stuff I don't need. But these kits at Modscraps are always filled with stuff OVER the value of the kit and its postage. This months theme is Rhonna Farrers range of paper/rubs ons and inspiration is like lighting the blue touch paper within my soul. I GDT'd this month and hacked up this kit to make 8 projects with 2 full sheets of paper, an overlay and rubs on left over too. How magnificent can a kit get to inspire you to make 8 things in 2 days? There could be a lot more of that coming from this direction soon. I hope you like some of the stuff I made - but what does it matter... I LOVE THESE KITS. I have always said that my two dream kits for quality would be scrapologie and jenni bowlin - pah... no way, no more. Go and have a peep at the kit coming shortly - I swear you will NOT be disappointed ever.
This months kit, besides papers included a fancy plastic bag of buttons and a clipboard which I made into a backing for a mini book. I used strips of paper to make page tabs - I love this book!

Inside of the book are pages of our Holiday to Menorca in 2003
I was only expected to create 2 layouts but when given a kit with so many wonderful pieces I even managed to alter the button packaging into a gift bag for my sweet friend for her birthday last week.
This was my first ever 6x12 layout. Love love love it so much and these paper matched my belles piccies pink socks a treat xx
Room for another layout? Oh Yes! I have had these pictures of Belle for years (obv) but we don't have many of her as a toddler as she was always in hospital plus I wasn't a scrapper way back then - I wish I was, Id realise the precious memories lost :(
Room for another layout too - featuring belle and her prizes at a fair in Blackpool. I love this picture so much.
Always scraps for cards right?
And lastly a fairly decent sized matchbook that I made for my handbag. It contains all my favourite photos over the years.
Tomorrow we reveal the winners of the Scrap your Hands challenge - erm.... WOWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE xx


Salada da Vida said...

oh! great work, I love all this!

Sharp said...

I love all the stuff you made! The colors are delicious & so much fun, you're so creative. Thanks for sharing the pretties!

Ruth said...

Holy Monkey! You made some wonderful goodies. Gorgeous work.

Pastries & Pixels said...

Scrumptious! Absolutely beautiful work as usual.

Manu ;-) said...

ooooohhhhhhh! So many wonderful works!! You are really great!!!! I've just ordered the same papers, but I won't be able to do such marvellous things (I began scrapping only 3 months ago, could it be a good excuse??) ;)))
I'd like to see that movie with my children...

Eleanor said...

Oh my gosh those projects are all so zingy and fresh. How gorgeous.
I now have a desperate urge to use a mini clipboard to back (or front) a minibook with. I hate the darned things (clipboards) but that is just such a wacky way to use them. I'm sold.
You have so much imagination, and talent. Let's not forget that meet up in the park. Which park? Any blimmin park.
love E (aka smellie Ellie, Nellie no nicks)

Jo said...

I LOVE the 6x12 LO - a few of my teammates on UKS have done them, but the idea scared me - I think you've inspired me!

(MY DS - 5 who's poorly with chickenpox has fallen in love with Belle's guinea pig - so sweet!)

Jo said...

I LOVE the 6x12 LO - haven't tried that format yet, but you've inspired me!

(DS who's 5 and poorly with chickenpox had fallen in love with Belle's guinea pig - so sweet!)

Charlotte said...

Cor you have been on a fab create-fest! Must get out of my jammies (or bed even!) and do something myself :D

Louise said...

missing you on HSMS, come back sooooon! love all your projects on tonights post

Roz Roz said...

wow, i love the rub ons on the cards, where are they from please. How is the Gerbil, is he all settled in now. Take care of yourself and wrap up warm.

Karen said...

Beautiful work mrs!! Oh, I know exactly what you mean about that film. We watched it over the weekend, twice and I cried my eyes out both times.

Michelle said...

OMG so much eye candy! I love all your colorful work!!

D@nielle said...

lovely projects Kirsty, I have that line too just waiting to be played with and you gave me plenty of inspiration !

Anonymous said...

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