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19 May 2007

The wheat from the chaff

Anita reminded me of an old saying today to sum up the order I have been organising in my schedule. When I was all about stating that I couldnt see the wood for the chuffing trees, I kind of guess this quote made it the new black! LOVE IT.

I have a lot on my plate right now with Belle and the LEA/NHS, my work, my home, events and DT's .... all of which I have made a solemn vow to cherish and uphold. But sometimes I get so heavily side tracked by either a situation or emotion, you can see how priorities can change 30 times in a day! The word of the week has to be focus. You would think that me, being a photographer, I could somehow grasp that. DUH!

Life has been so heavy and hectic that I haven't even started reading The Secret yet and I promised I would the other night! Bwah! I havent finished snipping off the cotton threads on my bag that I made last Saturday. And tonight I edited a photo that Karen sent me 5 weeks ago. Plus with work being a priority I still have free gift images to do for the girls in Gatwick (this will happen this week). So yes, sorting the wheat from t'chaff is a bloody good way to say that its out with the old and in with the flaming new.

Anyway, as a sigh of relief we all went out for a meal tonight. One of our local pubs has just been refurbished and is extra swish inside. Belle felt uberly posh and we dined simply on the basics. Belle had a bowl of pasta and garlic bread, mark had fee and chee and I had mexican wraps, guacamole and sour cream. We had a great time just being with each other. Then it was back to ours for a nibble on Belles feast of cupcakes. Look at how this little dolly carefully made a batch of 12 babies. We ate 4 after they were decorated and now we are down to practically, erm....... zilch. They were so chocolly. yum.

I got a call from my poppa tonight at a very unearthly hour (you know the oldies right, bed at 8pm!!) He said to go out and check out the moon. "Umm ok poppa" (weirdo). He said go and see how bright venus is next to the moon. Despite it peeing it down all day he was lucky we had a clear night this end of the country (they live 160 miles away!). Yup, moon bright and venus bright but very close together. I did a little search on google to identify why venus was so bright tonight and its all very intriguing. You go and type "moon venus" in google now and see what I mean. Love little snippets of random info. Shame my zoom lens is 300mm max (pants) but I caught it for poppa and he told me to give hima mention. HELLO STEVE KINROY!!! Mwahahahahahahaha.

Tomorrow evening, everyone, do stop by to see the announcement I am making about the North Wests largest Scrap Event. 108 of you are invited to pop along on a first come, first served basis. The offer is extended to those as far as wherever as the event is being held in Liverpool (near the airport) and we have 4 ludicrously yummo teachers (2 US and 2 UK babes).


petra a*k*a milo82 said...

How fun to go out to dinner...we´re also suppose to go out last night, but after a long day, we were both kind of tired :-) Love the photo, what an sweet family you have...

And those cakes look yummy, didn´t leave one for me??? Maybe next time..LOL

The photo of the moon and venus msut be your little scribbles :-)

Great to have you on W&W team and can´t wait to get to know you better :-)
Have a great day!!

SuzyB said...

God I hope I remember to come back for 8pm!! Funday Sunday for all xx

Amelie said...

you three are actually the cutest family EVER.

Lin said...

Those cakes look delish! I see Belle loves to lick the whisk about as much as my youngest lad does. Reminds me of when I was a kid too, although then it was a spoon, lol!

Lin said...

PS, just ran out to check the moon with the kids, really cool, they loved it so thanks for telling us.

Good thing they don't have to get up for school in the morning!

[ Positive Thinking ] said...

Sounds like a very enjoyable saturday.

Kerry x

Karen said...

Was it really that long ago I sent you that pic to edit for me lol? You must have been bored to finally do it for me, but thanks hunny ;)

Those cakes look absolutely yummo - no wonder they didn't last long.

I'm intrigued by the moon/venus thing but I'm scared to go googling in front of the kids in case it throws up some naughty results pmsl.

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