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16 May 2007


Why the ssshhhhhhhh? Just hang on and I'll tell you. But first I have to tell you what led to the "ssssshhhhhhh!".
Took belle to the opticians tonight. She goes every year to the same opticians and is examined by the most pateient, most and caring Optician ever. I used to work in an optitians, I know how cantankerous these people can get. As Belle has a photophobia, the torch they use to shine in the eyes usualy blinds her within an inch of her little life. But this woman uses a calm approach using a very dim torch. She applies so much kindness towards Belle that it is very much a pleasure see. Sure enough Belles prescription had changed (as every year) with a high jump in her astigmatism. Belle has very flat eyes, they dont look curved when you see her profile - its very odd to see but at least she can just do that. See, that is.

After the examination came the lengthy task of choosing new spectacles. Ellie feels this is important and why not, she wears them ALL the time, she has to get the look just right. She opted for a dark red pair whose arms flip 180 degrees to guarantee a more sturdier finish. Job done and then came treats for being such a responsive patient!
On the way out of the store we could hear some lovely flute music. Belle paused to listen and said she thought it was beautiful. I followed the music and spied a busker at the end of the alleyway. He looked a little unkempt but was smiling and giving eye contact to passers by. I thought back to a piece Ali Edwards had posted on her blog about a world renowned violinist who played to an unsuspecting audience of passers by at a new york subway. The moral of this stunt was to assess how people observed/paid attention and out of the hundreds of people who completely ignored the most magnificent piece ofmusic being played, there was only one person who stopped to properly listen. Obviously the passers by were either in too much of a hurry or scurrying away from the fact he was a beggar and didnt want to know. They had no idea he was the best violinist in America - these people judged him incorrectly assuming he was a random beggar trying to earn a couple of dollars for a small meal. That story brought me a few tears, more out of shame than anything.
Anway, Belle really was enjoying the music and it really was lovely - nothing obvious like a simple melody. the music was like nothing I had heard before. So I got out my purse and asked belle to give the man a pound. Belles eyes lit up and she proudly wobbled over to him and gave him the pound. he tipped her a wink and gave me a smile. The smile said it all. Now, I can imagine some of you would think "aaaaah, perhaps he may spend the money on drink/drugs/gambling" and that in itself is a judgement we choose for ourselves. But when you spend one stinking pound for a genuine smile, I kind of got the feeling we had made his day. Plus it was chucking it down too - he was drenched. It made belle and I feel so good.
It also reminded me of a quote I heard not so long back (and which I posted on UKS the other day) I totally love this passage, it fills me with tears just thinking about it. It goes like this:
A scrawny little girl went into an ice cream parlour and asked the assistant how much an Ice cream soda cost (the top selling item in the shop!). The assistant said they were £1.00. As the little girl examined her small change in her coin purse it was clear the assistant was getting aggrivated and thought she had bigger fish to fry with adult customers. So she left the little girl to deal with her counting.
The little girl, having counted her small change, came back to the counter and asked the assistant how much a small tub of plain vanilla ice cream would be. The assistant "tutted" and said 60p. The little girl bought it and devoured every last mouthful.
When the little girl had vacated the parlour, the assistant went to clear up after her and noticed that the little girl had left a 40p tip. The assistant realised the little girl did indeed have enough for the ice cream soda but it was apparent the little girl wanted to leave a tip.
Love it. Love, love, love it. Makes you think about judging others so wrongly (is wrongly a word?!!)
So after buying my lil peach a treat (which incidentally went uneaten!!) we strolled over to Waterstones. Belle loves book shops and is quite happy to select a book and read for free in a comfy chair. She likes to listen to the talking books in the audio corner but in this brand spanking new waterstones is a table with a Snakes and Ladders game painted on top and a huge wooden dice to play with. WE HAD SO MUCH FUN. We were laughing and giggling so hard we had managed to attract a crowd of little people with their eyes as wide as saucers and nudging their mums in the tummy. Such simple pleasures are truly priceless, my belle was actually tipping her head back and howling - MAGIC. But, after whooping her teeny peachy botty (I promise i did not cheat and besides she was more happy to slide her counter up and down ladders and snakes!) Belle chose a book to buy and I spied this. The "sssssshhhhhhh!". The Secret.
Anita Mundt, a truly patient and trusting freind of mine has been banging on about this for weeks. I had no idea what it was about until I watched a promo vid this afternoon. Anita has a free workshop starting in June for a whole month to encourage people to share their experiences and understanding of The Secret so I needed to be clued up.
First off, the books name should be changed to "Out in the open" cos a secret aint a secret when everyone knows (!!!!). And I am a big skeptic when it comes to self help books. I really am. Its fantastic to feel/be inspired to those in the fortunate position who are already successful. Its easy for them, they claim to be at the top of their game and probably are. but its like they are talking to us - the little people. The little struggling people who will be beckoned to a place where dreams come true and wealth is overfllowing. I love the adrenalin you can feel from the excitement of all these believers and do gooders. It really does seems a pipe dream thus far but I will read it in a positive light and with an open mind and see if I can jump on this fashionable band wagon. My part of understanding the secret is not about wealth or success. I have other aspirations that I will try and get The Secret to attest to. Who knows but Im awful excited.
Come see here about Anitas workshop

And if you missed it, I am releasing 4 very handy actions for your photos that I showcased two posts ago (scroll down). The sign up list is incredibly encouraging ... you must like that popadoodledoo factor, huh?


tjc designs Craft Cabin Blog said...

Oh wow it sounds like you had so much fun! With all the sad things going on around here at the mo - your ramblings genuinly made me smile and feel all warm and gooey!

Chris said...

Sounds like you had a lovely day... and you are right a smile is worth a £1 of anyone's money and he just might have been a genuine guy...
I see you bought 'the secret'... I was going to join in but I think it just may go right OVER my head!!

p.s. Have put the 'bling'on my blog .. lol

Jen said...

Smiles :) I'm joining in. I truly believe in the power of positive thinking, which I think is behind the Secret. Anyway, if you look at the website, one of the people involved is Jack Canfield and his set of self-help tapes changed my world forever 20 years ago. You can't lose!

Anonymous said...

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