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5 May 2007

Meet Fizz

At last - Ellie has got a pet she has so dearly craved for a number of years. This is Fizz - the most scruffiest, most cutest guinea pig in the world and we all love him so much already.
Belle actually wanted a dog from about two years til now. A Jack Russell to be precise. But because I think a pet should be looked after by its prime owner (in this case Ellie) - the dog walking would be left up to us as obviously Belle couldn't deal with that. Plus the thought of poopy scoopy is not my idea of fun or hygiene. So we have held off for a pet until today. What topped off the adoption of Fizz was how much Belle had struck up a bond with Kiesha these last few days. Belle admired Kieshas stringent housekeeping and love for her guinea piggy called Milo. So of course Belle wanted one too and followed the Tweenie trend and called our boy "Fizz". Had I not of witnessed such love that Belle had shown for Milo I think we would have rejected her claim for one. Sweet.
This piggy was not Belles first choice. We looked around the pens in the pet store this afternoon and only saw two. Her dream piggy was to have a caramel coloured one and low and behold - they had a caramel one! The assistant took the piggy to the counter where the cashier inpsected it for ringworm (WHAT?!!!) and general health. Sadly piggy 1 had an abcess and they refused to sell us it. This policy is comendible as your standard pet store would have probably sold it regardless. So we trotted back to have a think about the remaining piggy. It had caramel, white and black colouring with smooth hair and Belle said she would have it. I have never seen such delight in her eyes - it was like all my sweet moments had happened at once! Then Mark piped up that the other pen had 4 other piggies in it so I said to belle "lets make sure that you have chosen the right one." As we approached the pen I noticed a scruffy, chocko brown piggy. He is only so scruffy as his fur has natural rosette fur spots that causes his hair to spiral hither and dither (like the crown of your head creates) I loved him immediately but the choice was down to belle. She actually plummed for a caramel and white one with pink eyes. But as there were customers before us, they chose him too and got first bagsy. Ellie was not disappointed AT ALL. She suddenly saw scruffers sat in the corner, quite alone. I explained he only looked that way becuase he was a little different and I think she felt that affinity.
He has been hiding in his bed all day (as expected) and belle has been in and our of her bedroom to talk to him. We explained it will take a few days for him to get to know us. We bought him a super duper cage with a ton of room, all his vitamins and cleaning stuff etc. Im rather quite taken with him - another little thing to adore! After the settling in period I had to go to bed as I am full of cold and snot. Ive been hacking like an old hag and it feels like I have ruptured my chest with coughing so hard. Mark woke me up for tea and for the first time in ages, we watched a dvd together without the lap top on my knee - radiating my legs and creating unknown future conditions to my body!!
I edited these photos afterwards of Kiesha, Traci and Nick. I would share with you some normal photos but these ones of them giggling, laughing, snorting etc makes for a better showcase. The lighting is pretty poo poo but I think the magic of these piccies is enough to give me enough energy to smile for weeks. I love it when people crack up - its like an infection and makes you crack up too.

These two ladies, as I mentioned before, struck up an amzing freindship a few weeks back and took that back up again when we went to them on Thursday. We were supposed to be coming home last night but Kiesha started crying, Belle started crying and I was full of cold and too tired. The guilt that these tricky kids can throw on you amazes me - Im certain they plotted and planned that little scenario but they were soon happy again as we laid them a popcorn and sticky treat feast and DVD for the night. It broke my heart to leave this family today. :(

And as for National Scrapbooking Day? I didnt do a damn thing. Ooooh the shame! I think we created memories today with Fizz (and YAY!!!! I get to use "z's" from my alphas that rarely get used!!) Hope you all had a good one though xx


Paula said...

Congratulations on the arrival of this new family member! Enjoy the fun and sweet moments to come! :)
And, of course take a lot of pics. :D

sharitas said...

Luv that fizzy pig LOL
Best looking dog I've seen in a while - no really congratulations Belle :)

XX Sharon

Sally said...

I got two guinea pigs (Sandy and Pebbles) when I was about 11 as well. I loved them so much! Guinea pigs have the sweetest personalities as well. Sandy was the cheeky one, whereas Pebbles was really laid-back.

Anonymous said...

Fizzy-Pig is utterly gorgeous, I hope he doesnt keep Ellie awake with his 'beeping', hope you feel better soon Kirsty, Take care.
Jackie xx

greyparrot said...

Fizz is SOOOOOO cute!
Lil tip for ya- when you put him in his run, move it each day then you don't have to mow the grass, they are like mini lawnmowers!

Clare said...

Awwww how cute is Fizz?
Glad you got home ok yesterday and I hope you are back on your feet soon. xxxx

tjc designs Craft Cabin Blog said...

WOW Fizz is adorable - Kiesha loves him too!!! and those photos!!! Well we allcracked up sgsin here just thinking about it - I was crying with laughter at one point!

I hope you get better soon too - lots of hugs

Ruth D said...

That's as fine a piggy as I've ever seen ;) Pets are such wonderful companions for children (grownups too!) Congrats on the pet, and I hope your cold is over very quickly.

Selena said...




Rosie said...

Lovin' your lil' piggy Fizz! He's a weall cutey! My son had a hamster a few years ago - and guess who ended up cleaning him out as Jacob hated the smell of hamster poo?! LOL

Charlotte said...

Oh man I *wubs* guinea-pigs! We had one called Hanny and she had 3 bubbas called Snap, Crackle and Pop, all little scruffsters! I just love their squeaks :)

Caroline said...

Have fun with your new pet!
We have had guinea pigs ever since Abi was about four (she's now 14) and I had them as a child too. They are the most adorable, placid lovely little pets. We have two now called Kappa - the colour of cappacino coffee hence the name, and the other is called Wiggy because he has a mass of really long hair and it looks as though its a wig with legs - so funny. Love 'em to bits.

matsugirl said...

Fizzy is such a cutie! Makes me want to have another piggy! :)

Our piggy died last year and we sure do miss him. He was a real sweetie.

We loved how he would squeak every time he heard the rustle of a plastic bag. He knew his food cames in bags. lol He would also squeak when the fridge door would be opened.

What do 7 days make? *week* *week* *week*! lol

Anonymous said...

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