Ladies Camera Club

1 May 2007

Looky Looky

Here are all the entries for the little contest I have been running for weeks and weeks. One of these paper and one of these digital layouts will win loot and digi coupons to use as they wish. Oooooh you lucky duckies.

If you cannot see your layout here - mail me in the first instant and I will put it up. Judging will take place on Friday (we are away until then).
So today? Gosh, I have been scrip-scrip scrapping lots of lovely little things for the FREE Craft Life & Home magazine. I have been putting finishing touches to an article which is very much a hot potato in scrapping these days too. I thought my life was going rather peacefully until this afternoon. But no - I was set upon by my two ace craft club students who force feed themselves sugar between school and my house. I swear that these two are monkeys in human form. Lauren and Lauren have been coming to my house every Tuesday for months now. We make a ton of stuff ranging from paperbag books, to door names, to tag books, to ooooh - everything. I teach them a new technique every week and tonight we made gift bags. They love all the girl papers from my past (do you really think Im going to give them BG Phoebe - do you, huh?). They know how to tear, ink, use the trimmers, set eyelets, nick my brads and drool over my ribbon. Anyway (, I do go on) I simply had to go to the post office during their session for an unexpected deadline and thought better of leaving them in my house on their own. These two are Tasmanian devils on speed and I like my house to look pristine at all times. The thought of leaving them unattended is non negotiable.
So off to the car we trot and they were giggling like old bags and I soon came to realise why. On my windscreen was a dead bird (a baby actually with signs of very few feathers). I didn't think it was funny and told them off. But when I explained why I was telling them off, they were as horrified as me. Then I realised the real reason they were giggling. They had abducted my aubergine from the kitchen, strapped it into the back of the car and given it two brads for eyes. I got out of the car to retrieve the poor little bird and place it into a leafy grave in the garden and set about the post office with Lauren, Lauren and Audrey Aubergine.
That poor aubergine (after their grubby mitts) wasn't fit for human consumption so they asked if they could take it home. Erm, yes ... I guess. Audrey sat with us during class and to be honest was perfectly behaved but as home time neared Lauren No 1 (with dark hair) found my newly finished tutu and bunged it on her head mumbling the wedding march. These girls have me in stitches and teach me all the new teenagerisms. Its like Im reborn - was I really like that as a teenage?**shudder**.
So then Lauren No 2 (blonde hair) decided to christen Audrey Aubergine and wrapped her up in the tutu. Look at the bow they have given her ... I can't believe how these two made me howl with laughter. I sure needed that tonight. And all of this chaos amidst phone call after phone call after phone call. Im not kidding you, I had 9 calls in quick succession. Unimportant news certainly travels fast, I kid you not.

Pearls of Teenage wisdom alert
Lauren No 1 told me today that she has a new boyf.
At 13 its all very girly sick and ick. I know thus far that his name is Jack and that he is "fit" but they haven't had a kiss yet (good, they have been going out, like, 2 nano seconds)
Why no kiss, why the shock?
Because Ruth (Lauren No 1's best friend) bet Lauren No 1 a new lip gloss that she couldn't hold out on a kiss in the first two weeks. Lauren is more keen on a new lip gloss, it seems. MY GOD! These kids had me dying. Lip Gloss? Kisses? Oh I so wish I was that age again. Id easily win a lip gloss at my rate as it is ;) In fact, I could stretch to half a dozen, especially when mark doesn't have a shave!
And finally - Have you renewed your subs for the DC? We have a tonne of new scrappers taking on the new delight that is the DC. We also have some exciting news about subs for now and the future - come and see xx