Ladies Camera Club

11 May 2007

just got back

from a morning handing prizes over to Karen (how lucky is that she is so close to me?!). Will share piccies tonight but wanted to scream and record this memory right now.
I just had a very small packet delivered to me containing summink very special. Im this girls number one fan (said in best Kathy Bates style and yes, my penguins face due south!!!). I contest anyone else who claims they are a bigger fan....tee hee.
Looky look, Elsie does spoil me :)
Im off to go and collect Belle from school and then off to buy another ratster stinky blob freind for Fizz. I can't wait to discover if that little furry stench ball hates me as well ;)

Poo poo. Just got back from the pet store and we can't have a piggy until they pass their quarantine tomorrow at 9am. I discussed our psycho piggy with the assistant who thinks that our demonic piggy has an anti social behaviour disorder (pmsl, reminds me of ASBO - though he doesnt wear a chavvy burberry scarf!!). He said they will take him back if we like as its not their policy to sell a pet that doesn't conform or indeed suit the needs of the owners. Oooooh. Obv discussed this with Belle and she is quite happy to have him replaced (he really is a nippy/scratchy little pigster). Im not sure if we are doing the right thing but its no fun owning a pet that hides all the time and practices karate on its owners. So we are opting for replacements in the morning. It will be Fizz Mark I's last night in our house and as a treat, I will mark a target on my face and hands so he can take it out on me before he goes back. Belle and I have prepared him a banquet of apple, carrit and dandelion leaves as a farewell gift and my parting gift to him will be me donning a self defence suit as I try and usher him into his travel box.


Ms. E said...

Ohhh another manic guinea piggy! My friend's "mini me" (daughter) has a manic piggy too - she reckons it has something to do with the piggy being russian (don't ask)... but it was a total psycho to her, but not the daughter. It seemed to "glare" at her with disgust and then tried to attack her!!! LOL!

Lovely picies. - ring matches the Elsie work fabulously!

Sam said...

allergies suck, I am a TOTAL animal lover and DH is allergic to everything except goldfish arrrrggghhh! Hope you get the piggy sitch sorted luvvie!

sharitas said...

Physco Mutant Nija Pig !! LOL
Best of luck with the new one hope it is a New Age Sensitive Pig :)

XX Sharon

Heather said...

LOL at the ASBO guinea pig! Nice of the shop to be willing to take him back. (Though I wonder what will happen to him? Sent to a sanctuary for unsellable piggies??)

Jen said...

OOOh I bought an Elsie original too - only I was most disappointed not to get a handwritten note with it :( I've framed mine and it's on the glass table in pride of place. Pic on blog - somewhere LOL LOVE LOVE LOVE the wristwarmers. I am dead jealous. I wore stuff like this as a teen :)

Anonymous said...

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