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27 May 2007

Ive watched this film

over 40 times.
Tonight added to the statistic. If you haven't seen it, I encourage you to grab it while you can. Its got a fabulous soundtrack and the portrayal of typical Dublin life is spot on for that era. Its funny, heartwarming and did I say funny?
I first saw this film in 1992 (what?!!!) when it first came out. I was living in London at the time when served in the RAF. I lived in a fabulous Edwardian house with about 25 other WRAF's in Notting Hill and a bunch of us went out for the night in Leicester Square. It was the only movie I saw in this famous cinema fulled part of London. I still love it now as much as I did then.
Thinking about living in London brings back some fun memories. I worked right in the centre, next to the Middlesex hospital; in careers office as a recruitment receptionist (I should ask my momma to dig out my RAF photos to share with you) The work was monotonous but the thrill of living in the capital was great and I got to do all the sights. On weekends (when I couldnt afford to go home which at the time was in North Wales) Id sit on the circle line with my freinds just chatting and people watching. And as for the shopping I had Portabello Market and Kensington/Knightsbridge were within coughing distance. Princess Diana lived literally across the road at the end of our street. I dreamed of bumping into her but never did :( Who knew that 5 years later Id be in London attending her funeral and working the charity phone donation line in BT tower.
Bella had one of her famous chill days today. In her stinky pjs all day until bath time and then into fresh ones. She cutched herself a little cosy slot on top of her bunk surrounded by books, games, goodies and her iPod doo dah and stayed there for a good few hours. I kept a check on her and asked occasionally if she wanted anythng and she shoo'd me away as if I was cramping her style. She took a bath tonight and told me she loved her day. And isnt it the way it should be? Just hanging out in the house and just doing stuff. My kind of weekends (except when mark insists on watching crappo cricket - yawn)

Why is it that the men think they are the king of the rem con? He has our two lined up at his leisure as if they are the buttons to controlling the world. Woe betide if there is anything I want to watch. Id have to go to the kitchen and watch a choice of 5 crappo channels as opposed to the 90 that he is in complete control of. Gah! Its a good job I am the queen of the rem con from mon to sat whilst he is away at work then huh? Still, I can't complain too much as he is making the roast dinner tomorrow and he cant sit in front of the box armed with his two zappers AND watch the beef brown, can he? Hee hee hee.
Oh what to watch, girls?
Don''t forget to go to find out more about Scrap Trap - a 12 hour scrap event to be held in Liverpool Sept 07 and don't forget to take a peeek at the prize challenge over at the DC.


Ruth said...

I love the movie too, but you definitely have me beat by about 37 times!! As for men and the "I gotta have my grubby little hands on the remote at all times" I have a theory about that....I truly believe it is an extension of their, ummm..manhood. My hubby cannot sit and watch tv if someone else has the stinkin' remote. I love to make him spin out sometimes by hanging on to it and refusing to give it up. hehe.
p.s. love your story about living in London.

Eminepala said...

LOL Man, I don't understand them a bit... Your man looks really cool girl.. sitting there as if he rules the world/sofa as you said LOL

I need to watch that movie... If you think it's worth to watch well it must be then ;)


Sarah (AKA monroegirl) said...

Hi Kirsty :) I love The Commitments too! I first watched it in 1992 and I have had the film on Video, laser disc and now dvd! I also have the soundtracks lol - great music!

I am glad I am not the only one who lets kids have pyjama days - they love it!

Angela said...

Love a recommendation for a good film, I'll add it to my list.

Hey I was in the RAF too, but I didn't get anything as exciting as working in London. Lucky you!

Charlotte said...

George is ALREADY king of the rem con....they start early :D

Rosie said...

You have THE MOST AMAZING taste in films!!!!!!!! I lurve that film and can recite most of the one liners in it. In fact I did while I was watching it last Sunday while doing the ironing - makes that awful chore so much easier to handle!

Other fab films I love are Pretty Woman, Dirty Dancing and Meet Joe Black too.

NancyJones said...

OHH MEN are such pigs! My hubby sits on teh remote (thinking i wont dive in after it) I just go to my scrap room and watch what I want.. Poor Bella but (my bella) she tells him I DONT WANNA WATCH COOKIN DADDDYYYYYY I WANNA WATCH MY SHOWSSSSS! (cartoons) I LOVE those kinds of days the ones where you just hang and do nothing chill days. IM having one today and scrappin my heart out!!

Anonymous said...

Have a look in the Ikea Catalogue -there's this thing that goes over the chair arm with spaces for the remote controls - Mark would love it!!

Any news on your hols yet??

I thought you'd be at the Manic Street Preachers Concert tonight in Manchester?? Maybe you are!!

Leeseys - Stone Staffs

Anonymous said...

Have a look in the Ikea Catalogue -there's this thing that goes over the chair arm with spaces for the remote controls - Mark would love it!!

Any news on your hols yet??

I thought you'd be at the Manic Street Preachers Concert tonight in Manchester?? Maybe you are!!

Leeseys - Stone Staffs

hyphen8 said...

I really do need to see that movie again one of those days. I have the 2 soundtracks & love them. Thanks for reminding me. :)

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