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10 May 2007

Its like flaming winter (looooong post!)

I was froz solid today.
So much so that the cold I have made me feel even sniffier but I think I have an answer for that. I started with this "cold" last Thursday soon after I arrived at Traci and Kieshas house. It was weird as there were no warning signs - it just happened. I can't shake it off and whats worse I have noticed I get the sniffy wiffies BIG time when it comes to feeding Fizz.
So I track back to Thursday back at Traci's. They have a guinea pig and obviously I most certainly reckon Im allergic to the piggy from hell. Oh lord! I cleaned out the stinky wee ratster tonight and was in floods of sniffles, itchy wrists, tight chest and coughing. Not only is our piggy demonic but he is a smug little sod who is probably chuckling to himself that his validation claim to hating me has truly won! And if that's not bad enough - he is not only the omen of all piggies but he is also very unsociable - so now Im having to consider getting him a buddy to make me even more allergic. Gah!
My father in law picked a flower I had spied in his garden tonight. As they are often away from home, it wouldn't be long before this baby would be dead so he picked it for belle and I. We love it but do not know what it is. I think its called a flower (!!!! snigger !!!!), my mother in law thinks its called an Allium. What say you?
Made things today that I can't share right now other than this layout which I forced myself to start last night. I just put my hand in my photo box, pulled it out and scrapped it. This is a family photo taken at my pappa's 60th birthday 2 years ago.

I quite like it actually, never done a group shot layout before so its a tick in the box there. I did have a good sort of my photies this afternoon in preparation for a marathon scrapfest in the next week or so. I have been made a member of ModScraps DT full time and I couldn't be happier. Her kits are simply the best thing on this "is it hot/is it cold?" planet. So juicily and cleverly put together with projects in excess of your standard box of stash. I join Giselle, Jenny and Julie who make a truly magnificent mix. Ooooooooh, I need to wee Im that chuffed.
Photo's of the next issue of Craft Life and Home were done yesterday and after lots of thought Becks and I came to a decision that I will indeed stay on the Scrapgenie team. A little intervention from the Dean-Meister is always appreciated. And anyway, how can one possibly leave something so definitive with the likes of green cropadiles and basic grey on tap? I need my bumps felt. And it would appear we have a new DT member whose work is scrummilisciously divine. Go and see who she is here.

Talking of creativity I was mooching round some blogs today (because Im a nosey cow like the rest of ya!) and found that cardmakers are using my kits for cards. Now there is a bit a coincidence in that market but I cant say what just yet but look at what they maketh. Jo Kill and Samm made these delights which prompts me to get a crack on with other backings for both scrappers and card makers. If you have made anything hybrid with my spiffing kits or embellies - please share!

you can download this kit here

Whilst getting into breaking Belles regimented regime of eating mince, gravy, carrots, onions, mushroom and pasta EVERY NIGHT (and not spiders and mouse poo as indicated last week ;)), I gave her chicken dippers with pasta and sweetcorn but arranged it in a pretty pattern to encourage her to vary her menu. At first she didn't want to eat it as it looked too pretty

but within 50 minutes (yes, that's how long she takes to eat a meal!!!) she came through to the kitchen with an empty plate. me thinks layouts on a plate might be the new black in scrapping trends!!!! Belle wanted to let me share with you her fancy knife and fork that she has to use - she feels awful posh that she got these recently. for the first time in years she can actually cut her own food - triumphant mealtimes for us, ey?

My main class for the DC goes out tonight too. I loved the challenge of coming up with something fresh - so look in your email "in boxes" and let me know what you think. Fiona and Elaine's sub classes are just as delicious, I'm proud to be amongst a yummo bunch of girls. And in addition to that HSMS is looking a twosome again - boy, I missed those girls (and BOY!!) last week!!!
And finally, an overlay. Haven't done one in over a week and as I hit the sack so early (cos its bloody freezing and I aint sticking the CH on in May) I squished myself amongst a hundred pillows and made this. Aaaaaaah, nice and cosy McCheese on toasty.
Download her here
Gotta go, I'm so snuggled that my head keeps hitting the keyboard.
Lights out xx


Anonymous said...

I just adore reading your blog. I love your photos,especially the ones of Belle.
What a fancy set of cutlery for a fancy dinner for a fancy little girl. My Grandson is a very poor eater. May have to try making his plate fancier too.
get well, Kirsty.

Samm said...

I love, love, love those papers! thanks Kirsty for brightening my cardmaking!!!!

Hope the sniffles get better soon!

the dreamer said...

Hi, Kirsty! Thanks so much for your wonderful talent and generosity. I really love your style. Just wanted to share my first digital layout: I used your Flurry overlay and Diamond Crown Tiara. Hope you like it. =) Nina

Cleo Fitzgerald said...

hi there, great work once again- Your photos are incredible, you always manage to capture your DD spirit and sence of curiosity, how do you get the colour in your photos to be to vivid and viberant - are they like that are do you touch them up a little, if so how ?? I have one last question for you... how did you put your own header on your blog - I cant figure it out, I would like to do one ....please please please help!!

Cleo Fitzgerald said...

hi there, great work once again - I have a question for you . how did you put your own header on your blog - I cant figure it out, I would like to do one ....please please please help!!

tjc designs Craft Cabin Blog said...

Yes well on the note of your cold it was very kind of you to leave it for me to pick up! Oh yes it's a beauty and I would like to thank you soooooo much!!!! (LOL)

Anna said...

Brilliant news about you making it on to the ModScraps DT. Huge congratulations to you. I love their kits, especially this month's and the DT's ideas in the free magazine are fab. The flower Ellie is holding is definitely an Allium. Hope you are feeling better soon!!

SherryD said...

Love your overlays and the cute names you give them.

Melberry said...

I love your overlays and their moody, whimsical names you give them. The colorful kit is great, too. Many thanks and Stay warm!

renaenick said...

I love your overlays! This is just a BEAUTY! Thanks so much for sharing!!!


Scrapcat4914 said...

TY so very much for the awesome mini kit!!

Selena said...




... that LadyD! said...

That food does look a little too pretty too eat... but it also looks too yummy to let just sit there... anyway... thanks for the great overlay... and the pictures look so nice you are a great photographer!

Sabrina said...

Thank you for sharing this fantastic kit and overlay. Your daughter sounds like a fascinating kid and the two of you have quite a bond. Congratulations to you both.

Anonymous said...

SO glad you're part of the ModScaps Dt on a perm. basis Kirsty, the best kits in the UK by far and now one of the UK's best and most inspirational scrappers on the DT, my joy knows no bounds!
The flower Belle has is an alium, or a posh onion to you n me! Hope you feel better soon, poor Fizzy Pig, do you really think he's to blame?
Jackie xxx

cathy said...

Thanks so much for this fun fun
kit. I love the bright colors. And also for the overlay.

Anonymous said...

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