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12 May 2007

Fizz loves us! Europe dislike us!

What a piggy polava we are having with the stinky scrat ball last week. As you know Fizz took a dislike to us and hid in his "house" and never uttered a squeak. So we ventured back to the pet store today and belle really wanted to dress for the occasion. Since last week I have never ever known belle to be so interested in what she wears. I have always done her clothes selection for her but today she chose this get up and even dressed up her pink poodle too.

I have to say I was loving seeing her be so interested. Belle made a bee line for the guinea piggy pen and homed in on a white, caramel and chocolate number. As we took fizz with us, the shop assistant put fizz within the male compound to see how he would get on with new piggies. Sure enough Belles choice piggy became instant buds with Fizz and we let them "play" for ten minutes whilst I went to get Belle a new pair of trainees. Its getting a little too warm for boots right now so trainers it was. I really wish she could wear shoes but sadly she cannot. Man, I am digressing somewhat! So anyway we gets back to the piggy pen at the pet store and Fizz and his new playmate were squeaking like life long pals so we took them both home. Fizz and Doodles let us stroke them and feed them - Success at last. Belle spent all afternoon in her room tending to them and doing her own thing.

Later in the afternoon she came downstairs to me in this get up so one made a dash for the camera. This girl is toally making me smile so much lately.

So come evening belle falls asleep on the sofa (so unusual for an afternoon nap these days) which prompted me to get the sewing machine out in the kitchen and prepare myself for the farcical presentation that even showcased on this planet - The Eurovision Song Contest. For those who do not know, every year for 52 years, one group/singer from every european country enter a song into a competition and each country gets whittled down to a final 25. Sometimes the Uk get through, sometimes they dont but whoever wins, the competition is held in that country the following year. However, over the past 25 years the voting system is so blatantly rigged (or should I say biased?). Eastern block countries voting for their bordering countries/comrades/Allies, Sweden slanting towards Norway, Germany to the Turkey, Cyprus to Greece, Former Yugoslavian countries voting for Macedona, Bosnia and Herzigovena and Croatia between them. This is all regardless of whether the song was any good!. Its obvious as the votes are announced from each country who will vote for who. Praise be Malta who gave us a sympathetic 12 pwah. Malta has always had good ties with the UK - Anyone know why? Might go on holiday there this year and pay homage to them xx As the UK seems to have zero freinds (other than Malta, sniff sniff) we seem to come last all the time and I thought our entry was really good this year. It was crap last year, infact its been prety much crap since Bucks Fizz in 1981!!! I have to say I watch it to kill myself laughing over Terry Wogans "Woganisms". He is a national treasure when it comes to one liners, I was wetting myself laughing but let me assure you I dont watch it I to be dancing on the sofa. So despite being a citizen in a country where people wont vote for your talent but instead send you hidden messages by not voting, I made a jolly nice bag . But thats another story for tomorrow - that in itself was a bit of a polava and all.


jaime120899 said...

IKWYM Kirsty.. We've definately run out of European friends - I'm not even sure if the Irish voted for us this year. And they usually give us Douze points! I'm not convinced that most of those countries are even in Europe!!
Glad your little piggie has got a little friend. Hope your allegy is standing the strain!
Lub you

Lin said...

We watched the farce too. It was a good lesson for the children in politics if nothing else. I liked the Bulgarian drumming thing but mainly because it was different to the normal offerings.

You've probably already thought of it but if not, how about Piriton for the allergy, it works for me and horse allergy. Just a thought. :-)

Craftybanshee said...

I've been following your 'piggy palava' on your blog and I'm glad to read that you took Fizz back home with his new pal :-)

I only watched some of Eurovision last night - TW makes me laugh with his comments every time!

Kate said...

Kirtsy, the uk did better than us, we came last :-0 with 5 points:-(

Jamie we gave ye 7 points ;-)

Charlotte said...

Long live Eurovision, especially the Armenian fella with the robotic bleeding tree!! Gives us all a giggle if nothing else :D
So glad your little piggies are behaving xx

Anonymous said...

We did vote for you but UK didn't vote for us.........

CoCo said...

Hey there K...I have some big plans for Ireland's entry next year...we (who have won more times than anyone else, but have less neighbours) came last! Albania gave us our solitary 5 points. We did give you guys 7 but nada in return so it's back to the semi final for us. Am getting me to a gym immediately to learn belly dancing as I think it's the way we might have to go (if U2 don't oblige...see blog if you are wondering what I'm going on about!)