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15 May 2007

Craft Crazy kids

After a hard slog at her SATS belle reluctantly wanted to craft tonight. Her words were "my brain needs a rest". Sure it does honey afterall, you need to save yourself for your Masters Degree in Quatum Physics!
Lauren 1 and Lauren 2 wanted free reign of my craft room to make things purdy and fine. Between devouring all things with e-factors and running off to the loo and cuddling the piggies they manged to make two stinking cards in two stinking hours. But their creativity flowed and mine edged on the ebb of their excitement. I love Tuesdays in our house - its full of creativity with the little club we have here.

I took the girls home and belle and i ventured shopping "supermarket" style. Oh the joy of this ritual we have twice a week (for the rest of my life) fills me with horror. I hate it and I hate putting the shopping away at the end as well. I hate having to re-arrange the fridge to bring old stuff to the front and new stuff to the back and I detest wasteful packaging. I was talking to a shop assistant tonight and wondered why a tin of mexican chilli beans had been reduced as it was in the normal selling aisle. he said it had a dent in the tin. I KID YOU NOT, it was a teeny weeny dent but it had 20p off! Whilst the bargain was mine it got me thinking about tins and waste. With baked beans being a supermarkets biggest seller in this country, would it not be brilliant for the environment for a bean machine instore? The turnaround of beans would mean a fresh supply everyday and you fill up re-usable container. Or indeed sell beans in recycleable plastic packaging? Im so angry about tinned food and yet i use it. Hypocrite yes, but pee'd off with lack of though in packaging yes.
Anyway, belle beelined for the sweety aisle and I said she could choose a treat or two (Spiders definately off the menu tonight!!). She bought a couple of packs of those "millions". you tried em! I spied these. I remember these being called sweet cigarettes as a kid but over the years politically correct alice band wearing mommas put paid to the name and now they are called candy sticks.

I LOVE THESE so much but sadly my teeth are not a calciummy as they were back then and almost felt my jaw breaking as I munched them. These treats were a bit naugty as I have vowed to reduce the amount of processed food I eat for a few week (besides cereal). cutting out white bread certainly makes me feel so less sluggish and having cut my tea intake to one a day is making a difference too.

Check out yesterdays post about my ACTIONS for your photos. These will make your photo POP and add a jaw dropping finish to your photos.


CoCo said...

Are you sure you can't recyle your old bean tins? I always put mine out for collection (they collect our dry recyclables in one bin here) and don't think there's any bother. Would prefer them to plastic as they can be cleaned with less energy (easy to burn off label) and melted into more useful things than plastic....with plastic, it degrades each time you recycle it....(I lub beans too!)

Kathy said...

Hi Kirsty, I have PSE 4.0...can I use "actions" with that or do they only work with the full versions of photoshop??
Kathy ( kathyb)

Glittery Katie said...

Hello Kirky *waves furiously*
Oooh non PC sweetie YEAH- I remember teh Superman candy fags Bwahahaha
love GlitteryKatie X

*** Moneypenny *** said...

Hi Kirsty :O)
I love reading about your life, thank you for sharing and I love reading about the gorgeous Belle too :O) I've been in search of helping the environment and yesterday I received an e-mail from Isle of Wight Council (if you want to read it I've put it on my blog It has made me feel so much better to know what happens to my rubbish :O) Have a great day, love Vanda xXx

[ Positive Thinking ] said...

Fantastic idea with the baked beans. You should patent that.

Gotta say I love those little candy sticks too. My dad worked at the factory where they made them when I was a little girl and he was always bringing them home. They used to be red on the end in those days.

Kathy said...

Long time since I've stopped by.
Didn't even know it was you at first.
You changed up your header? Did you take up smoking? JK

tjc designs Craft Cabin Blog said...

I have just done my first complete kit!!!! Designed all from scratch - yippedy yappady doo - made the brushes and everything!!! I am so chuffed and it is all down to you for your constant help and advice - got the tablet through to and OMG!!!! it is amazing - hope you and belle are well - we will catch upp soon - kiesha sends loads of love too x

Anonymous said...

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