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31 May 2007

Bottles and Big Brother

So my news (well Mandy's news).
You may have seen big brother last night?
Well I wasn't going to watch it as I was expecting visitors.
Instead I had planned a bath as it started before my friends, Traci and Kiesha arrived. So I had a bath for like 1 minute as I was rushing when the doorbell rang. Traci and Kiesha had landed safely with pet guinea pig, Milo, in tow.
Then the phone rang.
It was Mandy.
I said to Mandy that I couldnt talk long as my guests had arrived and I felt dreadful as we had so much to plan for our events at Scrap Trap and Scrap Camp. But she said she had a confession to make.
WHAT? I though the worst and guessed she had pulled out of our events. But no. She wanted to explain to me why she had told me that Emily (her daughter - the girl pictured above) had moved to London. Mandy had initially told me she was starting a new college course. But in fact she was ringing me to tell me that Emily was on BIG BROTHER.
OMG - I was screaming so loudly. So happy, so confused, so frightened - worried that Emily might get up to naughties (as you do, on big brother). I am hoarse from excitement. I couldn't believe it but proof of the pud came when Emily exited the car in her "fine pins" glory.
The jury is out already on Emily and personally I think she is fantastic. Level headed, grounded, educated, moody (!!), girly. Mandy has brought her 3 daughters up with incredible values. They are all so terribly gorgeous and you may remember these pictures I took of them last year.As gossip is mandatory with BB and Emily shown in the edits of the producers I hope she goes far. Maybe because I have met her a couple of times, it makes it more of a rally round. I will, along with Mandy and her family, get to see things about Emily that we may not like but we are human and we do human things and react to situations created especially to cause an extreme reaction (ain't big brother a sod for doing that?!)

As for bottles?
Wouldn't you say these two babies looked the same? Huh? So I clean out the fridge, clean the cupboards and wipe the kitchen surfaces with what I thought was dettol surface cleaner. Hmmm, new fragrance I thought. Tra la la la laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Clean, clean , clean, tum ti tum ti tum.
Only when I replaced the bottle back in the cleaning cupboard did I realise I had cleaned the whole kitchen with window spray.
Me no likey that thought.
So around the kitchen again I go with dettol spraying twice as much to ensure the windowlene is gone and we are dettol covered.
Im a dettol freak, ok? Just not a bottle spotter!


Heather said...

Sympathy over the confusingly-similar bottles. I've just dicovered that what I thought was fabric softener is laundry detergent (since when did Comfort diversify from fabric softener??), so my last few loads of laundry have been very clean but not so soft...

Monica said...

how excting for your friend!!
i hope she stays :)

and yeah i do that with cleaners sometimes too lol.

Allison said...

How cool that you know someone on Big Brother!! Love that show! I can't believe I missed the first episode!!

jaime120899 said...

Wow Kirsty!! Fancy you knowing a BB girl. I'm not too sure about her - although she's got to be better than all those other airheads in there. MY god 11 women and one man - all I can say is "God help him!" Especially with those gruesome twins and the "Wannabe WAG"!!

sharon said...

Sorry Kirsty...but I did laugh about cleaning the kitchen with window cleaner (as something Iwould have done..and been tra la la ing while doing it)hehehe.

I saw your friend's daughter..(sorry name slipped my mind) enter the house last night..she looks the only level headed one in doubt you will be glued now..Hope she does well..
Right I'm off to clean the bathroom with furniture polish..tra lal lal..x

Claire said...

Wow! How cool is that. I'm a BB addict. Emily was one of few that seemed pretty normal to me whilst watching it last night! All us scrappers need to root for her!

Cleo said...

Lol I cleaned my windows with detox the other day- problem was it took me 2 days to figure out why the windows were so smeary!!!

Anonymous said...

I had to laugh over your cleaning incident! I was addressing invites for my sons graduation a few years ago with a nice silver pen (of course to match the invitations) when the pen suddenly exploded all over my dining room table. I quickly cleaned up what I could and grabbed the "Pledge" furniture polish to finish up. Wow, how nice it cleaned shined like never before, buffed up a few areas that had dulled over the years. Must be something that was in the ink perhaps?!? Shortly after my boys walked in and asked what that smell was...caught up in the exploding ink and "new" shiny table, i had not noticed that smell but now that they mention it.... I had been polishing with Raid Bug Spray. They have never let me forget "the day I cleaned with Raid." I must left my table beautiful!!!
Thanks for all your wonderful freebies, I love visiting your site! Heidi

Sarah Hashim said...

How cool you know someone on BB I like Emily to then maybe Tracey and Carole and Laura I cant stand that Charley girl though.
I feel sorry for the guy who joins them tonight lol
Thankyou for all your lovely freebies by the way they always are great.

Sarah (AKA monroegirl) said...

Oooh, I love BB and Emily was my favourite when they first went in so I will champion her from now on because I sort of have a tenuous link (well, I have met you, we are on the same DT and I remember the photos lol).

Sadly I am a bit of a bb addict and go on a large forum so I will tell them all that Emily is actually really fab (not that I know this but that doesn't matter lol)

Jen said...

LOL at the confusion... Anyway, I had to LOL also at you knowing someone in bb, cos it turns out the adopted girl from Watford is the cousin of a friend of my Claire. Small world, eh?

Lin said...


Never done that one before personally but have polished with Raid like Heidi above! It smells lush, far too good for an insecticide. ;-)

Woohoo to knowing a BB contestant, lets hope she comes out of there okay.

Lin x x

Anonymous said...

OO Kirsty I've just seen the photo you took in The Mirror!!!

Fame at last!!

Julie xx

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