Ladies Camera Club

6 Apr 2007

tired - AGAIN!

I will do a proper post tomorrow but today (although absolutely lovely when I went to met a scrapper for coffee in Wigan, waves to jane xx) left me absolutely drained. It got to the stage where I was slurring my words. Had a long sleep when I got in, woke up for some evening surfing, went to sleep again and now im wide awake.
I managed to buy some books today to force me to stay awake when Im feeling fatigued - fingers crossed.


Laura said...

I hope you're feeling back to your old self soon Kirsty. Until then, (((hugs))) xx

Sam said...

HI Kirsty

Hope you start to feel better soon, sendiing over some (((hugs))) hope you feel alive and awake soon

Sam x

Sam said...

Hi kirsty

Hope you feel you live funky self soon. Sending over lots of (((hugs)))

Sam x

Jane said...

Ohh dear, I wore you out! Hope you feel better today and can enjoy the sunshine :)

Anonymous said...

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