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24 Apr 2007

Tape me up in herma and roll me in my stash

Crikey Mikey!
I have more stash in this craft room than the entire ships fleet load at London Dockyards. I received a masso package of yummable, lickable stash this weekend ranging from heidi swapp (such glee), rusty pickle (more joy) and crate paper (swoon). I have to make some thingies for that uber cool free craft mag you can get from here. I have hugged and kissed it all and given everything a name and a short term slot in my Scrapgenie cubby hole. It keeps beckoning to me. Its like a voice from the gods telling me to bow to it and worship it. I simply love love love it. Im so happy that Scrapgenie have heidi swapp as uk distribution because her stuff is hard to get hold of. I dont think I dislike any of her range. Erm, whooops - backtrack. yes - the rub ons that didnt rub on. Still. I lubs it.

If that was not enough, Mandy at Mod Scraps asked me to be GDT for her monthly kit. Now - I know you are all thinking "I bet she gets paid to say that" or "I bet she feels like she has to say that" but let me tell you this. All of you who are subscribing to next months kit are going to totally and utterly freak the pants off your shiney, scrapping butts. Not only is the paper range my absolute odds on favourite to be ever seen ever in my life - ever......... but the stuff that has come with it is a dream come true. As a person who will not subscribe to kits as a rule, I think I can make this an absolutley spiffing exception of the upmost fabulousness. I keep going to have a look at it and I pinch myself. I cant weigh up my excitement over this treasure of a kit or the fact I am the luckiest girl in the world to be working for scrapgenie.

Ok - like you needed to hear me show off like that. But seriously, I wont be a designer forever - there is bound to be a new girl who comes along with some exciting style and repertoire only too eager to keep the scrapping frenzy alive. I was that girl once and its bound to be the end of my designing life one day especially as photography work becomes more of a demand. But its all good, as Ali says ;).
Anyway - reality check alert. I went back to the gym again after a weekend away and pounded the wobbles until the richter scale measured 8.2 over Finland. I love going to the gym as I dont have to diet so hard - I still get to eat a little bit of crap and dont feel deprived. The gym i use offer free breakfast of cereal and fresh orange and grapefruit. So its a bit of a treat to burn off the morning sluggish feeling and sit festering in your own grime whilst troughing on rice krispies, semi skimmed and tropicana's best. Since going back to the gym I have not felt half as tired as previous but I still have a dreadful hard and painful lump at the base of my sternum. Ick.
Ah well, I gotta go. After yesterdays post there seems to be an influx of Scrap Your hands entries. I must go and organise. But there is this cheeky littel jammy donut calling me in the kitchen and I promised myself I could have it after 200 sit ups. The pain is so worth the pleasure!
**I got asked a few questions from my post yesterday so here goes.......**
Aubergines are what some people call Eggplants - yum!
The girls in Ireland are not Models - they are beautiful human beings who I captured on a fab DSLR!!!
Do I sleep? yes - I have 6 hours a night.
Will I go to Northern Ireland? Yup - You name a date and I will be there!
Will I teach you how to get crisp, shots? Erm, that would be so hard to teach online, near impossible. Im willing to come together for small groups who wish to learn the ins and outs but remember I am not a professional photographer as in "studied it at University". I am professionally paid - thats the difference :)

Gotta go and hack through some paper to make pretty pretties. Enjoy this overlay whilst I break my heart tearing through lush Urban Lily and Rhonna farrer paper

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RuthP said...

Keep those overlays coming. Thank You

Ruby said...

I have a special tag for you. Visit my blog for all the details.

Thank you for all you share.

Sindiego said...

One can never have too many overlays. Thanks for sharing this one.

Suzanne said...

*slurping* there for you Kirsty (not that you need the extra drooling I guess) that DT stash is just divine. Have fun playing :)

Jackie said...

As a subscriber to ModScraps kits I was soooooo excited when i saw that you are going to be the Duest designer next month! It does look like a fabby kit and I'm really lokimg forward to seeing what you do with it.
Hope you feel better soon

The Grubbs said...

This one tickles me =) Thanks for sharing!

The Grubbs said...

This one tickles me =) Thanks for sharing!

Glenda said...

Thanks for the overlay. All I need now is the time to use them.

Katherine aka Scrap Yard Kath said...

Your photography is so gorgeous!!
Thanks for the neat overlay!

Carla said...

Thank you!!!!!

fgeegf said...

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