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29 Apr 2007

Rivington Pike

is fantastic for geocaching. Pick a sunny day (voile, we got that), pick a few trails (lots!) and pack a picnic (U-mmmmmmmm!)
WE HAD A GREAT DAY - talking, exploring, discovering, laughing (and stressing over well hidden caches!!!). I got the most beautiful photos of unfurling ferns, bluebells, dogwood and dandelions. Yep, a hundred thousand dandelions of which people take for granted, nobody picking them because of the age old saying that if you do, you will wet the bed! Its something that the British say anyway but I love dandelions - they are a wonder of nature with their pom pom heads and golden glow. I just love being in the "wild" without a care and taking in a million breaths of nettle scent and cool breeze.

I have never been to this neck of the woods before (if you pardon the flippin pun!). I had no idea that tucked amongst the beech, sycamore and oaks that there lies Liverpool Castle. What a find - Belle unbuckled her pushchair restraint and took a leap to go and inspect the purpose built ruin. The original castle ruin (originally built in 1235AD) was so decrepit that it had to be pulled down but the local people were dismayed of the prospect and called for a replica, sturdier ruin to go in its place. But we didn't care too much because it truly was a sheer joy watching Belle twist and turn in the maze of doors, corridors and windows. We took a picnic there and for every chomp of the butty we took it became bitty from the gravel - it wasn't half blowing a hooley! So we set sail for base camp two of the geocache down by the pike (reservoir for want of a better word!) Id hate to think that come a shortfall of water this summer that id be drinking water from that!! **bluergh, shiver** - the water was brown (close up) but these pictures show a blue sheen and I didn't photo shop that in neither!!!
We walked for miles and ended up at Rivington Barn - well the day just got better! Low cherry trees, blue bell blankets and fresh green woodland made for a haven with ellie away from bright daylight. She wore her glasses for most of the day but managed a quick smile without in this area of the wood.

Mark was struggling to find a cache (we think it had been muggled. A term used to describe that its been discovered and taken by a non geocacher. I bet J K Rowling is minted in the knowledge that she has created a plethora of dictionary additions since her Potter books started - way to go girl!). In a last ditch attempt to find it, he stuck his hand in a pool of water that had been collected in a tree stump. Ahem. STINK? Do you know the meaning of tree stump water pool stench? It was death, poo, cheese (parmesan), feet, wet dog flavoured pukey, skanky, stinky mink. And to add insult to injury, the cache wasn't there!!!!!!! Mwahahahahahahahaha - Marks got a stinky hand!!! Tra la-la, la-laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
And finally - check out our garden resident love doves. These two are frequent to our garden fence recently. These ring collared doves holler down our chimney all day long but today they were lapping up the sun and preening each other for ages. I hope Mr Magoo the evil white cat doesnt pounce on them - they are so daring to be taking a chance on the fence.
Now I must go and put some finishing touches to some things. Just everyday unfinished things that need a touch. You know what I mean?


Kelly said...

loving those piccies, simply stunning xxx

RuthP said...

You always have such lovely pictures. I particularly enjoyed the ones of the the wildflowers today.

Janeal said...

I have to say that I enjoy reading your blog entries. You just crack me up. I love the "Stinky story". LOL! Thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures and your wonderful stories.

Digi Debz said...

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Manu ;-) said...

your pictures are always so adorable!!!! thank you for sharing!!!

Jennie said...

Sounds like an idyllic day Kirsty, and I adore your photos. I think the best one is of Belle without sunglasses,(the one under the water and tree stump,) and the one under that too, with her sitting amongst the bluebells. Simply gorgeous.

Jen said...

Fanks for sharing the gorgeous piccies. Loving them :)

kristin said...

Ohhh, I dream of taking photos like yours! Thanks for the virtual holiday!

Amelie said...

i hate to break it to you....but those are a nice pair of wood pigeons ;)

*** Moneypenny *** said...

Gorgeous photos Kirsty. I adore the one of Belle amongst the bluebells and the sheep, I love the sheep!! Vanda xXx

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