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6 Apr 2007

A night out

Bloody hell, I can't remember the last time Mark and I went out. Seriously. I mean, I **could** purge back through my blog to check but I havent got the time nor energy for that tonight.

As our beloved Belle is at my mumkies it would have been rude not to make use of our "free" time so we planned a curry and a pick of the flicks. Mark only likes shoot em ups with blood splattering the screen at every god given moment and I love chick flicks for the cheeseness that it is and comedies so that I can split my spleen in two (thus doubling as entertainment for mark as my blood splats on the big screen and take my mind off my wretched weird illness). As there seems to be a plethora of horrors at the cinema right now it left us with one film - Hot Fuzz. This film is hilarious, british made, so corny/cheesy and most of all - bonkers. I am so glad we went to see this rather than waiting for it on DVD like most films these days. We had a great night out. Check me out checking markos butt out at the bar (tee hee, such a sniggering school girl I was - and the bar was full which meant that lots of people would have moved further away from the freako checking out mens butts at the bar!)). I even snap shotted my hair growth (getting back to normal, thankfully) and pics of us having a great night out. I love how, when we snuggle up close for a photo that not only is it out of focus but my eye squishes like a cyclops. SO FUNNY.

Have "you tubed" the phone call of Double D - will share after the weekend. We are going to North Wales to totally recouperate and hopefully the sea air will put some colour back in my greying cheeks. Am going to lap top my passion for learning more photoshop whilst there, read a book, stretch my legs and just **breathe**. Have a beautiful easter and soak up that weirs amount of sunshine we are having :)

**Waves to Ellie** Miss you hunny.


Jane said...

Hope you're having a great time! I might watch out for Hot Fuzz now, sounds like our kind of film... For this weekend though, we've got Casino Royale and Night at the Museum!

SuzyB said...

Kirsty, how about one of these to help you avoid the cyclops look?
:o) Happy Easter x

Anonymous said...

Glad your feeling a little better and out having some fun. I think your hair looks great!! Very flattering. Having had chemo and no hair, I can definitely say having hair is preferable! Course, now with diminishing hormones, it's on the thin side, but it's there!


H.Green said...

Sounds like you had a great night out! You deserve it and I hope you get back to feeling better really soon. Happy Easter!

tjc designs Craft Cabin Blog said...

Glad to hear you had a great time and hope you thoroughly enjoy your Easter Break x (PS I have a picture of NIck's Butt too... hee hee!)

scrappinkay said...

you are too cute girl. Thanks for your musings everyday and love your overlays.

Thanks, Kay

Stevie said...

Hi Kirsty just me (Stevie) saying hi and sending big hugs

Anonymous said...

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