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26 Apr 2007

my pc is router brokened

Bwah - its so infuriating.
I have a ton of files to transfer and it don't go nowhere with the mac neither. I'm not a mac guru, I need to meet a mac guru so I can learn fully the extent of the macness and do guruish things with it and be a geek and do macko things and be geek-eriffic.
So without much use of a computer today I have scrapped a ton of stuff. I finished 8 projects from one very generous kit at Modscraps. There has to be more than £25 worth of stuff in there and I swear I have a mountain of stuff left over and I didn't even scrimp. I was rather lavish in fact. I loved this kit so much that I will buy the papers again (FYI - the kit is available to see on Modscraps site - sssssssssshh, don't tell). I can't share any of the projects yet but come Tuesday I will let you have a sneak-a-roo. (oh yes, you might catch a glimpse on Her Space-My Space for today actually. But Im talking minuscule. A wee blot. Squint and you might catch a snippet.
I have some layouts to share that I finished recently, I don't mind showing you those. I love the one of Anita and I as it was made from mainly gift wrap. Doubtful of its acid free-ness - But I'm not anal about acid freeness and I don't mind so much because the photo is something I have on disc to print again.

And here is week three of Corinne Delis workshop. Each week her course appeals to your creative and emotional journey, peeling layers so far back that you become a raw product of your inner self. Whilst that is a bit deep to chew on a Thursday evening (what with a splendid weekend planned and all!!) it really is a fantastic creative outlet for one who has many issues to deal with. Anyway, I used the cherry arte apers that she designed (bought them in Eire this weekend just gone) and enjoyed working with them. oooooh and i gots a new hairstyle too - feeling good about my hair finally growing and flicking and being in fab con-dish.
During my day of mad scrip-scrapping I wandered along to one of my new fave blogs (because one has a jolly good peep at lots of blogs with a cuppa and a jaffa mallow almost everyday. Well not with a jaffa mallow as I have just discovered them but I always have something jaffa-rey). So anyway, I ended up buying fabric, interfacing and other such bag makery things. Ive fancied making a bag since Julie M showed me one of her creations last year. Then recently when I saw Anita's fabulousness. Anita, actually, has been making bags forever but has restarted doing them with absolute superbment. Whilst Ill never be that standard I did actually want to make my own little oblong tote to say that I actually did make one. I was going to make on in Eire but there was no sewing machine to hand. I'm making a tote from one mega coolio tea towel which was a steal at £1.50 each and will in turn make a fine tote for my scrapping carriagement. I have a penchant for pretty fabrics as well as paper - lord help me if this becomes my new black in scrapping. And I mean LORD - O help me. I am such a good girl and I try real hard. Im law abiding, eat {some} greens, I wash my feet, I say a little prayer each night. I may not go to church or indeed read the bible every night but I do think about you and wonder about you and therefore I think you might spare some of your sewing magicness for me.
Do you think that will work?
Well, anyway, tra la la la laaaaaaaaa....... so obsessed was I that I rang Lisa because I just love her bags and blog and shop. She is such fun. We are height twins (at 5"2") and we are both crafty nit wits. We were clearly separated at birth. I bet she cannot wait to laugh her head off at my bag. Im sure she will help me by form of telekinesis and guide my needle and thread to go through the fabric and not my eyes. I love your voice, Lisa (-she has such a trill in her soundness) we should lunch darling. Perhaps in Covent gardens with our hand made bags and people will flock to see us in their millions and demand baggage of the same and we shall toss our heads back and laugh at such daft requests - for we are unique and would rather discuss the ingredients of a perfect sheese souffle as opposed to what stiffness of interfacing do we use. Such tosh!
And please don't hold your breath nor hope I open an Etsy shop selling them because I know it will be a cacka bag. But its a start and it will be my bag. And I can always store my spuds in it, if it really turns out to be poo poo. So when the fabric arrives tomorrow I shall make a start and keep you posted. HELP!


anita said...

love the layouts kirsty...and can't wait to see the t-towel bag!

Sam Fenton said...

Your blog always makes me laugh and brightens up my day! Fabarooooooony!

Mireille said...

boohoo! Just dying here to see the photos!!!! LOL
Love the LO's Kirsty! x

Fiona (aka Erisindevon) said...

Hello honeypie :D I have been lax, but am just catching up on blogland goings-on. So stopping by to wave and say Hi. Looks like you've been a busy busy lady!

fgeegf said...

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