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6 Apr 2007

holy cr*p

can I say that on good friday?
I have just come off the phone to my sweet friend Chartlotty loo loo laa laa fifi trixabelle who said to me "did you get donna's message?"
Donna who?
Like, really "Donna who?". For 2 nano seconds when I realise she meant The Downey.
You know - the green loving, simple scrapbook wonder and totally bonkers double D.
The very Double D who doesnt know the UK equivalent of the word spunk. Blech.
"Well," I reply sulkily "No I didnt". Sniff Sniff
(had she sent it by pigeon carrier post? Because its a week since charlotty claimed that Double D had sent it and the poor blighter might be over Nottingham right now or has been shot mid flight and is currently sat in a pie crust in a country pubs oven)
Charlotty said "check mobile messages" cos obv Im a dim wit with not being on the ball right now.
And it seemed like I reach for my phone in slow motion. I dial 901 and wait.
OMG...OMG...OMG - pass we brown paper bags - pass them NOW
NO FREAKING WAY - I have Donna Downey on my message log at 02 and I am stood there wmk (wetting my knix - in code).
Will I "you tube" it and then it will be with me forever?
So forgive my star struck cheese fest but I gotta share the Double D love, right?

In a nutshell: Charlotte went to an event last week whereby Double D and Stacy "oh my freaking god, so wanna meet her" Julian were teaching. I asked charlotte to say hello to the D. Like Double D would remember me - ever. So charlotte did indeed say hello to her from me and Doube D wanted to know why I wasnt there. Well a lot of us were not there becuase it was only a teeny event and I was teaching anyway So Ms D demanded that I should be phoned up and questioned FBI style. Damn me for not answering the phone (was out scoffing it with the girls at a fancy med restaurant in Caterham). So Donna left me a message. SHRIEK. Like, she has NEVER done that before. LOL. So not only do I have to thank Double D but also a huge thanks to Charlotte - YOU really have NO idea how much that has made my YEAR.

Gotta go, hot cross buns warming in the oven and obviously will be listening to THAT message again.
**ETA - have filmed the event forever to be ingrained in my pooped out head**


Laura said...

Haha! I think that deserves a "holy crap".....even on Good Friday!

Louise said...

Sounds like you've had a tough few days, glad this has cheered you up

Anonymous said...

Ooooooh! you lucky bu**er, I was at said event and met DD for the first time, she is a TOP human being and I now luuuuurve her :) I can guarantee that she wouldnt remember me! I am on her blog though, a piccie anyway, next to the great lady herself :)
Have a great Easter Kirsty and the Wiseman family.
Jackie xx

Charlotte said...

Hee hee, better than an Easter Egg eh my love?