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27 Apr 2007

The bag starts here

I haven't got a bloody clue - have I? Really? Lets just sit and have a good old think about it. I mean, I can make curtains NO PROBLEM but lining a bag, interfacing, handles, neat edges? Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh. I will keep you posted (and be honest with you and be brave and show you the big holes I make in this lishus fabric-o). Meanwhile feast your eyes on this little lot of intended baggery. The red fabric below is the yummo stuff I bought from Lisa. The blue flowery number is a tea towel (the heavy cotton type and not the towelling type!) Im gonna make a bog standard tote. I expect Amy Butler is safe in the knowledge that her crown shall remain perched on her perfectly groomed barnet forever!!!
Ive pulled out a placemat that i bought in Rotterdam in Feb which will look yummo with this purple fabric and yellow bobbly trim that I have had for absolutely ever. I know they are not your average twee "ascot ladies day" baggage but for my odd quirk that I am, I think it will look 'lish when I pop to the odd cream cake shop for tea and a sticky bun.
Mark and I did something so rare today - we went "actual" {not virtual} shopping. Woo hoo - I loves to touch and see and feel things without a little lady giving a guilt fuelled sigh.
I boughted a magnificent skirt ready for my flip flops and sunny weather ahead. And it discreetly covers my ankles (thankfully) as Ive been having a tad of trouble with oedeama which has made my ankles look like an elephants foot (classy and not pretty). Will have to consult Dr Lush Cohen for water tablets - oh the fun of running to the lavvy 30 times a day will sure thin out those ankles.
Oh I knew I meant to add something - there are 4 days left for the scrap your hands challenge. You wanna win a ton of scrap stuff? See here for details and lemme see your mitts xx
AND - Did you know that the DC goes into its second month next week? With so many delighted customers/student/freinds (all three actually!) having so much fun and inspiration, you dont want to miss out on 3 fantastic classes every week for a month for a measky £10 (85p a class), do you?
And finally I have on offer a packet of textured ribbony sashes in summery funkadoodle colourations. Now this packet looks a little pants - i think I condensed the file to heavily - still, the ribbons look lishy wish anyway xx
these can be downloaded here for absolutely nil pwah.

**AND YAY - Marko the love bag of mendingville has repaired my brokened router. He is my super duper hero of the hour. Give it up for Marko** So to all the Oirish girls - your galleries are almost ready!!!


Jane said...

Ooh I fancy some of that material! And I love the green of that skirt! Oh, and the ribbons look fun too!

Angela said...

Love the skirt and can't wait till you post the picture of the bag. With all those fabrics it's going to look gorgeous. Aren't tea towels lovely just lately. I've seen the one you have as well as wonderful retro designs, they all look too good to use lol!

Lainey said...

Gorgeous fabrics Kirsty - can't wait to see what you come up with...sweet picture of you and your beau!

Lisa said...

Hello Poppet!

I'm loving the fabric combos and that tea towl is delish-ush (as this bobble trim - droool).

You'll be fine, lemme know if you get stuck. You've gotta make a bag that you'll be proud of (because you never forget your first one.

Love your happy couple pic, and your preddy skirt.

Have fun!


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