Ladies Camera Club

15 Apr 2007

2 weeks left - hurry hurry hurry

Thats right you got two weeks to win a ton of stuff (I mean hundreds of pounds worth of donted suplpies from UK sponsors!) and all YOU have to do is make a layout about your hands, email the picture to me and I post on here. You want to know more? Go HERE. I have to add at this point that my favourite camera people have decided NOT to offer a DSLR which is disappointing. However - there are a mountain of supplies, kits and digi vouchers up for grabs and anyone in the world can enter!
Extra thanks right now for more prize donations go to Craft Island and TJC Designs. many thanks for even more divine scrap supplies for our lucky winner.
Here is the gallery of all the entrants so far - where is YOURS?

Have you popped along to Her Space/My Space of late? I must admit, the last few weeks I have lagged but I have a list of the up and coming words that Im going to plow through. And as there are extra daylight hours and beautiful weather, there is no excuse. Come and play. Just dont forget to bring your camera :)

Well today - what did the Wisemans do? Well, we thought it would be just peachy to go to the cinema. Ok - it was hot and we could have mooched in the garden but it was belle's last day from two weeks school holidays and she can't stand the bright light as it is. So we checked the local cinemas show times on the net and headed for a 1215pm start. We get there just on time despite the fact that Wigan were playing Spurs at home (gah - hideous traffic!!!) only to be told that the film actually started at 2pm and that the website hadn't bene uploaded.
##profanity time - close your eyes................b*****d's##
We had to kill almost 2 hours with football fans surrounding us in their thousands. PLOP. Luckily its a retail park too so me mooched around the pet centre where Belle is pining for a lop earred rabbit. A quick detour around the subject brought us to Frankie and Benny's for dinner which brought us up to 2pm for the film. I really didnt enjoy it but of course belle did. Off home we trotted and I actually went to the gym (GASP!). That was followed by a sunday roast, a bath and a photo shoot with Mort and his poster tubed leg extensions.
Belle makes me crease with laughter - she so loves that daft stuffed teddy

And finally, here is my 2nd workshop instruction from Corinne Delis. Her workshops instructions to search deep within our very souls is an uplifting experience. Its nothing pretentious and certainly not about vanity. Doing this workshop will help me rise above my self esteem issues whilst creating my way out of a bit of a black hole. Im particularly enjoying these classes as it gives me time to take my focus off the constraints we are facing with Belle's medical, education and welfare issues. Of course, they remain key but sometimes we all need some time out. By the end of this course, although I wont be cured, I'll certainly have a couple of paths to chose from and hopefully one will be in the right direction xx

**photos courtesy of mark wiseman... isnt he a little bit good?**


Ira said...

Oh no! I just saw your post about 'the hands' just now. I did similar thing when I my DS drove me bananas few weeks ago and when I felt I was about to squeeze him, I looked at my hands. We ended up doing 'hands & feet' prints. I have never spanked him and we're still doing 'hand-feet print' with washable paints every other day ever since. A therapeutic and stressed releasing project indeed! Unfortunately we're traveling tomorrow morning for a month...

I went over your blog. Your photographs are so moving. I was really sucked into them, if not hypnotized. Thank you for all the amazing & beautiful things you’ve done and SHARED.

joanna said...

That Mark Wiseman is a GREAT photographer, Kirstles - love those photos of you, absolutely gorge :) I love the vibrancy and energy of that layout - beautiful.

Susan said...

Wahhhhhhh mine's not there -

rae_j, australia said...

Thanks for sharing your personal layout. I am sure that a lot of reflection went into it, as well as a lot of creative energy!

Jane said...

His photography isn't bad either LOL Super LO, and super photos as usual :o)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kirky!! Love the hair and the fabbo pics - you are training Mark very well indeed. Hope to see you soon to catch up for coffee someday. Sharon (diamonddiva) x x x x

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