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14 Mar 2007


Have you come here to check the contest so far?
CONTEST RULES and initial announcement
HERE (don't forget the optional charity donation).
PRIZE DONATIONS from site owners, manufacturers
HERE (more has been added and will continue to be so) - lots of digi stuff and I mean A TONNE of GC worth hundreds of dollars right now.

The stark contrast between yest and tud has been immeasurable. Dropped the Bellemeister off at school and came home to finish off a late deadline. Still felt considerably low until the doorbell rang. PARCELS!!! Wooohooooo. Obviously for the contest I thought, but no! Two scrummo things for me it would seem. One was a pack of papers from The English Paper Company. Very clean papers ideal for for a couple of projects I have in mind anf the other parcel had this wee hand written note in it and some Jibbitz. Look, I know Crocs are soo 2005/2006 but to me they are forever. They are so COMF. The mothers in our area on the school run clearly think I'm coco the clown in them but I don't care. I wont have bunions or calluses with these babies and certainly not now with my Jibbitz to decorate them. I'm overly delighted.
So rather than post on the various forums I am a member on - I need to
A: Thank you
B: Wonder who you are
C: Tell you how much Belle thinks I'm coolio acevilles in them
(No post mark on the parcel neither - im majorly confused)

Took an after school club today, instead of Tuesday (obv, as I had meetings from hell at school yest). The kids made mothers day cards - they made some lovely creations and the technique was stitching. So far these kids have covered stamping, UTEE, tearing, inking, making mini books, miniature exploding boxes (I mean miniature minuscule GORGEOUS). I love how Lauren, especially, just dives straight in there. Belle couldn't really give a fig half the time but given some sensible guidance - she will make some wonderful suggestions and makes up lovely little ways to dress up a book/card/page.

Whilst I was mid-teach the doorbell rang (5pm). We NEVER get visitors unannounced as we are quietly tucked away on a lovely littley cul-de-sac - away from passing traffic and cold callers. I had a right old moan thinking it might just have been a religious group that insist they will convert me. I'll convert when I'm ready, you know? Anyway, as I approached the door I saw pink cellophane which meant only one thing - FLOWERS!!!!!! Fla fla fla fla flarla's. Pretty flowers ruffling in the spring breeze. Suddenly my step went from trudge to floaty dance and my thoughts of being converted to a wacko religion in a darkened cell being fed only vitamin K and slug trail were diminished. I whipped them out of the delivery mans hands and inhaled. This guy must sense puzzlement because OBV I was not expecting them.

Not my Birthday - Check
Not Mothers day (yet) - Check
No blow out with Marko - Check
Pinched my body to check it wasn't dead (hence funeral bouquet) - Check

I looked at said delivery man suspiciously and smiled as if to tell him I knew who they were from - i could tell he was itching for me to open the little envelope. No way nosey pants - go home in your bright pink van that is cluttering my little road - but THANK YOU!!
The girls came into the hall and ooohs and aaaaahs were ringing. I lovingly detached the envelope in hope that Johnny Depp had finally seen the light and was wooing me accordingly. But they were not from Johnny (there is time yet, John boy) they were from Heidi Swapp. In loving recognition of my dedication to scrapbooking.
And then I wake up.
Even better - the flowers were from Natalie and Debbie and I swear to the great man above who is supplying us with a wonderful spring right now... they were perfectly timed for delivery. Thank you ladies - wubs.
Love that feeling of woe into weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Her Space/My Space is based on the word alive. As I don't "do" indoor plants as they die perilously from dehydration - poor sods. So I took pics of our pussy willow in the garden.

That is all for today in the Wiseman household. Drama more worthy of a script writers best in Eastenders.


robertswayze said...

These re some really great photos...thanks for sharing them...and hey i'd also like you to drop by my blog on Birthday Wishes sometime and enjoy all the fun and laughter it's filled up with!!!

H.Green said...

I didn't know they made those cool little 'charms' for crocs. I've been wanting a pair (hubby thinks I'm nuts) so I don't wear out my birkenstocks. Now I'm determined to get a pair knowing you can dress them up like that! :) My feet are only comfy in sandal-type shoes (or my riding boots). Hate sneakers. Have you seen the cute sandal/croc type things Avon has? They're like open-toed crocs. Very cute.

I'm anxious to see the entries you're getting for the 'hands' contest. I posted my layout (that I allready emailed and entered) on my blog and made sure I put a link to your blog so other people could enter, too.
Are you going to post the entries in a slide show? Gallery? I can only imagine how unique and creative they are. Can't wait! :)

Karen said...

Pmsl, I gotta say that you are the funniest lady I know - your blog has me in stitches.

eagleeyes said...

I have two pairs of real Crocs and one of the "other" brands. I actually have my black pair on my feet right now. I like 'em! (My dh thinks they're ugly too... oh well!)
PS Your blog is great. Keep up the fun.

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