Ladies Camera Club

1 Mar 2007

I twicked you!!!

Oh lordy - I totally misled you all about LA (so sue me, right?!!)
Im off to LA this weekend but not in California. Im going to Luxurious Angels retreat in Lockerbie - mwahahahahahaha. You all fell for my twick. The luxury of going to the real LA comes at the end of the year though. Sorwy folks.
I wanted to share some pictures of a lovely delivery I had today from little Mel. ( I think she is the spit of Jennifer Love-Hewiit) The ladies were very fortunate on saturday at my photograohy day. I was expecting them to take pictures of each other to use in a class later that afternoon but I guess deep down thay were relieved when I offered so you can guess I had 39 very happy women with pictures to atke home like this one Mel had taken.I met this sweet lady at my retreat this weekend and we chatted, as you do, in the ladies loo. Such a gentle sweetheart whose heart was there for all to see on her sleeve. She is probably one of the youngest scrappers I have taught (oh, except for kirsty - Lorraine at Scrapagogo's daughter - at bonanza last year. Oh and Loz, my assistant on saturday but she was my 13 year old guest at my retreat and oh shut up woman.) I think mel was feeling a little lost in a room full of scrappers not her age (you really want me write that they were older??!!) so I told her not to be so daunted and to put her "doubt" energy into creating something positive. What a darling! And then in the post today I got these - one for me and one for ellie and a beautiful card. Mel - there was NO NEED to do this but thank you all the same. Ellie fell in love with her new bunny and has called him Coffee (unconventional name for a bunny, personally Id call it Crusty Pie). I am very grateful. seriously, a little email is enough but thank you xx

Then my awaited treasure of a delivery came at stupid oclock from our wasteful postman who delivers in non postman clothes (I will report him cos I love a man in uniform!!). I have been after pink crocs forever and they never have a size four (yes, i have dinky feet). I bought fake-o orange ones in spain for seven euros and although they look EXACTLY the same, they are not.
So here are my pink crocs forwarded on by Sue. Im a chuffed croc wearing photographising paper and digi scwapping teacher who loves being a mormy. Coolio. AND I refuse to believe they have gone out of fashion - so shut up. la la la la la la - I cant hear you.

The Her Space/My Space inspiration continues with the word Dusty today. I am a clean freak to be honest but did notice some dust left over from some baking this weekend on my shelf which covets a wonderful crockery set given to my by Anita herself. Whats dusty in your space today?

And finally - a spangly sprinkle of newsdom...................
- in response to several enquiries with the Design Collective we would like to confirm that subscriptions can be taken out on a month by month basis to suit financial commitments and with Mothers Day coming up you could always put a subscription on to your wish list.
You gonna sign up? Are you, are you? huh? :)
Danielle Thomson is blogging again. there is a god.


sharitas said...

Hey Babe!
Croc R Kool :)
Don't listen to em, I luv mine too.

XX Sharon

Beckie said...

have fun in LA! You cetainly fooled me ... but hey Scotland is the biz! Can't do the picture after my day yesturday ... frustrated ... cleaned! Arh today will be better :) Safe Trip x

Karen said...

Gorgeous photo - and yes I agree she's the spit of Jennifer Love Hewitt!

How are the Crocs? Do the real thing make you want to wee all the time lol?

Tracie H said...

Tee hee hee....LA wouldnt be a patch on the retreat any ways.
have loads of fun and travel safe.
Lovin your crocs.

Katy said...

Mell is gorgeous isn't she? Luv ya Mell xxx

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