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11 Mar 2007

Lauren Part Deux

Have you come here to check the contest so far?
CONTEST RULES and initial announcement HERE (don't forget the optional charity donation)PRIZE DONATIONS from site owners, manufacturers HERE (more has been added and will continue to be so) - lots of digi stuff and I mean A TONNE of GC worth hundreds of dollars right now. Update: I already have a selection of layouts coming in from both the paper and digi field of scrapping. I urge you to go HERE to see the UK scrappers selection of layouts. When I receive more and more layouts, Ill run a slide show here for you to enjoy.

Contest Blub
I really am soft as muck when it comes to containing emotions. Last years contest had me crying all the time with beautiful journalling that came from the depths of souls and from the corners of hearts. This yes, it would seem, will be no different.
Let me tell you about a girl I know. Her name is Karen and she scraps really beautiful pages. Ive met her a few times and she is always up for a laugh. Ive never met anyone so lively and SERIOUSLY - I have never ever seen her with a frown upon her face. She hand cuts and machine sews her layouts with ease, she creates so many new little bits and pieces for me to feast over and her "Victoria" layout (I cant show it - Karen... mail me it!!) is one of the most intriguing layouts I have ever seen. Karen scraps with so much vigour and she has know I have always admired her.

So come on Kirsty - whats the catch?

There is no catch but I wanted to share something so wonderful that when I received this layout (below) in my mail box I burst into uncontrollable tears. You see, Karen has only one "normal" hand. The other is not particularly a hand. Karen was born with a congenital defect similar to that you find with a child whose mother had been subjected to Thalidomide. So Karen prints both her good hand and her bad (but equally well utilised crafting companion!!) hand and I just know how courageous it was for her to do it. This girl amazes me that she can scrap so GORGE with one hand and I often struggle with two. Isnt she amazing? So what is stopping YOU now?
Karens layout, around the edge reads 'My hands are unique.....special....mine' and the jounalling reads:
There’s no such word as can’t!

"I can still hear my family saying this to me! I have a congenital (present at birth) absence of my right hand. I was always taught to be independent, I had to find my own way of adapting to things and I know my family taught me the correct way. Through childhood I had to encounter the bullies, mindless children who didn’t know better but I was strong and had my sister and best friend for support at school and family at home. The bullying stopped when I reached High School. I used to wear a prosthetic hand, I had a few to choose from, a cosmetic, myoelectric and interchangable! When the myoelectric first came to the UK, there were 10 children who tested it, 5 from Roehampton and 5 from Manchester. I was selected from Manchester and I went away for a week with my Mum to do several trials on it. I don’t really remember many of them but one that I had to do was crack an egg!! That was fun, trying to crack and egg with an electric hand!Thankfully having one hand has never affected my confidence, I did quite well at school, learned to swim and ride a bike, achieved my Duke of Edinburgh bronze award, learned to play the trumpet then went on to college and achieved my NNEB. During college I learnt to drive and passed my test shortly after I qualified. I have met and married my wonderful husband and run my house with no external support whatsoever, I am very proud of that!As I was growing up I had an adult friend who used to joke that one day he would find something I can’t do. . . . .he never has unless you count the time when we bumped into him whilst shopping and he asked Mark if there was anything he’d noticed, imagine my reaction when his reply was cook!!!!!! "

Lauren's Shoot part deux. I struggled with the metering on Thursday's shoot (see below) of Lauren purely because her top being quite pale. I begged that next time, could she wear something bright and funkorama. Little did I know that Lauren had gone shopping yesterday for "said" top so today we venture to my secret hidey hole to take more pictures (secretly a goody for me - love to practice). I cant tell you the amount of fun we had today. It was overcast (perfect for photo shoots), a little chilly but with Lauren dancing round like a loon - it was all too soon forgotten. So Im sharing Lauren with you as I am delighted with the finishes.

Enjoyed a good old sunday roast today (which mark cooked) but can you believe I made creamed leeks to add to the mix? I normally am the sunday roast guru with Yorkie Puds being my speciality (I am from Yorkshire - what could you expect, else?). We had a tonne of leeks left over from two weeks ago so we decided to utilise them amongst the french beans and carrots. So I sauteed them, sweated them down, added a drop of our Cava apperitif, cumin and pepper then creamed them and OMG - I so love them. Completely loaded with heart attack inducing properties but equally balanced out with the fact they are vegetables. Im doing good right? LOL.

Her Space/My Space today is based on Brick. Ok - nothing ecstatic about a brick. I hate our house brick colours so I sneaked in both the air vent brick and our washed out numbers. Some days with this blog inspiration is that you win some and you lose some. Still - they are OUR bricks and they provide a haven for our cosy cutch.

And finally OMG - The Design Collective SO goes live in the morning. Im nervous - more nervous than the night before my wedding. Share my pain dudes and send us warm sprinkly lovedom. Infact, get yer butts over there and discover what all the fuss is about :)


Chris said...

In a word... AWESOME...

Anonymous said...

OK I really should think of something better to say BUT ...where did Lauren buy that top, it is totally delishioso. Pray do tell.


Patty said...

Fantastic pictures

zarischka said...

Wow! I'm... STUNNED!
Those pictures are AMAZING!

JDY said...

Loved the scrapping from your friend. I have been thinking of doing the same thing for my son's book who is also missing his right hand. The journaling is lovely!

fgeegf said...

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