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10 Mar 2007

Ecstatic few days

Have you come here to check the contest so far?
CONTEST RULES and initial announcement HERE (don't forget the optional charity donation)
PRIZE DONATIONS from site owners, manufacturers HERE (more has been added and will continue to be so) - lots of digi stuff and I mean A TONNE of GC worths hundreds of dollars right now.
Update - First paper supplies came in today from First Class Crafts and Clever Cut. First Class Crafts sent the most yummiest primas and ribbons (I WANT THEM) and Clevercut sent a huge (OMG) HUGE amount of scrap style stamps. Journal Blocks, corners, punctuation, alphabets, perspex blox and even inks and powders. My house will be overflowing at this rate. And can i just add - this is only from two prizes of the many shops pledging their kindness. Please show your support by checking these UK stores out. Im awful grateful xx
This is me today - ecstatic.
Overwhelmed by the stream of donations coming in for this huge contest. I haven't even started on the manufacturers yet but the Digi and paper shop suppliers in both the UK, US and Aus are being overly generous. New pledges for digi include Diamante Designs with $10 GC plus 25% discount for all entries (email me for your code if you want it). A $6 digi GC from Becky Vosburg. Maggie (of unknown origin - help me maggie!!) has offered $25 GC in her digi store. Kate the marvellous digi queen Hadfield has offered $30 in her store at the Lily Pad. I have also got to tot up the awards from the gilrs over at Digi Shop Talk - I cant keep up. I need a secretary!! Truly!!
Anyway, to grab some fresh air we, as in my lubbly hubbly and belle went geo caching today in Southport. I loves Southport. Its a coastal resort where the rich and over 60's retreat to live out their days. Its affluent in places and we love to discover hidden barn conversions tucked on the back roads en-route. I think we managed 7 today although some had been muggled (thanks to J K Rowling for that feature. Muggled, in geo cache terms, means that the cache has been found by non geo cachers and lost forever :(). Mark is up to 114 finds so far and really, if you and your family need a "get out there and adventure" type hobby...... DO THIS. Ellie's and my cheeks are so pink right now from the bracing breeze on the sea front. I love that feeling and glow. It was magic to spend so much time together and fight over the map, lose our tempers when we couldnt locate the cache and throw a fit when the other one finally did find it. SUCH FUN!!!! Here is Mark on a find that we almost gave up on.

Here is a carousel that Ellie practically begged her heart out to go on. As a teeny 11 year old, her despair on mounting those horses put the fear of god in me let alone her - so she wimped out on the boaty thingy.

Went over this fab suspension bridge that truly combines the old fanciful southport and modern art. Hardly ground breaking stuff but momentous all the same.

Im not sure if some of you know but my Belle is quite a serious character. Its so hard to achieve those LOL moments with her and when we do its priceless. She had just finished munching Candy Floss so her lips look like she has applied pillar box red lippo - let me assure you that no photoshopping did that. I only screened the picture (the beauty of an 85mm means very little editing anyway) but have a look at her darling, darling laugh. Such a toothy grin and wild hair from the wind that cleansed away the cobwebs of slumming it at home. These pictures are so precious to me - you couldn't measure how much even if you tried. I want to cry! Here she is from serious to playful to delirious - isn't she magic?

You can't ever imagine how much we love this kid. Never ever ever. Amen.

Other stuff - Go and bag yourself a view point spot over here at Her Space/My Space. Its fabulous how many of you are taking part and getting to really think about how to achieve that depth of field, jaunty little pic and using that fab imadge of yours. Mwah mwah. This is my take on the word "play". We had the best time today as a cosy family on the coast. Our space today was in the car. This was a layby next to a Jewish cemetery when mark found a geo cache nearby. I took a peek into the graveyard as Id never seen a Jewish cemetery. Our surname is Jewish (very much so - lets say Mark got kind of accosted in Egypt as his passport says Mark David Wiseman!!) But we are not Jewish but are of descent. Fascinating cemeteries - the most endearing of obituaries and strangely no flowers. I wonder if someone could tell me why no flowers lay on Jewish graves. I think the tradition is usually rocks but I saw none in there.

Two days afore the Design Collective goes live - we have set up a spanking new forum to compliment the classes and serves as a place to share your own inspiration as well as use us as a help desk. Always happy to help, you know?
Im out of here dudes - got a date with Brangelina. (That's a Mr & Mrs Smith movie date with hubs plus chocolate and still wearing my pink cheeks. The perfect end to a perfectionalisticarama dayment)
How was your day dudes?


Jen said...

You got a LOL picture of Belle!! Fantastic. And those lips - pure delish scrumminess :) What a fab day you had. Beats my day schlepping round the shops... And wow - the prizes are fantastic. It's going to be like winning a whole shop for the winner! Oh, does it have to be hand PRINTS? Not just "HANDS"? Pray tell all!

Chris said...

Your little girl is gorgeous and very photogenic. It's lovely to see the changing moments in your photoraphs of her.
Hope you enjoyed the film...

sharitas said...

Wow, luv the pics of Belle :)
If a sugar-high makes her that happy, stuff her full of it everyday ! LOL

XX Sharon

Di said...

I so much enjoy that you share your bliss and love of your sweet Ellie. Yuppers.. I really do understand. I have a little boy who is my world and sunshine. It's very cool you share with us gf.

You are so much fun.. and your daily happenings are fun to read! Keep up the brill work gurlie.

Smiles, Di

Annika said...

Great photos! I've scrapped with your chili papers and I used your swirls from Mocha mint pack, just changed them to black. :-) The result is in my blog. Hugs & blessings! /Annika

Louise said...

Great post today, my girl has been poorly with a sick bug over the last couple of days, I've missed her smiles! Your little one is lovely.

pigglet said...

wow what fab piccys, so this geocaching looks fun i am wanting to get dh a gps for his birthday what type do i need?

ScrapScene said...

Congratulations on all the donations you've been getting! Also, your daughter is so precious and looks so happy!

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