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24 Mar 2007

chillin out

Thats what we have been doing.

Well, here and there. Between little jobs.
Belle has stayed in her PJ's all day and has a face lit up like a million mega watt lightbulb. She loves lazy days, duvet days - whatever. Here she is surfing on Cartoon network whilst watching cartoon network! Hows that for double whammy in her cupcake pee jays?
Mark and I have finished decorating the little bedroom which we have turned into a storage room with our wardrobes neatly tucked in there, new carpet, lick of stone coloured paint and a little hairdrying corner for me so I dont wake the house up when I blow off my barnet - Mwahahahahahhahaha.
Lauren had a sleepover last night and we made a tonne of nick nacks using just left over scrap supplies. I made a minitaure clipboard for my office door and a cigar tin for ellie to keep her hairslides in. These were made literally from scraps. Loves my scraps I do. You know, when im out and about on the road and watch you all scrapping (and people can testamount to this) ... they will tell you the pain I feel when some scrapper chucks out massive pieces of paper and doesn't give a second look towards the bin.
SHRIEK you will hear me cry as I offer it back from the depths of the bin with ideas on exactly what you can do with just a 2 inch square of paper. Tut tut tut. Its SACRILEDGE - off to the gallows all ye who tosseth away patterend paper. So here are the results of small bits of BG gypsy paper and other small bits.

And this afternoon whilst waiting for the lamb to simmer down in my casserole (yes - I COOKED!!!) I made this overlay in 10 minutes flat on the kitchen worktop next to my chopping board. Call it virtual cooking if you will. It would be rude not to share, huh?
She is called Twirlington and you can get her for free - HERE

Her Space/My Space has gotten back on track if you care to take a peek. This is my dream diary of pictures that will be an online reminder of home when Im on the road. Anita and I are cataloguing our pics for a wonderul art journal - share the ride with us.

And finally the DC - you know what that means by now, huh? Well we have got our yummo classes ready to hit your in boxes. Care to be a part of one of the UK's most inspiring online class event?
Gotta go - I totally need a snug with mark on the sofa. Feeling somewhat deflated and need a big fat cuddle to cheer me up. Go and snuggle your loved ones right now... Im sure with bunny cubby snuggly energy we could power up the national grid for a few days ;).

Well go on then - GO SNUGGLE!!!!


meems said...

thanks for yet another fab overlay!
love the lil things you made with your scraps.

lamb, hmmm, something I've never cooked, I'm impressed.

Anonymous said...

Love the overlay! You are definitely the Queen of the overlays!!! Chill days can be the best days!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the Twirlington overlay! Love the knick-knacks..who knew such beautiful things can come from bits of scraps?

Jen said...

Aw don't feel deflated :( Enjoy your snuggle though. I can't cos OH isn't here tonight. Hey do you know this picture blog? So cool!

Joy said...

oh.... how sweet your little girl... love the picture... and I love the usual.. thank you.

I will snuggle my man.. :)

Anonymous said...

I am so diggin these overlays! TFS

PSharp said...

Thank you for the wonderful overlay.

Anonymous said...

Another "purty" overlay. Thanks! cg

Eleanor said...

Hi pickle
Didn't go snuggle my man (he's still sulking) and didn't nab the freebie, can't do digi, was that hotpot then? Sounds good (I'm not a chef tho, that's DD, I was a nurse but don't let that stop you having me over to share your lovely Lancs dish and stick bandaids on you). We'll go a parking one of these days, ellie and ELLIE and rik and KIR. Geddit?
(gosh that was awfully brazen of me wasn't it. Anyone would think I knew you. ;))

*** Moneypenny *** said...

Hi Kirsty, just got back from me holls and caught up with the dreaded washing etc. Visited your bog for the 1st time in 10 days to find an armful of your wonderful, gorgeous, fantasticl overlays and if I was there I'd give you a great big hug. I adore them all and can't wait to use them on my 'her space, my space' photos ~ thanks hun, you're a star.

Love & Hugs, Vanda xXx

PS. Tell that beautiful daughter of yours I wished I looked half as good in my PJ's as she does :O)

Anonymous said...

well, I can tell that scraps are treasures-in-the-making to you! You're amazing! thanks for yet another neat-o're tops!

Brooke - in Oregon said...

I am so loving your overlays!! Thanks so much :)
I used your flower one on this layout to add the pink color. Now don't laugh at my layout cause I am really new to this! lol :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for all of the overlays.

Nancy P said...

Oh, Kirsty I love the twirlies on this one. Just lovely. What a nice addition to a page. Thank you for this very nice gift.

Dixie said...

Thanks for the overlay and your funny blog!! Makes me laugh!

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