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19 Feb 2007

Today was better. And maggo winner is......

Lord above - Im riding a reet wave of emotions right now.
But today was better because two fab things happened today. One was Roz coming to play on her way back from Birm to Glasgow (photo taken by charge of Ellie - we had to duck down hence low pose, squished neck and what the hell is going on with one eye bigger than the other? Im almost a cyclops. Do visit Roz's blog for her joke of the day about my one eye incident!!!)) Im just under halfway on her journey home and neatly situated for a wee and coffee stop!! However, scrapping was in order and I was going to scrap an overdue BOm layout until Roz presented me with something so scrummilisciously brilliant to play with. Im sworn to absolute secretment but Im bursting for her to reveal this new product in March. Absolutely bursting and so much that me tummy is splitting (but thats prolly from over eating at the pub-a-roo tonight) I have had a great day scrapping for me. I dont normally scrap for me. Ok - the Dares are for me but they are from a prompt. DT stuff is using odd papers that the retailer has sent and of course I love it but sometimes I just wanna scrap with random papers using any theme I like and today was that day. I scwapped with 3 bugs in a rug. Not generally a fan of this paper as it looks a little cacrtoony but the smitten range colours are delish and delumpsh.
The other bit of GREAT news came from the Occ Therapists who tended to Ellie today. They were fantastic with lots of positive ideas for Ellies educational needs (a laptop for starters), inclusion notoiications, home aids to make life easier for her (stairs more importanty) and to get the ball rolling again with Myotonic Dystrophy (steinherts syndrome). They are convinced that this is the route they should be following with Ellie and I heard today that the best way to test for it is just form one simple blood sample. Had I of known back then, when Ellie was 2 months old the information that I gathered today - her life would have been better fashioned around this finding. I will be both elated if it is this condition (for the sake of support and milestone reckoning) and mad (becuase this could have been done when she was a baby). Hopefully we can join a support group and learn about what she is likely to be able to do in future.
Happy Day indeed. Can't wait to see if the week gets better (we live in hope!)
And the winner of the freebo maggy magster is PEGGY from New England, USA
Send me your address my peachy poo and I will send this mag and a little supwise to you most soonestly :)


Suzanne said...

Oh Kirsty wonderful news about the meeting ref Ellie and if you can get all those things into place it will make life for her (and hence you) so much brighter!

LOL at the cyclops eye - you are way too hard on yourself :D

sharitas said...

Hi there squinty-eyed-one LOL
Sounds like good news for Ellie &
hope everything goes well for her.

Whoo Hoo & congrats to Peggy :)

XX Sharon

Corinnexxx said...

yo cyclops, bwhahaha! I am so happy that things are clearing up for ellie! wonderful news!


bookit said...

forabout Ellie!!!!!

joanna said...

Really great news about Ellie, darl - I hope she gets all the help she deserves :) - lovely to see a photo of you lovely ladies, you mad pair :D xxx

Selena said...

Great news from the Occ Therapists hun x

Keep smilin sweet x


Roz Roz said...

Yo Cyclops, what the hell is wrong with your eye, I told you not to have that last drink, mwahahahahhahaha. Thanks for a brilliant day, I wubbed it so much, can't wait to do it again soon. xxx

Peggy said...

Kirsty, Thanks for the magazine but how do I email you my address? Maybe I'm missing something but I don't see a link on your blog page.
I can't wait to see your layouts.
Peggy (

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